Diba Kosi Bilinga – Profile


Name: Diba Kosi Bilinga
Country: Kenya
Email: ddibacesp@yahoo.com
Birthday: January 6, 1982
Education: Bachelor’s degree in Education and in Science plus Information Science
Occupation: Teacher/Administrator

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.

My innate passion and vision was to see a world free from any form of discrimination and human suffering caused by poor and insensitive leadership. From my observation myriads of human suffering are caused by inept leadership and other research also indicates the same. Thus for a world to be free from this inequality and suffering, leadership skills and expertise has to be gain from the right institutions.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?

Below are the top- most pressing concerns in the world today:

1. Lack of economic opportunity and unemployment: Most of the people especially among sub-saharan Africa are concerned with unemployment and the lack of economic opportunity.

2. Food and water security: another global problem facing majority of people especially among developing and third world countries are lack of food and water.

3. Lack of political freedom and political instability: Many nations are bothered by the lack of political freedom and stability in the world, this in turn has caused a lot of suffering to human beings.

4. Lack of education: In most of countries in sub-saharan africa many people are concerned with a lack of education. This has become an uphill task for many families.

5. Safety, security, and well-being: Many nations on earth has been undergoing long period of war and clashes which had affected the well -being and security of both people and their belonging.

6. Government accountability and transparency, and corruption: Llack of accountability and transparency among government institution, compounded by heavy corruption has also been key pressing problems among several nations.

7. Poverty: Lack of basic necessities among many households due to abject poverty has also been among key pressing concern among many nations.

8. Religious conflicts: Many of the world’s nations are largely concerned with religious conflicts, mostly in the middle east/north Africa, South Asia and Europe.

9. Large scale conflict and wars: there are many nations who has been destroyed and damaged by constant conflicts and war emanating from economic and border issues. thus this has caused untold suffering to many peoples.

10. Climate change and destruction of natural resources: Many nations are also concerned with global warming and climate change. this phenomenon has caused a lot of damages to both fauna and flora ecosystem.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?

1. Prevent and end conflict: political leaders (including the U.N. security council) must resolve to not only manage crises but also to prevent them. They must analyze conflict risks and utilize all political and economic means necessary to prevent conflict and find solutions, working with their communities – youth, women and faith-based groups – to find the ones that work. The summit presents a unique opportunity to gain political momentum and commitment from leaders to promote and invest in conflict prevention and mediation in order to reduce the impacts of conflicts.

2. Respect rules of war: most states have signed and implemented international humanitarian and human rights laws, but, sadly, few are respected or monitored. Unless violators are held accountable each time they break these laws, civilians will continue to make up the vast majority of those killed in conflict roughly 90%. Hospitals, schools and homes will continue to be obliterated, and aid workers will continue to be barred access from injured parties. the summit allows a forum at which leadership can promote the protection of civilians and respect for basic human rights.

3. Leave no one behind: imagine being forcibly displaced from your home, being stateless or targeted because of your race, religion or nationality. now, imagine that development programs are put in place for the world’s poorest, world leaders are working to diminish displacement, women and girls are empowered and protected, and all children whether in conflict zones or not are able to attend school. Imagine a world that refuses to leave you behind. this world could become our reality. World leaders should be call on to commit to reducing internal displacement and discrimination.

4. Working differently to end need: while sudden natural disasters often take us by surprise, many crises we respond to are predictable. it is time to commit to a better way of working hand-in-hand with local systems and development partners to meet the basic needs of at-risk communities and help them prepare for and become less vulnerable to disaster and catastrophe. Both better data collection on crisis risk and the call to act early are needed and required to reduce risk and vulnerability on a global scale. Constant summit should be held in order to provide the necessary platform for commitment to new ways of working together toward a common goal; humanity.

5. Invest in humanity: if we really want to act on our responsibility toward vulnerable people, we need to invest in them politically and financially, by supporting collective goals rather than individual projects. Tthis means increasing funding not only to responses, but also to crisis preparedness, peace-building and mediation efforts. it also means being more creative about how we fund national nongovernmental organizations — using loans, grants, bonds and insurance systems in addition to working with investment banks, credit card companies and Islamic social finance mechanisms. it requires donors to be more flexible in the way they finance crises (i.e., longer-term funding) and aid agencies to be as efficient and transparent as possible about how they are spending money.

Others many include;

Mitigation of climates changes and its advanced effects on human and animal lives

Cultivating political goodwill in fight corruptions and any form of impunities

Investing a lot in agriculture and modern methods of farming.

Minimizing ignorance, diseases and poverty

Creation of factories and industries to minimize unemployment of youths

Enhancing transparency and accountability in government sectors

Enhancing political democracy and goodwill etc.


I am Diba Kosi Bilinga (Dominic) a trained teacher/information scientist by profession. I’m currently serving as a principal in one of the vocational training centre in my locality, besides teaching; I have been mentoring numerous youths and empowering them on both societal and educational issues. I am ambitious to use my teaching career and information science knowledge to improve the well-being of the societies, be an asset and selfless person, an eye opener and the voice of the voiceless in the fundamental issues that may affect human life. I have four diplomas which are in Education from Kenya Technical Teachers College; in Business Technical Education program (information studies option); in Education Management from Kenya Education Management Institutes and in Theology from Voice of Prophesy, East Africa. Besides the above, I also hold Bachelor of Science in Information Science from Mount Kenya University and currently also pursuing a Masters of Science in Information Science again at Mount Kenya University-Kenya.

I have rich teaching experiences, having taught at all levels of learning ranging from Sunday school to tertiary colleges. My innate passion is to empower communities via knowledge dissemination and continuous learning processes. i rose from grass to grace for i come from very humble nomadic Pastoralism background where education and basic necessities of life is just but a far mirage. My parent only educated me up to elementary basic school. From there on, I took the initiatives of furthering my thirst for more knowledge up to where I am today with God’s help. I have been educating all my siblings and also in forefront mobilizing local resources for annual educational fund raising which has helped many to join colleges/universities across different specialization.

Besides my education journey, I also have innate passion for youths and children. I have served youths groups at different capacities both religious and mixed religion group. In fact I have rich experiences mentoring divergent youth movements. It was this strong passion to empower youths and up-coming generation up to national level in our country that had earned me the highest presidential award. thus as I am speaking, I am presidential gold award holder on youths empowerment program, the highest award the head of state can give to young and youthful person. In line with my inherent drive to give back and serve my community, together with other close friends, we have also initiated a small community-based organization named Community Empowerment support program (CESP ) in order to empower and sensitize our community on matters development. www.cespdeaforg.wixsite.com/cesp or www.cesp-kenya.org.

CESP as an organization strive to address community concern on health, education, livelihood, environment, peace and advocacy. Since its inception, the organization has embarked on: Youth empowerment; women empowerment; safe delivery and prenatal campaign; educational fund drives; advocacy and community mobilization

environmental awakening calls; hiv/aids preventive campaign; anti fgm gospel

adult literacy program..

What is and has been resonating well with the above for me, is the perception that many people hold of seeing nothing good coming from any individual in this cruel world.

and yet when it comes to the brave, bright, rich and strong personalities we have them all. forcing me to ask myself every now and again. Where has the rain started beating us?

like biblical messiah, in your noble institution, I can see the saviors chosen by God to break this record and set unprecedented pathway of liberating this world from age-old bondage of ignorance, diseases, poor leadership and abject poverty just via this tailored-made leadership program.

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