Anene Chikuwado Emmanuel – Profile


Anene Chikwado Emmanuel

Ihiala, Nigeria
Birthday: 28 march, 1994
Education: Undergraduate Student
Occupation: student

My vision of the world that work for everyone is:

1. Imbibing knowledge and help to the ignorant: many countries/ individuals are suffering, not that they are not able bodies, but because they do not have the necessary knowledge and skill that the desire. Take for instance many under-developed countries are suffering, people dying due to inadequate hospitality of some unpopular disease that its cure has not yet spread. So I therefore comment that the developed countries should make every necessary plans on how to help the under-developed countries so that the individuals can begin to work and earn living good living and a better health care

2 organizing training forum on potential build up : a forum where by people of high intellect can teach the people on how to organize themselves properly so as to live a reputable life, because if people live reputable life, then life will look and feel good, so therefore i commend that these forums should be setup.


What I see as the most pressing problems facing the world are:

1. Bad and inadequate governance.

Mostly bad and inadequate government is responsible for the stunted growth in the country especially in African countries at large. Inadequate government is what is on board, a situation where by even at the tertiary institution undergraduates are not well trained and developed, thereafter they finally become graduates, and are low self esteemed or even nuisance to the society. Also the bad government loots the public finance there by leaving many things, which are to be done untouched, thereby making the citizens frustrated in many ways. Even the bible also recorded that when a good man is on the throne the people are happy, rather the reverse is the case, is what we are seeing.

2 sin: Sin is a demarcation that comes in between God and man, in the bible many nations that sinned against God where either condemned or neglected to their sin. If the world can drop their sinful act behind, and become holy in their ways, God will help the world fully with his saving powers, and the problems if not totally eradicated from the world, will be 90% eradicated. So if sin can be stopped or even reduced the problem too will be reduced or even stopped.

How I feel that these problems could best be solved are:

1. emergence of good government: if personnels who are able to rule the nation will be able to come out with positive and proper leadership mentality, to organize, control, develop and maintain the nation and it economy and education then the problems will reduce, and through the educated individuals, who have been imbibed with the positive mindset in school will in turn be able to impact positively to the ignorant people. Also, there is every need for all countries to create a forum where by leadership issues will be discussed and lectured to the people who are ruling and people who have the aspiration to rule, because everybody is a leader in one way or the other

2. leaders of the church and people who still show holiness in their life style should preach and advice those who are in sin, and also communicate with God through prayer for God to renew the conscience and their mindset so as for them, and through their holy and sincere minds that has now repented, God will put in them the very wisdom to handle an eradicate problems that exist or may arise


My name is Anene Chikwado Emmanuel, I am born into a family of seven, of which am the eldest son and am eighteen years old, and I am a Christian and a catholic to be precise. if have finished my primary and secondary education, and presently, I am an undergraduate of Anambra state University Uli, in Nigeria studding chemical engineering and am in year one(hundred level). I have always wanted to be a great man in future that always will talk wisdom that will aid others from their problem. I want to be high self esteemed personnel that will know all my potentials, so that I can be able to apply it in my daily living. l have being working on a personal project, on how to make an electric bulb, how to make battery that consist of solar cells that can be charged with sun light, how to make perfume, these is part of my goal/projects.

My dream which must be fulfilled by the grace of God is to establish an industry where I can continue my engineering research and thereby using it as a medium to create work for other engineers thereby reducing work/occupational problem, I have always look forward to establishing a charity home, where I will use as a medium to help the less privileged people.

I like traveling, basically on the concept which says that a traveler is as wise as an old man. Wisdom is something very vital which I have aspired to achieve. I love her because I know that she will guide me in all areas where if don’t have enough experience or even, do not have experience at all. How if wish everybody on this earth has wisdom, then the world will be a better place to live. Talks of wisdom is what i like listening to, and truly it fascinates me easily, that is why if like listening to my lecturer, Mr. Kennedy John Offor whenever he speaks. Words of wisdom and encouragement is what usually encourage me when am working on my project.

On books, I am always interested in reading books connected to my field of studies, and also motivational books and newspaper so as to know what is happening in my country and beyond. When am relaxing I like reading story on animal kingdom and on Nigeria settings. On home video, am not so much interested in it but I watch it, it’s usually nollywood because most of their setting are usually based on my culture and tradition, when am on my holiday I watch foreign films too. I have participated in many seminar such as lighting of a building with electricity, computer programs, life style of snails, laboratory test, to mention but a few.

On leadership, I have experienced it, I have been a leader in most association. My first leadership experience was on president of virgin most faithful block rosary, and with my knowledge, I was as able to lead till I dropped the position. My second leadership experience was as a financial secretary of young catholic student at my secondary school level

The third was a treasurer in a Bible society unit in my secondary school.

I am away interested in activities partnering chemical engineering because it is related to my field of studies, and I know it will be of interest to me.

My hobby usually is reading and playing of football during my leisure time, a times I do engage talking with friends on things patenting to youth life. I aspire also to meet with people of other nationality basically because of interaction where we can share knowledge and idea, through that I can benefit and the people am discussing with we benefit too. if have always want to do my masters outside my country so that the knowledge I will have on my course of study will be both home and abroad, and through that I can introduce other new things learnt outside my country into my country.

I like philosophy, because it develops the mind and the mode of thinking of an individual, for instance the solemn words of Socrates who died for the truth. I also find knowledge in the words of Aristotle, st. Thomas Aquinas, st. Augustine, basically on how he decided to solitude, so as to go in search of the trinity history about the existence of God, on his search where he meet a little boy who was trying to put large mass of water into a small hole, and st. Augustine said to him, that he was trying to do something which is imposable and the little boy in turn told him that he was trying to do something impossible too, and that how does he think that he can carry the whole nature of the trinity in his small brain. After I heard the entire story I was moved by it, and I learnt that nobody can understand the history of the trinity, and the story improved and motivated me to liking philosophy the more.

Finally I have always look forward to graduate as a very high self esteemed personnel that would always be a reliable and a very useful tool to the society, for its growth and development.

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