Ibeakuzie Emenike Goefrey – Assessments

As A Man Thinketh

Asssessment by Emenike Ibeakuzie (Nigeria)

1. What is the main idea that the author is trying to convey in the book?

The Book As A Man Thinketh authored by James Allen is a book about the thought and power to act is the thought. If one endures in purity of thought joy follow he as his own shadow, the noble and God like character is not a thing of chance or favor but is the natural result of continue effort in right thinking. We are the director of our life that is to say we can plant or weed out any useless thought. Blessedness is not material possession is the measure of right thought, wretchedness is not lack of material possession rather is the measure of wrong thought and lack good thought, if we must be blessed we must do right and good things, a man can not directly choose his circumstance but he can choose his thought and so indirectly yet surly shape his circumstance. If we must perfect our body we must guide our heart, the thought which is linked with purpose will attain intelligent accomplishment, so a man must set goal achieve and he must work toward achieving that goal. The thought of doubt and fear can never achieve anything so victories attained by right thought can be maintained only by watchfulness.

The calm of mind is one of the beautiful jewels of wisdom. It is the result of long and patient effort in self control. It is the result of long and patient effort in self control. Its presence is the indication of ripened experience and of a more than ordinary knowledge of law and operation of law. People can feel to rely upon him; it is flowering of life and the fruitage of the soul.

2. What were the seven idea which are personally must important to you and why?

A noble and Godlike character is not a thing of favor or chance, but is the natural result of continued effort in right thinking.

For me to live Godlike character I will subject my thinking to right things and thought which will direct will my character to the good side of life because out of good mind comes good character, working on my thought need effort not just relaxing.

We are director of life

We plant and weed out any useless thought being the master of our soul, because a man character is related to its state of mind, so good thought should be planted in our life

Blessedness is not material possession

A blessedness of a man is not base on material possession but it is the measure of right thinking, some people who are rich but indulge crime, theft, greediness, are considered to be wretched even with their abundant of wealth. They do not enjoy mental harmony and peace which is the basics of any blessed man.

Anyone without central purpose in his life falls an easy prey

Purpose keeps one’s mind focus. Any man without purpose will have no option than to accept anything he sees which can be a mistake for a life time or became victim of circumstances. Options will always come but we must be willing to make right decision which our central purpose will effect.

Mind of doubt and fear achieve nothing.

fear kill faster than bullet , any man with fear can not achieve because he is afraid to face the challenges ahead of hm. Mind of doubt can attain progress, one must first trust himself. Before any external motivation can spring him up, the mind that can achieve is a mind that is doubt and fear free.

There can be no progress without sacrifice.

There is no way the goal which someone set out to achieve that he does successful without sacrifice. He must give out something, it can be his time, energy and focus that is to say it is not by chance or luck. It is as a result of hard work towards working on mind of thought and accomplishment. Achievement whether in business, intellectual, or spiritual world are the result of definitely directed thought because he who would accomplish little need to sacrifice little like wise he who would achieve much must sacrifice and much.

Circumstance grow out of thought

My thought is what controls my circumstances, so I should have good thought.

3. How will these idea or lesson help you in a practical way both in your daily personal life and in helping in create a better world? And so how?

The central purpose is a lesson that will help me to remain focus, the impact in my life is to enable me to hold on the thought of my purpose to my daily living, the thought of doubt will not in any way try to penetrate my mind because of the fact my central purpose will be a guild to what I do. Observing other opinions from people which can bring bad influence in my life and purposeful thought. I have to choose the things that will help me build my central purpose and goal, as a student I must be able to make right research and observation in my field of my studies.

The effort and result will be a strength improving idea in my life; I will increase the effort I put in my studies so that I can improve my result and the outcome. Example as I read for 3 hours, I can Increase it 4 hours to see how far I can go. It is also thoughtful for me to do the right things since result is as a result of effort applied so bring forth good work I need to apply good effort in right thinking.

Blessedness is not material possession, let me don’t think I am not because I do have material possession. I should live a blessed life by getting a harmony of mind which is the true blessedness. Anything I am doing now I should consider it the fruit of blessed life. Evil deed should be rooted out of my life because it is the fruit of wretchedness.

What is my character like; I should live a Godlike character, a character that is free from jealousy, hatred, covetousness, greed and other character. As a student I should live as potential student like going to lecture, keeping off night party and avoid examination malpractice.

A mind without doubt and fear can be vital ingredient for a good success, elimination of doubt and fear will do me well. So many times I think how I can make it well as a student, now I see what fear can do, I have eliminated fear.

