Dourwe Bernard – Profile

Name: Dourwe Bernard
Country: Rwanda
Date of Birth: February 18, 1986
Education: Bachelor in Philosophy, Bachelor in Theology
Occupation: Priest

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.
All of us we are brothers and sisters. We need to build together a world more better than what we have now. We must fight against all human discrimination, segregation, racism, violation of human Rights, poverty, analphabetism. We must give our best to change our world. A world that everyone feel good everywhere, a world of peace, love, unity and equality.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?
The most pressing problems facing the world today are about the human rights of all citizens everywhere. In many countries, the are violations of human right. people don\’t have the right to express their freedom of speech, freedom of religion. there is not eguality among citizens. the natural resources are not shared for all. In the under-developed countries, most of population cannot go to school, they cannot have necessary to be well because of insufficient of foods, lake of good education, poverty, misery, lake of democracy, lake of infrastructure. The new challenge of humanity is imigration. people finding a good life are obliged to good in others countries taking the risk of lost their life.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?
To solve these problems, we need to establish democracy in all countries of the world because with democracy, we can have freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom of religion, equality of right for all citizens, good distribution and sharing of the natural resources. The international community must encourage States to build infrastructures for everyone: good hospital, good school, industries in order to fight against poverty, analphabetism, pandemic diseases, unemployment. States must respect the rights of all citizens and must fight against human discrimination and segregation, racism because all of us are equals in dignity. The common goods must be share for all citizens. We must fight against corruption.


I am Dourwe Bernard a Cameroonian born on February 18, 1986, in Douala, Cameroon. Cameroon Is a country located in Central Africa. I’m the sixth son of my parents Dana Omer and Maidole Brigitte. They are still alive. Now I am a priest working in Rwanda as a missionary and studying Journalism at Institute Catholic de Kabgayi (ICK) in Level 2. I attended my infant and my primary school at Genie’s Military’s School for eight years in the 90s. I ended my secondary school on 2005. After that, I went at the University of Douala. There I studied Bilingual Letters (French and English). I joined the Congregation of Rogationnists to realize my dream to be a priest on 2006. To achieve my will to serve God and my neighbor, I attended philosophy for three years and theology for fourth years. At the end of these studies, I have been ordered priest. After my ordination on 17 September 2016, I received an affectation to select and to be responsible for youths starting the formation t o be priests. After one year at Edea, I received another mission to go to Rwanda to form youths who are studying philosophy to become priest. Some days afterward arrived in Rwanda on 23 September 2017, I started to study Journalism at ICK because I am very interested about communication and he wants to challenge some difficulties of Church concerning lake of good communication. I share my daily life with studies, prayers and youth’s formation. I have many interests. In my free time, I like to read books talking about self-development, culture, philosophy, politics and religion. I like to discover. Sometime I go to others areas to visit peoples in order to know more about their daily life and to share their joys and difficulties. I take also pleasure to play football, basketball and to swim. My life motto is “The life is a fight.” It means that, every day of our life, I must do my best to be a winner and to succeed the different challenges of the life. I’m a Catholic. I trust in God. That is why I try my best to be faithful to Him by loving Him and my neighbor such as possible. In my daily life, I want to do something good to all people who come to see me and to ask me some advices. Because of it, I want to ameliorate myself to be able to do more than what I am doing and to participate in the building of humanity. I speak and I write well French. I try my best to ameliorate English, Spanish and Italian. I am interested to know culture of other one because it is always a wealth to know more than what we know and by this, I can easily understand others. My dream is to see a World where all of us we are feeling like members of one family without discrimination, segregation, racism, poverty, violation of human Rights and respect of human dignity.

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