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Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.

My vision is that I am a forum where I am being the love the world needs and when any person enters into that space whatever they thought was unmovable and unchangeable shifts for the good, leaving them with love, value, worth, and peace. This is also I dream I have carried with me since childhood of being a peaceful space where people receive love and healing.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?

The number one problem I see is the lack of competent and empowered agents of balance who chose this line of work as an avocation. These are the ones that balance global intersecting lines of consciousness in their very being and who also work behind the scenes clearing crisis and preventing it from beginning. There is no doubt a need for training of such persons to think at higher levels of competence to address these issues from a global level. In the past, most of these individuals did so on the tribal and community levels. Although this still occurs, very few people have the global awareness to marry the awareness of balancing medicines with the technologies of global transformation and evolution.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?

My mission is the action expressed in my vision above. To be a person who is a space where whatever seems unmovable and untouchable changes for the better in the blink of an eye is how I see these problems being solved. Naturally, there is training, mentoring, and coaching others to be a space that calls them into existence like never before. In who I am being, wherever I go in the world people will be transformed. In the space that I am being, it only matters that all that I am lives on into perpetuity and whenever I grow, change, love, and irrevocably banish negative cycles of evolution, this is done for all that I am in the circle of life.


Knowing is a tricky topic. To know something is not to be something, and in the world, the only thing that matters is whether we (I am) are being or not being. I thought I had mastered the books in the curriculum, however, looking at my life, where my business and skills are, it is clear that I have more things to learn. My curriculum is that now that I know, it is time to be: to put what I know into practice. This is mastery to me. What I seek to do with these studies is to master the tools in such a way as I can teach them to others, at the same time developing who I am into a person who is a space were people can get the love and value they are promised simply for existing.

What really excites me about these studies is the possibility of leaning the process of creating an institute. I envision an institute that can address the needs of rural, low income, and underrepresented populations in the US. I feel that the tools here, in addition to tools that are written by authors close to the population I seek to serve will shift the possibilities for young people who are in these categories. For instance, in addition to material from Psycho-Cybernetics, I would include Na’im Akbar’s Psychological Chains of Slavery and Countering the Conspiracy to Destroy Black Boys by Jawanaza Kunjufu, both of which speak to self image; however, specifically designed for people of color, especially Black Americans.

As I review the website and student profiles, I am confronted with the benefits I receive simply for being American. I am also confronted with the distinct differences between being Black in America versus being Black in Africa. There are many things my Ancestors had to sacrifice for me to have access to these opportunities. They didn’t just fall out of the sky. I didn’t just up and one day have access to a university education. My Ancestors had to die, pray, sweat, hide, run, and endure inhuman hardships for me to be where I am. And yet, there are many opportunities and resources, riches even, that I have access to simply because I am American. This is not the way of their people being born eight generations from now where every child will have all opportunities open to them and race will be no more. As their Ancestor I speak to this because there is still a rift between Black Africans and Black Americans whose healing I see starts with the knowledge of what was sacrificed. To gain a piece of the American pie we had to sacrifice part of our personhood, our original identity, connection to true home and knowledge of who we are. The power and awareness ready to be gained from healing this rift could reorganize the status of Black people globally.

I am really excited about getting to know some of the students, as this will broaden my scope of the needs of international students and spark new ideas for technologies that will facilitate their dreams. What I seek to learn most is how to put the most important bright ideas and plans that come to me into concrete measurable action. I certainly need mentoring and coaching in this aspect, otherwise I’d tend to read and philosophize without creating much to show for my work. Hopefully, my work with the institute and connections here will mark a turning point in this way of being. I would like to see after completion that when I have a good idea, I stay with it till completion.

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