I am a director of my life is a principle I have learnt, I am the person who says what goes and does not go. Being the person who plant or weed out evil thought and character. I should be able to guild the good thought and character so that it stays in my life. I have made up my mind to live a remarkable life in my society.

4. Quote, are there any statements which the author made that particularly got your attention? If so please quote them and comment

Self control is strength

Anything in excess is bad it take energy to put one’s strength under control, a powerful technique develop by constant trying. Anybody who can control his habit will not lack attitude and respect in the society he found himself. Developing a good habit is good but it must have control, which will show the level of maturity.

Right thought is mastery

Meditating on right thought continually will continually change my character. To live a noble life I should be able to must practice the right things, being at peace with one’s mind. In my own understanding the state of perfection can also be known as the mastery of right thought.

The strength of effort is the measure of result

Result is noticeable when somebody is working on a particular goal. Anybody who put more effort is will get more result in absent of any type of factors. If I am looking forth for a perfect future I must put effective effort to achieve it.

He who has conquered doubt and fear has conquered failure.

Anybody who set out goal for accomplishment and do not overcome doubt and fear his or her goal is as good nothing but failure. Fear and doubt are great weapons for goal killer. First, one must believe in his or her self before any external encouragement there by conquering fear and doubt.

The man who does not shrink from self crucification can never fail to accomplish the object upon which his heart is set.

A man that deviate from what is doing because of the right decision can achieve anything. The new decision can sometimes be boring as to compare the former but you must endure to continue because the goal worth it. There should be sacrifice which your ability can be one of it, so should not shrink from any self crucifixion.

Out of a defiled mind proceeds defiled life and corrupt body.

It is the mind that determines what the body will give. The thought of good can precede good habit and character but in a defiled mind comes hatred, corruption, jealousy, bribery etc. that is to say bad mind gives bad things from bad body vice versa.

Calmness is power

A morally stable mind can be calm, the ability of being still, focus, and determine. Calmness is a skill well develops through right thinking and well empowered.

5. Is there anything in the book that you do not understand or are unclear?

about or are there idea which you disagree with and if so why?


6. Did the book contain exercise for the reader to complete?


7. Was there anything you read in this book that you would like to comment, on that was not covered in the previous question? If so please comment.

“the thoughtless, the ignorant and the indolent seeing only the apparent effects of things and the things themselves, talk of luck, of fortune, of chance, seeing a man grow rich, they say , how lucky he is.

Many do not understand how such level was obtained, it was handwork. They might have encounter trails and failure, they made it at last with much experience from what they passed through.

Please rate the following question on a scale from 1 to 10; ten is good and one is poor.

A. How interesting was it to read? 9
B. How helpful were the content? 9
C. How easy was it to understand? 10
D. Would you recommend it to others? 8
E. What is the overall rating you would give it? 9



Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Asssessment by Emenike Ibeakuzie (Nigeria)

1. What is the main idea that the author is trying to convey in the book.

The main idea of the book Jonathan Livingston seagull authored by richer Bach is a story of a young bird named Jonathan Livingston frustrated with meaningless materialism and the seagull life. he is seized with a passion for flight of all kind, seagull who starts to practice the perfection in flight but lack of conformity to the limited seagull life leads him into conflict with his flock, he practice alone gaining happiness and love in what he does but at that moment when other flock where busy looking for food and living as seagull. They turn their back on him. Not deterred by this, Jonathan seagull continues his effort to reach higher flight goals finding he is often successful but eventually he can fly no higher. He became outcast because of his thought and passion for flight. He is then met by two radiant Jonathan seagull new friends who later took him to a new place called heaven for him which is different from the old place, with new friends, new life, new place and new things, he noticed that people who are there had common objective as he himself thought but few they are he said. Jonathan was eager to learn new moves his performance was impressing although not perfect yet. At last Chiang decided to teach him. The learning process, linking the highly experience teacher and the diligent student, is raised into almost sacred levels, suggesting that this may be the true relation between human and God. Chiang told him to stop seeing himself as trapped inside a limited body, break the chain of your thought and you will break the chain of your body.

