Augustine Philip Ntomola – Profile


Augustine Philip Ntomola
P.O. BOX 2426
Arusha, Tanzania
Education: Post Graduate Diploma Saccos Management, Advanced Diploma in Cooperative Accounting
Occupation: Accountant.


I am Tanzanian born 10-01-1980. I went to school in our local primary schools and managed to pass my standard seven exams and selected to secondary school in 1995. My college education was a success and finished in year 2005 at the Moshi University College of Co-operative and Business Studies. In 2010 I finished my Post-Graduate Diploma in Savings and Credit Co-operative Society (Saccos) Management at the same University College. Currently am doing my evening MBA in Marketing and Entrepreneurship.

My ambition as youth shortly after graduation was to be a great salesman. Therefore I went on to look sales jobs and found one in solar appliances. I worked at Chloride Exide Tanzania Ltd.

The other dream I might say was to be able to see the first world cup staged in Africa. This was very challenging to me as it was expensive and I had to work out how to buy tickets as in my country we do not have credit cards system. So I had to liaison with my Priest friend whom had interest and had to ask a friend in America to pay for us via credit card and we had to transfer the same amount to America via Telegraphic money Transfer (TT).

The dream currently I hope to achieve is being a great leader in changing the lives of my fellow Africans and all human beings of this world. I have a dream to initiate the small and medium enterprises to reach out majority and be recognized by the governments with the contribution in GDP and employing role played by them.

Also I have a dream to make a sound listened platform for entrepreneurs. This is the dream am working on currently soon to be launched.

The road to South Africa was very interesting as we had to go by bus and it took us about 3 days on the road to arrive at Pretoria. This was very peaceful and enjoyable. The difficult came on the way back to Tanzania, we chose to take the Mozambique root. I will not advice anyone to pass that root as first there are no reliable buses from one town to the next on daily basis, and there are you only have one and if missed you have to wait. Then the country is too big to cross for a day or two. Lastly the security is somehow not so stable to foreigners of all sorts. But we enjoyed those challenges and arrived safe and sound to Tanzania.

Reading is also part of my favorite. I like reading history, political, economy and all educative stories that help you to understand better the life you are living. The likes of Richard Mabala, Mwl Julius Nyerere Robert Carnegie, Robert Kiyosaki are my favorite authors. Denzel Washington is movie star I like watching his movies during my spare time.

I have not been able to participate in any special studies or projects in leadership experience that’s why I think joining this institute will help me a get a chance to learn them.

Our family is not as big as many of the African extended families. Most of our ancestors, grand fathers and mothers, my Father and Mother have already passed away. We are five relatives, four brothers and one sister.

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Books Completed:

As A Man Thinketh
Jonathan Livingston Seagull
Success through a Positive Mental Attitude