Atilola Oluwadamilola Abayomi – Profile


Name: Atilola Oluwadamilola Abayomi
Birthday: 04/10/1987
Education: B.Agric
Occupation: National Youth Serving Corp’s

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.

I wish to have a world where everyone will be able to actualize their full potential and live a life where true leadership is uplifted far above personal Egoism.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?

I believe the most pressing problem we have now is the problem of true leadership, because we are in a world where leaders who are properly equipped intellectually to lead are lacking and the ones leading are those who are giving to personal aggrandizement and rule with personal EGO which will lead us nowhere.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?

These can be done by; 1) Equipping the youth with the necessary Knowledge needed to lead and these has to start with the teens those still in secondary schools because i am sure that it is easy to bend a metal when is HOT than when it is COLD.

2) Developing Leadership skills in those that has one way or the other find their self in position of authority.

3) Lastly, Empowering those properly equipped to get positions where thy can effect change. Because Empowerment is not giving power to a person it is all about unleashing the power in a personality.


My name is Atilola Oluwadamilola Abayomi. I hail from Ibadan City the Capital of Oyo state 30KiloMeter drive from Lagos State Nigeria.I am born into a family of Seven i am the second of five children. I have a personal interest in impacting my Environment and being part of change that will see my world transform into great environment. My personal Dream is to see Nigeria change into a GLOBAL BRAND. My personal Philosophy: To live a life of SERVICE. I am presently involved in Career/Leadership Talk in Ten Government Senior Secondary in Ikorodu situated in the Heart of Lagos using my NYSC leverage. I am also involved in proposing to build a Secondary School where it has not been before. I will like books on Guidance and Counseling on Careers and Leadership Development in Secondary Schools, Financial Intelligence, Business consultancy, Personal Leadership, Books on Influence, Affecting People and Books on Leadership.

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Books Completed:

As a Man Thinket
Jonathan Livingston Seagull