You got to understand that a seagull is unlimited idea of freedom, an image of great gull. Chiang left Jonathan Seagull and other flock with his words: “keep working on love.” Through his teachings Jonathan understands that the spirit cannot be really without the ability to forgive, that the way to progress leads for him, at least through becoming a teacher, not just through working hard as a student. Jonathan returns to the breakfast flock to share his newly discovered ideal and recent tremendous experience. Jonathan think there might be one or two gull back on earth who had became outcast just like he is before, he thought of helping them to realize their dream. There he meet seagull who were outcast just as he was when he was practicing flight. Fletcher Lynd seagull was Jonathan first student. do you want to fly so much that you will forgive the flock and learn and go back to them one day and work to help them know? Jonathan ask Fletcher Lynd seagull. Hence love deserved respect and forgiveness all seems to be equally important to the freedom from the pressure to obey the rules just because they are commonly accepted. Jonathan’s constant and painstaking attempts at arousing this passion for perfection in his fellow gulls slowly start bearing fruit as one by one, these gulls start seeking out his company and tuition. And through each of these gulls Jonathan’s guest continues. The world Jonathan wanted to create is the world that loves each other knowing the reason for existence. Jonathan seagull left Fletcher with other student for him to continue were he stopped.

2. What were the seven idea which are personally must important to you and why?

Desperate to learn.

I notice that when Jonathan seagull was practicing, he was eager to learn not withstanding that other flock where busy searching for food Jonathan seagull was busy practicing which show how desperate he is. One particular student Fletcher gull was quick and strong. But far more important than this, Fletcher had a blazing desire to learn to fly. Desire becomes the most vital ingredient for achievement. Jonathan seagull teaches Fletcher the same ideas that chiang had taught him. He taught that precision flying, that is reaching perfection in some area, was just one more step towards our true nature which in the image of the great gull.

I must not waste my time.

Time is not might to be wasted, it should be spend well, just Jonathan seagull used his time on something beneficial to him. Jonathan seagull used anytime available to develop his flight skill and abilities to achieve his purpose. Time consciousness should be considered in all we do, observing how and when to spend each time that is available.

I must not be discouraged.

Discouragement always comes when something unique is happening in your life. Jonathan seagull was able to withstand to his feet because he want to reach perfection. Jonathan seagull was made outcast because of his new life but he still hold on to his faith on what he love which is to fly. I should observe to stand unmovable when circumstance around me is discouraging holding on goal mapped out for achievement. Jonathan taught that we must set aside all of the things which limit us in our quest for excellence. Eventually Jonathan moves on to a higher level of consciousness and Fletcher develops enough to take Jonathan’s place as an inspired, powerful teacher.

Keep on trying until I am perfected.

failure should not be a set back in what ever I am doing once I fail , I should keep on trying until I am perfected in that area just as Jonathan seagull keep on practicing until reach that level of his dream. We can’t become that perfect being without failing for the first time.

I learn from Jonathan the price which must be paid for excellence.

Excellence requires leaving the flock, being alone and practicing and the practice require “fierce’’ concentration. He realizes that such a condition leads to freedom. But because of misunderstanding with the flock, Jonathan was banished to the far cliffs where he lived out his life. There he continued to learn. His greatest sorrow was not solitude, but that the other gulls refuse to open their eyes to see that there was more to life than being ordinary

Sharing experience

Jonathan seagull thought of going back to earth to help some other flock who are outcast because of the new life they want to live and also to tell other category of flock that are ignorant or blind to see the real life which he has seen. Is a good lesson for me to share my experience to others who are ignorant.

Go for your passion.

The passion for flight made Jonathan seagull to reach his potential in life, I should focus on my passion which I believe that is where my success in life, think of what you find peace in and go for it.

3. How will these idea or lesson help you in a practical way both in your daily personal life and in helping in create a better world? I so how?

it will help me to watch my time well spent, wasting most of time is something I will make a change, I thought of things which I do that is irreverent to my daily routine, so I have decided to keep the habit of time consciousness by timing myself whenever I am out, to do things fast and come back early.

These particular things I am working on, which I got discourage but I am picking it up from where I drop. Failure will not be my target this time I belief that zeal that kept Jonathan seagull if I push on I will succeed.

I will start to share my experience.

The experience which I learn from the studies, I will organize a little group or individually, if possible to share what I learnt. This small group can be a group of people who are not opportune to learn what I am learning, now.

4. Quote are there any statements which the author made that particularly got your attention? If so please quote them and comment

Break the chain of your thought and you break the chain of your body

I have understand that my body is not my limitation but what release the energy is my thought toward myself , I must break the limitation of my thought to be able reach the height of my perfection to desire, decide, declare, determine and just do it. The power in the thought can be unlimited if release with unlimited strength.

One body being nothing more than thought itself.

It shows the superiority of thought over anything. Impossibility lies on the thought, the energy and the encouragement.

