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Name: Ayuba Ibrahim
Country: Nigeria
Website: www.drmaxs.blogspot.com
Birthday: October 25, 1991
Education: O Level, Undergraduate

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.

Yes. As regards to my vision for a world that works for everybody, begins by my dreams to increase awareness to people that they have all it takes to realize their dreams in this world. Most of the time people get limited my low self esteem of whom they are. So in this like, I desire to reach more people letting them know that their dreams to impact on humanity and even their environment. The first step to a world that works for everybody is knowledge. Knowledge to me is the headlamp to any advancement in the mist of ignorance. Once you are ignorant, you can go nowhere, you can achieve nothing in life. Also to get to that level where the world will work for all, I have this great vision to empowering my environment to open talks to people directly. This can be achieved by providing them with the necessary equipment to realize their dreams. This could take a form of financial assistance, entrepreneurial skills and even through verbal encouragement. And finally, a world that works for everyone is possible by letting people know that this world will get no better if change does not stat from me and you. What this means is that if one decide to be different, and everyone makes that commitment, then the world would be a better place. Everyone must dare to stand out.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?

To me, the problems facing the world today are wide ranging. I would love to take a brief tour to the most pressing aspects. First I would start with:

Global health: Today the health challenges are becoming overwhelming. Plagues, Natural disasters, epidemic outbreak, poor nutrition, poor hygiene etc among others. This aspects highlighted are just a few of what the world is trying to survive from. With the increase of manufacturing industries, and inappropriate waste disposal is really an issue that is contributing to world problems today. Smoke and suet destroying the Ozone layer, disposal of waste into the sea causing great hazard to sea bodies and even contaminating peoples drinking water is a serious problem. This more common in Africa and Latin American nations and Asia. This has been a global challenge as the united Nation is doing so much to see how the outcome of human carelessness which contributes to this health challenge is solved. I believe so much that this is contributed to poor orientation of the people and this can be curtailed by massive campaigns to the people. Though I know that there are already efforts made towards ending this problem, but my major concern here is there arias where these campaigns have not reached especially rural areas, and remote places. This is not to say I have talked fully on this aspect but it’s just part of my observation of global challenges.

Security: this also so broad that it cannot be exhausted. One of the tough challenges the world is suffering today is massive insecurity. The poor are so helpless that they can’t defend themselves from selfish individuals who wish to cause mayhem not minding who surfers. This is experienced worldwide, both local and internationally including home and global terrorism. There is definitely a way out. If all are empowered with the right knowledge they need to know that they are so much better persons, and that they are more than they deem themselves. Also most of this is coursed by illiteracy; as I said before ignorance is a great killer. Most of today’s security is triggered by poor empowerment among other reasons which are so side ranging.

Poverty: this aspect may not be applicable to all, but, studies have shown that most 3rd world nations live below 2 dollar a day. In Africa for example, there is a wide gap between the rich and the poor, massive unemployment, poor nutrition amongst others. I believe so much that income got a lot to do with pressing global problems. This is because most nations where poverty rate is recorded, you discover that other aspects highlighted above tend to thrive more. Once a people a so poor and retched, they turn out to so many global vises making life miserable. This can be reduced by direct poverty alleviation. The current grants hardly reach the main people which this is meant for as it is high jacked by the 3rd parties who have access to funds meant to improve individual welfare. Platforms must be provided by each government to see that welfare is improved.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?

A lot can be done to solve these problems just as I have already provided my own suggestions above. To add to this, the world must know where we started from, where we are and possibly where we may find ourselves tomorrow. There are consequences of actions whether we know or not, and the earlier we know the better it will be for us. Take for example desertification, water pollution etc would someday pose a great challenge and death rate may increase gradually by the trees have been falling and I know this is not a merit to humanity. Lets embrace in a greater proportion of the ‘Green world’ initiative for example by planting trees to reduce desert encroachment and also to provide better breeding ground for humans, Also in the aspect of industry, they should take more serious waste management by recycling, e.g. Unilevers Growth that doesn’t cost the earth initiative for increasing production without harming the environment. For security and health, this is not something that one group can achieve but a collective responsibility, tolerance among pluralities, understanding among ethnic and geographical cleavages. We all can make a change, by giving and doing


