I Have A Dream Winners List

First Prize

Adventures of A Kenyan Time Traveler

Muthoni Mucheru (Kenya)


The experiment has finally worked after years of enormous work and arduous thinking. Doctor Bono pushes me hastily into the time machine while tightly grasping the remote with the crucial red start button. Feeling rather shaky, I buckle the seat belt of the only chair in the tiny cubicle of the almond shaped machine. I resent my fear remembering all that my fellow scientist and I had sacrificed. We only have a few seconds before the only electricity within 80 miles went goes out and won’t be back until another 4 days.

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Second Prize

A Letter to My Grandpa

Afere Lawrence (Nigeria)


Dear Grandpa,

Today, October 1, 2041, is the 81st Independence Anniversary of our dear country, Nigeria. This day also makes it 42 years since you departed this earth to the unseen world. I am highly elated today for many reasons. Firstly, I want to share with you some significant transformations that have occurred in Nigeria over the last 3 decades. Secondly, I will also explain to you the level of growth and development I have experienced in my personal life. Lastly, I want to deeply appreciate you for teaching me how to grow into a conscious, positive, and successful man. Your love for me and your concern for a new Nigeria, which was deep-rooted in your heart, were genuine. I look throughout my entire lifetime with a deep sense of appreciation and awe at all that you have been for me.

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Third Prize

I Had A Dream

Noeline Kirabo Mulongo (Uganda)


The sound of loud drums coming from the trading centre in Kyaliwajjala woke me up suddenly while I still enjoying the morning breeze. It’s 9th October 2052 which marks the 90th year since Uganda got its independence from its former colonial masters.  The sound of African drum beats filled the air accompanied by the stamping of feet by the young men as they engaged in the liberation dance. The men jumped so high as if they aimed for the skies while waving spears and thumping their chests, the women swung their waists from side to side in a rhythmic and harmonious way. The landing of the men with each jump sent an earth quake effect through out the village. The mood was ecstatic and its effects could be felt as far as 10 kilometres from the scene of celebration.

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Third Prize

I Have a Dream

Edwin Akpan (Nigeria)


The old man, believed to be one hundred and two years old, walks to his chamber and pulls out a worn-out wand. He hands it to me and mutters, “Young man, this should do it.” “Thank you Baba,” I respond, feeling a little bit jittery. “Good luck,” he wishes me as he walks backwards into his ancient chamber with calculated steps. It’s already midnight. I’d gone to see the old man after a long search for a magic wand that could do anything I say. And here I am standing on the threshold of history – a historic moment in my life. I can’t believe that in a few minutes I’ll be transported to a time beyond the now most humans know – anytime I choose. All I have to do is say any date in time and wave the wand three times as instructed by the old man and my wish will be granted… just like that!

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Third Prize

Letter To A Friend – Year 2040

Roger Yomba N. Cameroon & Cote d’Ivoire


Subject: Cameroon’s 2040 Independence celebration and the way forward

My dear friend Bapah,                                                                                   Yaoundé, January 2, 2040

I am pleased to come back to you after our recent telephone communication. I was very happy to learn that you made tremendous realizations in your life as a civil servant in your country of adoption since we separated in 2007 at Pittsburg. I chose to go back to Cameroon to fight the despotic regime and develop my business in various countries of Africa. You decided to remain in US after your graduation. I know that you always monitor politics in your motherland although you did not like to jump in the political arena.

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Fourth Prize

A Visit To Ghana – October 2045

Dennis Penu (Ghana)


Eve: “Hello”……”Hello” can you hear me?

Dennis: Yes loud and clear. How are you faring today?

Eve: I can hardly here you though. Nevertheless, I hope that you are able to stay on and hear me. I am not very well; I have developed a headache. I guess it is as a result of my tight itinerary at work today. You know my Fridays are always that busy. I have missed you so much and you seem to have been away for ages.

Dennis: It can’t be. Today’s a Saturday and its free from official work, remember?

Eve: ‘Lucky day’? ‘earth’?

Dennis: No I meant work; no work

Eve: Ooooh! Work: I am not sure I understand what you are saying. Our lights have been out since last week. It only came up this morning and we are living in the fear of losing it the next second. There seems to be no one accountable, no explanations and no hope of the situation getting better.

Dennis: Well Eve. I am not sure if I can imagine the scenario you are explaining, either.  Everything is bright here and there is no sight of darkness except the skies.

Eve: Pies? Pies in the Darkness?

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Fourth Prize

A Letter To My Grandchildren

Bikundo Onyari (Kenya)


20th October 2060

Dear grandchildren,

This is the D-day and it has finally come to be true, not only to me but to also many other people of this country. It marks a turning point in the lives of each and every Kenyan as we celebrate the 50th Heroes day celebrations, after we promulgated a new constitution in the year 2010. This was after so many years of struggles to have a localized legal and visionary document that outlined the vision of our people. I am at the moment seated at the heroes’ corner with my two children Jaheim and Jewel, at a place that has been set aside to honor our heroes. Around me are many other people in high spirits who have come to pay homage to their true liberation heroes. Some have come with their families, others alone and yet they are others who have decided to come with friends.

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