Heaven is being perfect

The heaven is place of no limitation when one wants to attain perfection he or she should think of no limit of effort.

You have freedom to be yourself.

The freedom to decide, to act, and to work that is to say the power is in the hand of the man.

5. Is there anything in the book that you do not understand or are unclear about or are there idea which you disagree with and if so why?


6. Did the book contain exercise for the reader to complete?


7. Was there anything you read in this book that you would like to comment, on that was not covered in the previous question? If so please comment.


Flight is a symbol of any activity which will gratify the sense, such activities maintain the status. Eating activities could be engaged in for thousands of years and as a result, no improvements would come to the race as “most gull don’t bother to learn more than the simplest facts of flight, how to get from shore to food and back again. For most gulls, it is not flying that matters, but eating. For this gull, though, it was not eating that mattered, but flight.’’

Please rate the following question on a scale from 1 to 10; ten is good and one is poor.

A. How interesting was it to read? 8
B. How helpful were the content? 9
C. How easy was it to understand? 7
D. Would you recommend it to others? 8
E. What is the overall rating you would give it? 9



Assessment by Emenike Ibeakuzie (Nigeria)

1. What is the main idea that the author is trying to convey in the book?

The author try to convey that self image is the conception of sort of person I am, from my past I construct a self. All action, feeling, behavior even your ability are always consistent with this self image, self image can be changed at all age whether old or young. Change the self image to attain success, failure is in the mind of the person who failed a test or a quiz which he accepted and concluded that he is a failure, you must have self image you can trust, believe in, not ashamed to be in other word when self image is intact and secure you feel good. every living thing has a built in goal striking device put there by his creator to help it achieve it’s goal, this built guidance system is what help man to survive in any environment he found it’s self. Man use his success mechanism to target and achieve goal in life just destroy this faculty and the condition of man will become a stationary as that of the brutes. Imagination set the goal picture which our automatic mechanism work on this is true, human begin always act, feels and performs in accordance with what he imagine to be true about himself and his environment, cybernetics regards the human brain, nervous system and muscular system as a highly complex servo – mechanism.

Physical change did not always guarantee personality change; the thought and belief of one self can alter their success just as a hypnotized person who believes the hypnotic words are true act differently. The power to do things successfully becomes available to you just as soon as you can change your belief just as quickly as you can dehypnotize yourself from limiting ideas. The past should not be dug out to be examined to effect personality changes, the memories of past failure do no harm as long as our conscious thought and attention is focused upon the positive goal to be accomplished, it was stated that conscious rational thought selects the goal, gather information, concludes, evaluate, estimate and start the wheel in motion.

The trouble is that we ignore the automatic creative mechanism and try to do everything and solve all problem by conscious thought or fore brain thinking therefore we become too careful, too anxious and too fearful of results, consciously practice the habit of taking no anxious thought for tomorrow by giving all your attention to the present moment your creative mechanism function in the present so by relaxation and maintaining a relaxed attitude you remove those excessive state of concern, tension and anxiety which interfere with the efficient operation of your creative mechanism.

Happiness is a state of mind in which our thinking is pleasant a good share of time, happiness does not lie on the future but present, is not something that is earned or deserved rather it comes from being and acting unselfishly, therefore happiness is a mental habit, a mental attitude and if it is learned and practiced in the present.

A good personality is one which enables you to deal effectively and appropriately with environment and reality and to gain satisfaction from reaching goals which are important to me. In sense of direction were are engineered as goal seeking mechanism, when we are build to conquer environment, solve problem, achieve goal and find no real satisfaction or happiness in life without obstacle to conquer and goal to achieve. We cannot react appropriately if the information we act upon is faulty or misunderstood. But to deal effectively with environment we must be willing to acknowledge the truth about it. We must be able to see the truth and accept the truth, good or bad. The success type personality not only does not cheat and lie to other people, he learn to be honest with himself. Admit your mistake and errors but don’t cry over them, correct them and go forward. having a goal and understanding the situation are not enough you must have the courage to act, for only for action can goal, desire and belief be translated into realities. Faith and courage are natural human instincts be willing to make few mistake to suffer a little pain to get what you want. Holding low opinion about ourselves is not a virtue but a vice, the person with adequate self esteem does not feel hostile toward others. The biggest secret of self esteem is this begins to appreciate other people more, show respect for any human merely because he is a child of God and therefore a thing of value. Confidence is built upon an experience of success another important technique is to form the habit of remembering past success and forgetting failures. You are what you are now somebody not because you have made a 1 million dollar but because God created you in his own image.

