Iziomoh Bidemi Felix – Graduate Profile

Iziomoh Bidemi Felix

I hold a B.Sc in Human Kinetics from the University of Lagos, Nigeria and a Degree in Social Entrepreneurship and Leadership Studies from the International Institute for Global Leadership, Asheville, NC USA. I received an award for Exemplary Work and Achievement from IIGL, a scholarship award from the American Women’s Club Lagos.

My personal interest among others include to have a charitable organization to assist people who are in need, orphanage, motherless babies and generally people living with HIV, try to put smile on their faces and bring joy to their lips. I also have interest in sports, am so passionate about sports which makes me feel more comfortable and it will also make me more fulfilled.
My dreams and goals in life is seeing myself aiming high, being on top leading people caring them along, also to become a good leader that people would have trust in and be able to depend on.

My travelling experiences have traveled to some states in Nigeria, my Country and I have also traveled to China and Dubai. I also intend to travel to other countries. Travelling is one major thing that interests me most in life because I like to meet different people of different race, languages and cultures. My favorite books are health related books, books that talks about longevity Leadership books, Inspirational and motivational books, Movies-I love movies that makes sense which I can learn from, also educational movies such as the Donald Trump Apprentice, and Adventurous movies.

My leadership experience started from when I was in primary school till date and I still intend to have more leadership experiences. My family, we are 6 children, 2 boys and 4 girls, am the first son and the second child. My hobbies are travelling, meeting people, playing games and problem solving.


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