Charles Kihia Mwangi – Profile


Name: Charles Mwangi
Country: Kenya
Birthday: 04/18/1982
Education: MBA (Strategic Management)-JKUAT; BSc Animal Science-UON; CPA (K); CPS (K); CCP (III)
Occupation: Finance Manager

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.

My dream is to achieve and relish in a world full of heritage where everyone has access to education and knowledge. The goal is to have a world where men, women and children have access to quality education, freedom of expression, free media and able to co-exist peacefully in communities, national wide and globally.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?

Hunger, poverty and lack of education will always be the biggest and pressing problems facing the world today. Climate change has emerged to be a greater problem that has affected the world and resulted to devastating problems like tsunami, flooding, hunger, and mass destruction, loss of human life, high agriculture products prices, unemployment and desertification.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?

The governments of world need to have a global forum that will address challenges and problems associated with climate change, illiteracy and diseases. I believe this can be countered by increasingly Accessing knowledge and economic empowering the disadvantaged to allow the realization of marginalized communities that will upscale efforts in offering solutions to these global challenges. The leadership of the world should invest in quality education, climate mitigation, governance and offering democratic space that will open up doors for everyone to participate in making this world a better place to be. Global policies should be developed and advocated and lobbied across the civil societies to ensure public awareness, enhancement and acceptability.


Charles Mwangi is 33years old male, a distinguished accountant with 7 years’ work experience in managing funds of private businesses and donor-funded environmental conservation projects in Kenya and also has in-depth knowledge and experience in business development, HR & Employment legislation, project management and market analysis.Charles was born in the slopes of Mount Kenya, Central province the now so called Nyeri County in Kenya; Nyeri County is rich with agriculture related activities and thus saw myself spending much of my young age attending to coffee, zero grazed dairy cows. Charles is a Christian and a member of the Presbyterian Church of East Africa.

I am the third born in our family of Eight: My parents were both primary teachers and thus valued education, I managed to attend Kianjogu rural primary school where my mother was a teacher and did my national primary certificate and enrolled to high school and later joined University of Nairobi to undertake a Bachelors of Agriculture majoring in Animal Science. Charles later undertook KASNEB professional examinations and was certified as a Public Accountant and Public Secretary and currently pursuing a certification in credit professional and MBA in strategic management at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture & Technology.

Charles is married and a proud father of a daughter and a son and has worked in senior management and leadership levels at private companies with more than 200 workforce size and has immensely contributed to implementation of various renewable energy projects i.e. biogas, solar and improved cook stoves with funding from international donors (EU, USADF, HIVOs, Energia Kenya, Practical Action). Charles has also trainings in project management, operations management, monitoring and evaluation, human resources and first aid.

Charles is a natural born leader, who has seen himself given chance in leadership positions since Primary school, High School and University. At university, Charles was the campus president in the year 2005 under the Students of Nairobi University Union (SONU). Charles has grown to various leadership positions in his career as production manager at Athi feeds Limited, a company manufacturing animal feeds and supplements; currently he is the Finance and Administration manager of Sustainable Community Development Services (SCODE) a Kenyan NGO that facilitate adoption of cleaner energy technologies and sustainable land use approaches through capacity building, market development and applied research for enhanced livelihoods of both men and women. I am an active member in various networks of professionals-Institute of Certified Public Accountants and Institute of Certified Public Secretaries. Charles is the Founder of SCODE SACCO Society Limited and currently the Honorary Treasurer.

I love reading and writing; I have enrolled in several online course to keep myself abreast with current and emerging issues globally and see myself contributing towards a health wealthy world where every man and woman have an equal chance to excel. I like also watching wildlife, science and technology documentaries. Charles dream in life is to establish a renowned consultancy company that will empower and offer business solutions to both men and women in rural and peri- urban areas.

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