First of all I will start by my name. My name is Ayuba Ibrahim; born in Sakaba local government in Kebbi state Nigeria, there I started my primary school, then moved to Ota’ab Village in Niger state where I was able to complete my primary school and then wrote my common entrance examination which was to qualify me for High school. I was born into a very poor family of three but now we are a family of nine including my dad and mum. My parents never received any formal education and till date cannot speak English. In fact my parents still live in a small village called Marafa under a mud hut. Though I came from this poor background, by Gods grace missionaries where able to establish a small school where my parents who were converted from paganism into Christianity, enrolled me into the school with very minimal tuition fee. My parents are still peasant farmers till date having to labor with their two hands to cater for their 7 children including my University fee and other expenses by using simple farm tools and working from dusk to down once its rainy season. There is so much the world would learn from me which I can’t say all here. T move further, I was lucky to gain admission into Federal Government College Jos, the capital of Plateau state which is in the middle belt of Nigeria. Since I did not know anybody in any city as my entire life has been in an uncivilized settlement, the missionaries hooked me up with Mr. Matthew Dawodu, who was a missionary under the same minister. He decided to adopt me and a lady who were from the same village, and got admission into FGC Jos. Our parent usually sent some money for our tuition fee but our host assisted a lot in other expenses. The journey into another parent’s house at the age of 10 was not funny; it was all a moment of pain living with someone who was not related to you, sometimes relieving bad treatment and harsh words. My fellow could not stand the challenges she had to run away after we went for our first holiday. But somehow, I managed to endure all because I had a vision for my life which till date many applaud me for. Out of the four of us who graduated from my set, two left school because they could not cope and for me I saw it as a do or die affair, I said to myself going back to the village was no option I want a better life for my people and myself.

10 years passed, living under a condition I never dreamt for any one. But all this 10 years I successfully completed high school and graduated with a good result and this gave me the first ray of hope in my entire generation, being the first in my family, my entire community to graduate high school with five credits and above. This gave me commendation among my equals, my parents and missionaries who I have passed through before I reached where I was as the first ever to beat such record.

The battle never ended there, as it was also a struggle facing the bigger challenge of gaining admission into college (University). I could not register for the JAMB which was an exam that could give admission into university immediately I graduated from high school, and this was because I could not afford the payment and had to wait a whole year. After a year passed, I borrowed money from my host missionary to pay for the exams, and I did exceptionally great. I did not gain admission despite my great performance and had to reroll for a diploma course in law which was supposed to last two years. Luckily for me, I wrote another JAMB exam while doing my diploma course and fortunately I got admission. After gaining admission I had no sponsor as this task was beyond my parents, so I really had to pray hard and my parent gave me some funds which I used to pay tuition.

My first year till my current 3rd year has not been easy especially that my parents had to pay school fees for five us currently in school from there locally cultivated farm. My current performance is good but not my best the reasons being that that right now as I am applying for this great program, I have no one to sponsor me. With this challenge I never gave up or ran for help from office to office, so I have picked a part time job which I do 3 times a week at the same time attend my lectures. This has been challenging because I would have to wake up every morning on my work days by 5:30 am and trek about 2 kilometers to get to work, and 2 km trekking back. Most times I miss morning lecture as I hardly finish my job on time before getting back to class which start by 8:am. As part of writing my profile, I would love to mention that though my past have been of great struggle, I still discovered I have great potentials in me, I still have this great zeal to making my world a better place as I use my life experience to encourage young people as I believe their lives couldn’t have been worse than mine just that I decided never to give up on my dreams. Early this year 2014, as I was blogger, which is part of what I enjoy doing as a hobby, I ran into a post which was a search for Unilever Campus Ambassadors. I read through the requirements and it was just a perfect match for my dreams. I decided to apply. Applying was another tale of its own, but I was able to apply. While I was on break, I received an email informing me to return to school to take an interview, the next day I rushed back to school and had my interview of which I beat the requirement of leadership capacity and was selected a Unilever Campus ambassador with I fellow colleague from my campus. We were invited for a conference in Lagos Nigeria which a two day conference was sharpening our leadership skills and getting accustomed to the company. Though this is a non-financial offer, but it has provided me knowledge which has helped me begin to make plans for my leadership and motivational carrier. A Friend, in view of this introduced me to this organization as he is a beneficiary of your great works and I personally have seen greatness from him which motivated me to sign up with this African Leadership initiative.

Hobbies: I love travelling a lot, attending leadership workshops, meeting colleagues of like minds, reading motivational books, Politics, blogging, debates; I play a bit of badminton, love movies too.

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