Dereje Tadesse – Profile


Name: Dereje Tadesse
Country: Ethiopia
Date of Birth: January 5, 1963
Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Management, MBA
Occupation: Supply Chain Management Consultant

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.
Making the world a better place for human race takes the courage of everyone from an ordinary citizens to businessmen, scholars, civil servants, men and women, young and elderly, scientists and politicians. Regardless of the ever increasing population, the world is enough for human beings if resources are shared equitably. What most of the current leaders forget or ignore is the fact that changing the mindset of people changes everything for a better. Investing in human resource must, therefore, be a priority to create the population that believes in education, handwork and living peacefully with fellow human beings. My vision is building a better world on the basis of mutual understanding and collaboration with the aim of having violence and suffering free environment.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?
Our world has shockingly became a place where few elites lead majority of the people towards natural and man made sufferings due to their irresponsible actions. These few economic and political elites monopolize the enabling powers to create natural resource degradation, ignite conflict between different groups of people in order to stay in power and erode people\’s self confidence by suppressing their ambition for better life. The world has become a small village where any action at one corner affects the lives of other globally. While globalization has its own benefits, bombarding people of the world with too much information without providing them with the basics of skills and knowledge to handle the information is killing the moral values of local people, specially in less developed countries. That is why I keep on arguing that adequate education is key to cope up with the global change.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?
For the world to become a better place for its population, it is critical to get engaged into global movement that promotes fair economic and political relationships. We need to eliminate (at least minimize) destructive conflicts, preserve the scarce natural resources and wisely utilize them in the interest of ensuring a better life for the generation to come. Starved people are the basis for violence and unrest in marginalized societies and helping them gain control of their life destiny is the only way to make the world a peaceful place. To this end, economic prosperity for all is a key driving force to create a stable environment. Stable environment is also the way to make people focus on development activities rather than becoming burden to the economy itself. So adequate education for the young generation, conducive economic environment for the community to feed itself and cultivating positive thinking among the people should be the way forward.

Africa, as part of the globe, is where natural resources are not yet put to the benefit of its citizens due to weak governance and lack of education. These natural resources have the power of transforming the lives of the most disadvantaged group of society. The only way to realize such a strategy is through human resource development that requires world class leadership. If I enhance my leadership and management capacity further, I have a great chance of contributing to the effort being done to change the world, particularly my country and continent.
As a Logistics & Supply Chain Management Professional: I accomplished result-oriented Logistics and Supply Chain Management professional with extensive experience with the Government of Ethiopia, United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) & as an independent consultant. I am well experienced in Supply Chain Management (SCM), specifically, procurement, shipping, port and customs handling, warehousing and distribution of a variety of supplies and equipment both in a complex emergency environment as well as regular development project implementation.

I served Government of Ethiopia for the first 7 years (1987 -1995) as Head of General Service (Procurement & Logistics), Personnel (Human Resource Management) and Administration & Finance Department. During the following 15 years, served in the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in Ethiopia (1995 – 2010) as a Head of Logistics Unit, where solid international practice & Ethiopian context humanitarian logistics experience is acquired. Since 2010, engaged in consultancy and training business with special emphasis on Supply Chain Management (SCM). Provided SCM related consultancy services and conducted trainings for a number of Government & Non-Government institutions independently as well as in collaboration with training institutions such as Ethiopian Management Institute (EMI), Industry Project Services (IPS) and other private consulting firms. From January 2018 – Present: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Founder and General Manager at Axis Consultancy and Logistics Services Consultancy in areas of Procurement, Logistics, Marketing and Organizational Development.

My Core Competencies include: Procurement Planning and Contract Management Training Manual Development Shipping and Freight Management Training and Capacity Development Port and Customs Operations Risk Mgt and Emergency Response Warehousing & Distribution Data Analysis and Report Writing Transport and Fleet Management Leadership and Team Building.

Additional Skills: Strong Negotiation Skills Excellent Computer Application Skills; High Level Supervisory Skills Problem Solving and Trouble Shooting; Effective Team Building Crisis Management under pressure.

My Education is BA, MBA, Certified Management consultant, Certified Humanitarian Logistics professional. Professional Work Experience Physical Capacity Advisor (PCA) Agriteam Canada Consulting Ltd.

My hobbies include Reading, watching movies, visiting new places. I primarily live in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Dublin, Ireland is my second home. Apart from these, I have repeatedly been to England, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, France, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Uganda, Djibouti, Thailand & UAE. My next destination might be USA, Germany, Spain and China.

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