Gideon Nyabwari – Profile

Name: Gideon Nyabwari
Country: Kenya
Birthday: January 15, 1968
Education: College
Occupation: Mechanic

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.
The world that works for everyone is a world with people with good morals. I am happy to say that I am lucky to have seen the old and new generation whereby during our time discipline was a key to the society, in anything without discipline we cannot be good moral example in the society.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?
Terrorism; this is a global challenge because it is coming with new advanced technology. In every world people fear to be attacked with terrorists and the leaders with poor production and lives being lost. We need a good mechanism to train the young generation not be used for terror activities by being induced with small tokens. Let’s teach our young children how to be responsible. In our world today where social media is powerful young children, youths and even old people have been recruited to criminal sites without their knowledge so we need to be vigilant.

How do you feel these problems could be best solved?
The problems can be best solved by going back to the roots where a children or a child belonged to the community, the child was disciplined with any adult not minding that they have no relationship we could instill good morals without fear of what the parents will say, so it is our collective responsibility to train our children good morals for a better society.

My names are Gideon Nyabwari from from Kisii, Nyamira county. I am a father of six children and one wife. I am a mechanic by profession for so many years; this has been my career. I have three girls and three boys who are already adults and independent.
I have acquired awards in our local community for the best job I do. I am sociable, easy to make friends and out going that is why at my age I can still mingle with youths and any other age group, I have trained over 20 youths with mechanic work, even those who have not gone beyond high school and they are self-reliance throughout the skills I have given them. I want to study this program so that I can broaden my thinking capacity and be a good ambassador in the society. We need good leadership in all aspect of life, it will help me to mentor many young people.

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