Bernard Ndhlovu – Profile


Name: Bernard Ndhlovu
Country: Zimbabwe
Date of Birth: October 29, 1987
Education: Higher Diploma In Ministerial Excellence
Occupation: Pastor/Tig Welder

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.
I see a world where regardless of one’s color, background or gender everyone is appreciated for who they are and are afforded equal opportunity to make their unique contribution in this world. I dream of a world where everyone is helped to discover their purpose, unleash their potential and achieve their dreams with ease. My vision of a world which works for everyone is a world where the world becomes a global platform for everyone to display their talents and maximize their potential, and make their unique impact.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?
They are a number of things which are pressing issues facing the world today, poverty, diseases, wars etc, but all these are just symptoms, the real pressing problem facing the world today is the lack of leadership, which we might call leadership crisis, things are what they are because of lack of leadership. “Everything falls and rises on leadership”, lack of leadership is manifested through what we see happening in our surroundings. The chaotic and pathetic state of the world we see today it’s a clear reflection of leadership crisis the world is facing today. Our biggest problem the lack of accountable leaders. When we solve the leadership problem we have solved the problems which the world is facing today.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?
These pressing problems can be best solved by helping world and influential leaders to build accountable systems and structures. Solving leadership problems will automatically solve the pressing problems facing the world today. In some parts of the world there’s human abuse, and human rights are not respected at all because we have leadership crisis, there’s a need to develop leaders who will provide answers and solutions to the pressing issues which the world is facing today. We need to unite and put an effort to work together and make accountability structures which will make the world a better place. Leadership is an antidote for the pressing problems facing the world today

I am Bernard Ndhlovu and I serve as a the Assistant Pastor of New Hope In Christ International Church, based in Bulawayo Zimbabwe where I reside with my wife Carolyn, and both they have a lovely son named Blessing. I work in the church as the Assistant Pastor, where I teach, preach and provide counseling and guidance for many. I am also the Leadership Development Program Coordinator and facilitator whose responsibility is to teach, develop, train and mentor leaders for through these programs.

These leadership programs have brought tremendous impact in the lives of many. Bernard has been running these leadership Seminars for the past two years and they have yielded amazing results. I am an Apostolic leader who teaches the Word of God with simplicity and has considered and sort after as a Conference speaker in the nation of Zimbabwe and abroad. I stand as a spiritual father for young people who are passionate about making a positive difference in their generation. I have travelled to the following nations; South Africa, and Zambia as a guest preacher and as a conference speaker in various gatherings. I have held morning inspirational messages in one of the Local Radio Stations [Skies Metro FM] in the City of Bulawayo. I am a Board Member of One Flesh Marriage Covenant foundation its mandate and thrust is to restore, revive and rebuild marriages. I serve as a counselor, teacher, and advisor in this foundation to keep marriages intact and healthy, and fighting against gender based violence in every way possible. I also work with different young people who are struggling with drugs, and those who are survivors of human abuse, and those who are struggling with issues of life. I have written articles on various social media platforms called Inspiration Today, which inspires people to maximize their potential and to encourage and motivate them. I am an author who is currently working on publishing his first book entitled, “The Effectiveness of Leadership” which is already on the Publishing House which will be published soon this year of 2020. I also have authored and compiled multiple leadership manuals being used to do leadership seminars during the leadership development programs.


I have spent and invested time over the years teaching, training and mentoring young people to become effective leaders and help them to discover and unleash their potential. I have been a mentor to young people of his denomination and outside his denomination, which has caused a lot of young people to discover and maximize their potential. I have studied in the School of Ministry and is the holder of a Certificate In Biblical Studies, Diploma In Biblical Studies, Higher Diploma in The Pastoral Studies, Higher Diploma In The Prophetic Studies, Higher Diploma In The Apostolic Studies, Higher Diploma In The Ministerial Excellence, which I acquired in Harvest House International School Of Ministry which is based in Bulawayo Zimbabwe. I also have studied 36 lessons on leadership from Equip Team on Million Leaders Mandate. Besides a minister I also work as a Tig Welder in a Company which specializes on stainless steel fabrication and pipe fitting.

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