Alozie Stanley Uba – Profile


Name: Alozie Stanley Uba
Country: Nigeria
Date of Birth: March 15, 1984
Education: Electrical Engineering

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.
My vision of a world that works for everyone is a world where everyone\’s right is respected no matter the background, level of education, financial status, religion, gender, age, tribe and tongue. A world where friendship exist, a world where peoples opinion is considered without prejudice. A world of justice for all. A world where good education and leadership position is not reserved for a selected few. A world where development is not sensationalized or reserved for the elites. A world of equal opportunities for all. That is my world

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?
There are many problems facing the world today, and i believe the source of most of the problems is corruption , which is caused by greed and selfishness. We have some environmental problems like erosion and the likes, which are caused by abandonment on the side of the leaders. Political problems trace their roots to corruption. Lack of the needed amenities and the likes prompt people into activities that are inimical to human existence. Such activities like kidnapping and hostage taking, Terrorism and the likes are end product of corruption. All economic problems are caused by corruption. Religious problems are also lack of good leadership. If we have good religious leaders, they will be able to inculcate good morals to their members. All other problems are caused by lack of proper leadership potential.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?
Because I know that the major cause of all the problems is corruption, which in-turn is lack of proper leadership skills, I believe getting the right incorruptible leaders will definitely solve most of these problems. When men of impeccable leadership skill takes over the affairs of the world, the right leadership principles will be applied at the right time and things will get better. These new leaders will be able to stop all the activities that will bring about global issues, proper sanction will be given to defaulting countries, every country will be seen as a sovereign entity, and every nations laws will be respected. All these can come to play when good and Godly leaders are in place.


My name is Alozie Stanley Uba and I am 34 years old. I possess OND and HND in electrical electronic engineering, from Federal Polytechnics Nekede Owerri, Imo State Nigeia. I am from Aboh Mbaise local government of Imo state and I live in Lagos state. I am single and looking forward for a beautiful girl to marry. I currently work with an NGO in lagos Nigeria. I am from a polygamous family. I am a youth with enthusiasm in youth development and empowerment. I pay good attention to detail, integrity and consistency is my watch word. I am a good team player with strong analytical mind. I am social in nature and is willing to the right thing at the right time. I am God fearing and respects the right of people, both old and young. I have 2 years experience in banking industry, having worked with a leading Nigerian bank with 2+ years of experience on customer relationship management and in sales. I have hands on experience of customer relationship and management, having worked in various organizations. I tend to use my skills in the best possible way to archiving my goals with continuous skill development. My Skills and Leadership Profile includes: Customer Relationship Management: Across the organizations I have worked in, I have managed customer of my organization in different ways and not limited to; Responding to customer complaints and providing feedback to customers. Interacting with customers to provide them with information to address inquires regarding products and services. Answering both inbound outbound calls and resolving customer complain. Facilitating communication within the organization. Basically, ensuring customer satisfaction without violating compliance rules. Team Leadership: Over the years, I have designed and directed effective programs/relationship across organizations while managing and integrating activities across more than one discipline. I have lead over 2 functional teams on regulatory adherence compliance management, safe work place procedure, Record keeping, monitoring and performance management. I was a boy scout member at my early stage in life, I also participate in youth activities both in church and in my community.

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