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Name: Akem Sawuese
Country: Nigeria
Email: akemsewvese2016@gmail.com
Birthday: September 21,1988
Education: Graduate
Occupation: Teacher
Gender: Female

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.
A world that works for everyone! This is really a rare situation, but I know that anything that is imaginable is possible. The world what works for everyone, an environment where all survives and the fear of intimidation is wiped away. This is all we are longing for, this is what we seek to create. An environment where abounds for everyone who seeks it, and world of unlimited possibilities. This is my goal; to fill a gap, to be a solution to a certain problem and to leave the world better than I met it.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?
The most pressing problem facing the word today especially in my locality is in the aspects of youths who prefer getting quick money instead of acquiring skills and developing themselves individually. It is due to lack of skill acquisitions by some youths and proper education that has made them resolve to become arm robber, thugs, in order to carryout dirty jobs for the rich especially the politicians, because they feel it is the easiest way to riches and a good means of livelihood. The world is also in the ache of corrupt leaders whose lives are all about what the world can offer them and not what they can offer the world especially in the aspect of the younger upcoming generations. They make fake promises during elections and after wards refuse to fulfill them.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?
This problem of the world can be solved if the mentality of the youths can change by believing in the word which says “Youths are the leaders of tomorrow.” The acquiring of skills by youths will go a long way to us focus on what we as an individual can do to make a living and not depend on politicians of the rich who will only use us for their selfish aims. The youths has to know that it is not all about acquiring education within the four walls which can become a source of living when we do not get white collar jobs.
Youth should also know that the change we would want to seek has to start with us in that our ability to change ourselves as an individuals will help us change our houses, environment, schools, working places, places of workshop, villages, cities countries then asks the world at large.

1 am 33 years, a graduate of Theatre arts with Benue State University, Nigeria. I am a native of Vandeikya Local government are of Benue State Nigeria. I am a very emotional person and it has really made some people to take advantage of me because of it. I am a passionate person, passionate about children especially the vulnerable ones and that has made me to see life from a different perspective though I was privilege to come from a well to do family.

I love reading novels, making new friends, watching movies and travelling. I travelled to almost twenty states in Nigeria and likewise Ghana for three years. I have undergone some basic formal education (Primary, Secondary, University). I have also served in leadership positions from my secondary school as a class captain and later a secondary school as food prefect. Director of membership Rotaract Club of Benue state University, District 9125 Nigeria, financial Secretary Rotaract Club of Makurdi CB, Benue State District 9125 Nigeria, Financial Secretary Benue State University theatre arts students association.

I am the last born of my mother of three girls though am from a polygamous family with mum being the first wife. My mom is a retired Nurse/mid-wife. I always hope and pray that one day, I will be able to put more smiles in any little way I can. I love involving myself in skills, skills that can be of impact to me and people I come in contact with. I have done three projects in my current community precisely schools. Paying of student school fees, celebration of world menstrual hygiene day (distributing of pads) and International Day of the girl Child with the Theme “Digital Generation” our generation and am hoping of another project on Entrepreneurships dealing with skill acquisition. I am a farmer, Entrepreneur, a philanthropist and a child advocate, voluntary with an organization called Child, Teen, Youth Ministry. I am hungry for the better part of me, I am in a quest for knowledge I have always observed carefully to see the light in every one I meet.

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