Hattie Opondo – Graduate Profile


Hattie Opondo

I am a trained Social worker, working with many child focused organizations in Uganda. My practice of social work opened my eyes to the deep emotional needs of children and the dilemma that caregivers such as parents and teachers face. This led me to pursue and graduate with a Master’s degree in counseling at Makerere University, Uganda.

Through my close friend, Noeline, I was introduced to IIGL. Although it took longer than planned, I am happy to have graduated! This journey has been beyond fulfilling and gave me an opportunity to grow as a leader, discover my strengths and passions while improving on my growing points. I also learned a broader understanding of leadership, it is not about holding a big position, like John C.Maxwell says, “Leadership is influence,” hence we each can positively influence individuals and groups around us. Through my journey in IIGL, I envisioned a dream to become a child specialist in the area of Counseling, and I hope to set up a Consultancy that will provide services such as therapy, training and research. However my experience and masters’ degree were not enough to enable me to pursue my dream, this gap needed to be filled hence my desire to attend the University of North Texas to pursue a PhD in counseling. I was admitted and began my journey in June 2017 towards earning a PhD in counseling with a bias in Play Therapy.

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