Frustration is an emotional feeling which develops whenever some important goal can not be realized or when some strong desire is thwarted. It is only when a frustration experience brings excessive emotional feeling of deep dissatisfaction and futility that it becomes a symptom of failure. Aggressiveness and emotional steam are very necessary in reaching a goal. We must grapple problem aggressively, a failure type personality does not direct his aggressiveness toward the accomplishment of a worthwhile goal instead it is used in such a self destructive channels as ulcer, high blood etc , the answer to aggression is not to eradicate it, but to understand it and provide proper and appropriate channel for its expression. Feeling of insecurity is based upon a concept or belief of inner inadequacy, if you feel that you do not measure up to what is required you feel insecure. Doing things with other people and enjoying things with other people , help us to forget ourselves in stimulating conversation , in dancing, playing together loneliness is a way of self protection , it is a way to protect our idealized self against exposure , hurt and humiliation that is lonely personality. When someone hurts us or rubs us the wrong way we form emotional or spiritual scars for self protection, these people have been hurt or injured by someone in the past to guard against future injury from that source they form a spiritual callus, an emotional scar to protect his ego, emotional scars prevent you from creative living or self fulfilled person. Old emotional scars cannot be medicated, they must be cut out given up entirely, eradicated, and forgiveness removes emotional scars.

When we over react to negative feedback or criticism, we are likely to conclude that not only is our present course slightly off beam or wrong but that it is wrong, for us even want to go forward excessive carefulness lead to inhibition and anxiety is a form of excessive negative feedback the solution is relaxation techniques, the way to make good impression on other people is never consciously try to make good impression on them. Never act or fail to act purely for consciously contrived effective never wonder consciously what other person is thinking of you , how is judging you, poise comes when you ignore excessive negative feedback.

2. What were the seven ideas which were personally most important to you and why? List these seven ideas followed by an explanation after each one as to why it was important to you. Use personal examples from your own life.

a. Self image is our own conception of the sort of person I am from our past we construct a self. This idea showed me, what made myself image up, how I grow up, who trained me and the people I met in life from my past experience and encounter I created a self image.

b. Man uses his success mechanism to target and achieve goals in life. For me to target goal to be achieve, it is my success mechanism that will work it out, it was put there by God our creator to solve problems of life.

c. Skill learning of any kind is accomplished by trail and error. In life it made me understand that error in trail for perfection is not failure but a means to succeed.

d. The thought and belief of one’s self can alter their success. The hypnotized subject, if my thought about my self is failure is likely to affect my behavior and my success, it should be positive if I want positive result.

e. The past should not be dug out to been examined to effect personality change. My past has gone, the present is what I live now, if refer to the past living today becomes hard and difficult.

f. The feeling of insecurity is based upon a concept or belief of inner inadequacy. My feeling about my self is a security. I should consider the good report of my personality if I should act well.

g. Crisis is a situation which can either make you or break you, if you react properly to the situation crisis can give you strength, power, wisdom you do not ordinary possess but if you improperly a crisis can rob you of the skill , control and ability.

3. How will these ideas or lessons help you in a practical way, both in your daily personal life and in helping you to create a better world?

It will help me to readjust my life just as I am a student I know understand that there is no course that I can’t do well, this new image I develop from this book. I have learned how to overcome fear and anxiety when I am appointed to deliver a speech in public place, the fact is I now do well after practicing ignore to negative feedback.

4. Quotes: Are there any statements which the author made that particularly got your attention? If so, please quote them and comment as to why they were important to you.

“Before a person can change he must see himself in a new role.”
Personally, change can not occur unless, I must see a goal that worth striving for.

“Totally ignoring evil and unhappy facts.”
If I want to be happy I should place my mind on things that is good not evil thought.

“He who never made a mistake never made a discovery .”
It is clear to me now that trail and error is not failure, it constant approach to the same
problem that it get solved.

5. Is there anything in the book that you do not understand or unclear about, or are there ideas which you disagree with and, if so, why?


6. Did the book contain exercises for the reader to complete? If so, did you complete all of the exercises and did you find them helpful?

Yes and I did find them helpful.

7. Was there anything you read in the book that you would like to comment on that was not covered in the previous questions? If so, please comment.


Please rate the following questions on a scale from 1 to 10. Ten is good and one is poor.
A. How interesting was it to read? 10
B. How helpful were the contents? 9
C. How easy was it to understand? 9
D. Would you recommend it to others? 10
E. What is the overall rating you would give it? 10