Daniel Unogwu – Profile


Name: Daniel Unogwu
Country: Nigeria
Email: microslim2013@gmail.com
Website: www.theeagleblogger.wordpress.com
Birthday: April 22, 1990
Education: University (B.Sc)
Occupation: Microbiologist

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.

My vision for a world that works for everyone is like Martin Luther King said “until we are all free none of us is truly free” in the world I want to see, I want a world where knowledge is learnt and squired everywhere, I believe the greatest threat to any civilization is ignorance, so until relevant knowledge reaches everywhere peace world peace will be an illusion. When we all can think and reason for ourselves and Jude for ourselves what is right and wrong we can not know true change, in my world every one should have equal opportunity to learn and be relevant and contribute positively to the overall progress of humanity in every corner of the world.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?

Based on my assessment personally judging from where am from, lack of access to quality Education or relevant knowledge is the greatest threat, as this will in turn affect negatively the attainment if proper leadership training, public service, innovations, creativity, access to health, and better standard of living. Knowledge is power, I knew quiet early that Africans don’t like reading, so u decided to change that by reading anything I can across, I believe If only our minds are truly reformed then so many vices such as corruption, violence, terrorism, health hazards, poverty or even climate change will become of little concern because we would have given everyone the tool to live better, think better, act better and achieve a common world progress towards sustainable peace and development. Education is the key.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?

Ignorance is dispelled by illumination, if Education is our priority we would have solved half the world problems, as regards agriculture, sustainable energy, terrorism, etc. Governments must begin to invest in knowledge of the govern or help In creating systems that will help people access knowledge so that every one will become responsible and aware of the ills of ignorance and take steps to address it. Budgets in education should always take priority, engaging people’s mind positively is our only play at salvaging economic changes in every society. Freedom of expression, comes from freedom of thoughts, freedom of Thoughts comes from being mentally sound i.e. education, formal or informal must take precedence in all we do.


My name is Daniel Unogwu, originally from Benue State in Nigeria, I was born in Basawa Barracks, Zaria in Kaduna State. I am the 6th child of seven siblings. I graduated from the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria at the age of 22 with a B. Sc in Microbiology in 2012. I am a Google trained Digital Marketer and a YALI member. I am a blogger (My blog name being “The Eaglepreneur” where I blog on 4 key areas Business, Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Technology, my blog site is http://www.theeagleblogger.wordpress.com.

I am a photography and technology enthusiast, love everything graphics. My childhood icons have always been Albert Einstein (reason why I branched into science and naturally my siblings started calling me Albert), Ben Carson (my childhood dream was to be a medical doctor) and Abraham Lincoln (for me he is the quintessence of a leader). I love reading novels a lot as it has help shaped my mind in so many areas, it has helped me to travel to places I have never been to and also it has been a tremendous help in my writing and vocabularies. Those I can recall include: Poland, Rome, Sacagawea, This present darkness, Monster, Little Dorrit, Digital fortress, The Icon, Lost symbol, The Caravan, The Brethen, The Summons, The Broker, The Client, Angels and Demons. My favorite authors include James Michener, Dan Brown, Frank Perreti, John Grisham, Brain Tracy, Dale Carnegie, John Maxwell, Tim Lahaye, Robert Kiyosaki and others). Am in the process if writing a book and planning a second.

I am an optimist who believes in a future run by ideas and technology. Someday I hope to lunch my own Digital Empire that includes vocabulary development, graphic designs, App development, marketing, phone designs and repairs, branding and advertising to help solve the problems of people in Africa in this internet/ digital age we are in. Places I would like to visit include cities like Florence, Washington DC, Paris and Hong Kong.

Watching movies has been of tremendous help to me personally, what I can’t get from novels I make up with movies. I am sure I have seen all the great movies in the last 10 years, let me try to mention a few, The Lord of the Rings, Patriot, 24, Lincoln, The Martian, Fast and Furious, Underworld, Pirates of the Caribbean, Mission Impossible, Slum Dog Millionaire, Arrival, Breaking Bad, Les Miserables, James Bond and Sherlock Holmes. If am to learn a new language it will definitely be Latin. I can speak English, Idoma and Hausa already.

During my NYSC, I served with the Drug Free Club where I was the General Secretary. We go to different schools in the city of Hadeija teaching and sensitizing them on the dangers of drug abuse. I was head boy in primary school from grade 4, Health prefect and JETS club President in my secondary school days. At the university I was Departmental Fellowship president, Faculty Fellowship General Secretary, final year secretary 2012, I was voted the most influential in my graduating class in the university.

I love listening to the news for both local and international coverage. CNN remains my number one with programs like Inside Africa, Quest means Business, Amanpour, Market place Africa, The world right now, International Desk, GPS and a host of others. Being current for me has no substitute. I am of the opinion that people be allowed to make their mistakes in life and learn from it, also that people are not left uneducated as the world is moving faster than most people. Hence one must keep upgrading his knowledge and skills.

Having been a boy from the barracks as they say in Nigeria, barrack boys don’t go to school or they are dullards, I set out to correct that perception and it had worked for me, let no one ever tell you can’t make it or you don’t have what it takes, it just means they don’t have what it takes to see the world inside of you. I always believe I can be better and I can achieve success and I pursue It with hard work and smart work.

I love making friends and singing is my hobby, I enjoy working in a team and sharing ideas and insights with other like minds from across the globe.

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Books Completed:

As A Man Thinketh
Jonathan Livingston Seagull
Keys to Success
How to Win Friends and Influence People
Nonviolent Communication