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Name: Apute Ben Ochuko
Country: Nigeria
Email: fumweb@yahoo.com
Website: www.benochuko.com
Date of Birth: December 26, 1985
Education: Masters in Management, PGD in Business Administration, HND in Chemistry/Biochemistry
Occupation: Industrial Laboratory Analyst

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.

A world that works for everyone is a world where everyone has discovered their purpose and appropriate structure to help individuals discover their purpose, maximize the potential and ultimately fulfill purpose. Given the fact that my tribes are the youth. They are indeed laden with enormous potential and energy that should be groomed and maximized for a better world. My vision is to establish a non-profit organization that would help young minds discover their purpose, identify and maximize their potential and ultimately lead a successful and fulfilled life.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?

The biggest tragedy facing the world today is the lack of self-identity, lack of vision, direction and clarity of purpose of the world youths. The number of the world youths today totals over 1.8 billion. Research has proven that 80% of the world youth which represents a huge chunk lacks sense of direction, vision and clarity of purpose. They do not have a clear sense direction as to what exactly they want to do with their life and hence constitute an unimaginable nuisance value. Majority dabble into all sorts of activities, waste ample time only to settle into endeavors that do not maximize or develop their hidden potentials. They get locked up in jobs they are not passionate about and as such get frustrated. Only about 20% of the world youth seems to have a sense of direction, they know what they are passionate about and what direction they want to tow in life. They are self motivated and driven. So therefore, the pressing need facing the world is to begin a conscious re -orientation, mentoring, helping young minds to discover their purpose and establish structures that would help the world youth maximize and express their potential in a positive and beneficial manner to the world.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?

To solve these problems is to begin a conscious re-orientation, value education and personal development of youths the world over. Young minds can only develop a sense of vision, direction when they have good self-knowledge, when they understand their strength, weakness, abilities and vulnerabilities. Purpose discovery should be included in academic curriculums from elementary levels especially in Africa. Fundamental institutions or organizations should be established to help young minds understand themselves properly, identify their purpose, identify and maximize their potentials. Structures to support these strategies should also be put in place including innovative and creative hubs in major cities with skill acquisition and empowerment centers. Performance and effectiveness metrics as key performance indicators should also be established to monitor and measure the efficiency of the established system.


I am Ben Ochuko Apute, a gifted inspirational public speaker, writer, author, avid reader and an Industrial laboratory analyst by profession who has spent the last seven (9) years in the different sectors such as banking, telecommunications and recently, Oil and Gas. I am a devoted lover of God, who is highly passionate about the affairs of youths and have dedicated my life to helping younger generations discover and maximize their potential and ultimately fulfill their purpose. I am highly focused on rebuilding the foundations of many generations, restoring “youths” back to the right path by helping them to identify their purpose, providing the platform for them to grow and develop their talent, follow their calling and fulfill destiny while here on earth. I am privileged to speak as an invited guest at different conferences, seminars and platforms ranging from, social, academic, entrepreneurial, civil rights, nonprofit to religious institutions involved in youth transformation, leadership and mentoring. I currently mentor a lot of youth on personal development, career and leadership. I am the author of the revolutionary, thought-provoking, conscience questioning and fast-selling book “What is My Purpose?” “The trillion dollar question,” an awesome and engaging book filled with step by step guides on how to discover purpose and fulfill purpose. I have also served in various leadership capacities engaging and transforming the lives of youths. I currently serve in advisory capacity to different youth development platforms, and provide skill acquisition and empowerment schemes to teeming youths in his locality. I presently run different periodic personal development and leadership conferences and seminars such as Youthful and Useful, History Makers Academy (Bonny Island) and an interactive talk show named “I have got a story” which is a talk show focused on shaping future leaders and history makers through the power of story telling. I have undergone a lot of trainings and is a member of different local and international bodies and organizations that are shaping, transforming youths globally and impacting the world positively. I am a member of HIVE Africa global leadership (glp) 2.0; a global community of young leaders, a member of Dynamic Youth Assembly (D.Y.A); a global community of young professionals building leadership capacity amongst youths the world over, a member of Junior Chambers International (JCI); an international non-profit leadership organization building leadership capacities and competencies in youths and he is the Rivers state liaison mentor for Teen Mentors Network of Africa (TMNA); a pan Africa non-profit organization helping to influence and shape teens through appropriate and accurate mentorship. I currently hold a Master’s Degree (MSc) in Management and Post graduate diploma (PGD) in Business Administration from Enugu State University of Technology Business School (ESUT Business School), Enugu State, Nigeria, Higher National Diploma (HND) in Chemistry/Biochemistry and a National Diploma (ND) in Science Laboratory Technology from Federal Polytechnic Auchi, Edo State, Nigeria. I am a patriotic Nigerian and a firm believer in the Nigerian and African Transformation Project. I am a passionate and highly interested in changing the narratives of Nigeria and Africa at large amongst the comity of nations globally. I am happily married to my “Dreamcast,” Dr. Eguono Ochuko Apute and are both blessed with a beautiful and wonderful damsel, Oghenekevwe Ochuko Apute. I derive huge joy in football, athletics and artistry.

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