Gladys Moreka – Profile


Name: Gladys Moreka
Country: Kenya
Birthday: January 15, 1986
Education: College
Occupation: Farmer

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.
First and foremost a world that works for everybody is a world that a nation or entire world addresses important issues, a man needs three things in life, food, shelter and clothing, very important. I visualize a world that we have clean water, fresh food, normally food is very essential to our good health, people do suffer due to poor food or poor storage of food which leads to diseases that are chronic, our food life style is more expensive than medication itself, so people should check on their diet and eat fresh food right from the farm without chemicals, shelter is very important in our daily life, but surprisingly enough still in this century we do not have good shelter, when we go all over the world we will get slums and people living in shanties, while others are living a lavish world, we need to balance and try to create equal opportunities to all man kind.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?
Most pressing issue in the world is food, not all people in the world get food, at least in every country you will find people struggling to put food in to the table, and this is caused due to poor farming Techniques whereby our land or farm never produce enough food to feed the country, reason being high population and we have used fertile land to do other economic activities such as building houses for shelter or for commercial and also we have cu tree causing climatic changes and global warming, this are things we cause by ourselves by either scientific discovery and spoiling our natural environment which was so fertile and could feed generations.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?
We need to go back in to proper policies if you cut trees plant more and before you cut you need to have planted more trees in order to keep our climatic cycle on check, also we need to go back to our original traditional foods, which were not only health but they were medical in to our blood and body system, if we watch this properly then we will be able to feed the nation, a nation without food is a dangerous nation, food makes people steal and increase crime, so we need first to solve the issues of food insecurity.


My name is Gladys Moreka, a mother of four children: two boys and two girls. I am married and a peasant farmer. I do farming in a local area at Kisi where I plant bananas, kale and cabbage. I have a small scale tea plantation which I hope to expand in the future. I started farming immediately after college when I tried to look for a job but I could not get one. I started planted vegetables which I could sell to our neighbor and take to our local market. I saved the little money I got and managed to purchase a cow which after some months I started milking. The milk helps me to have nutritious tea and also pay school fees for my children. If I was waiting for a job at this moment; I would be very disappointed woman! We do anything available to us to make both ends meet!

I would like to participate in this program to be able to network with different people in the World. Through this program I will learn new skills both locally and internationally to improve my farming techniques which will be helpful not only for me but for the entire community.

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