Adewale Abraham Adewole – Profile


Adewole Adewale

Ibadan, Nigeira
Birthday: 26th October, 1985
Education: National Diploma
Occupation: Engineer
Gender: Male

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.

My vision of a world that works for everyone is to see a world where people will love others as themselves and abstain totally from evils works.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?

Bad leadership resulting from selfishness,greediness and hatred.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?

Putting God first in all we do and let love dominate our heart


My name is AdewaleAdewole, second of the family of seven born in the month of October, 1985. I am a native of Ibadan the capital of Oyo State of Nigeria. I had my primary school education at Comfort International School Ibadan, and my secondary education at Army Barrack Grammar School same city. I left secondary school in the year 2002 and enrolled as an apprentice at Hanson Electronics Company to acquire skills in repairing domestic electronics. I graduated from this company in the year 2005 and established my own workshop in a centered area of the same city; Ibadan. In the year 2006, I also enrolled at GNT Computer Institute Ibadan, where I acquired skills in computer appreciation and networking. Meaning I spent most of my teenage life in the city of Ibadan.

In the year 2008, I gained admission to study electrical and electronic engineering at The Polytechnic Ibadan and graduated with OND honors as a Part-Time student in year 2011. During the course of my diploma programme by the year 2009 I joined an organization; Junior Chamber International, The Polytechnic Ibadan chapter.That same year I was appointed as the Deputy Chairperson of a community development project tagged Keep Poly Clean (a project given to us to execute as a prerequisite for us to be a member). This is of the projects yearly carried-out by the organization towards keeping the community clean.

By year 2010 I was appointed the Director of Business of this same organization. This gives me the opportunities to develop my leadership and entrepreneurship abilities. I carried out various business activities for the organization and also organize programmes that provide opportunities for students on campus to develop their entrepreneurship skills.

In the year 2011, I was elected as the president of the organization, having up to 18 members (students) as directors under my supervision. This gave me the opportunity to develop my managerial skills. I was able to understand managing people, resources, and time. My experience as a member of this organization gave me a lots of edges in life; as it exposed me to various life challenging situations. I learn what are success and failure and managing both.

During my tenure I had the privileged to host members of JCI Nigeria both the collegiate and the working class to a prestigious collegiate conference. The effort put towards planning of this conference by my chapter made the conference the best JCI local conference throughout Nigeria for the year. During the course I won lots of awards and made many trips for conferences and trainings culminating to my development to becoming a better citizen.

My passion is to contribute my quota to the creation of a better society, where the common is also enjoying the goodies enjoyed by the rich. Therefore looking into my immediate environment then, I was able to discover the awful state of our education system is Nigeria. It was so bad that on a yearly basis teenage records mass examination failure. After a little research, I discovered that part of what was bringing about this dilemma is lack of orientation, poor reading habits and social amenities that could make schooling interesting and productive. Therefore I started with what I had with me and at my disposal in my environment; I introduced the idea of mentoring the young ones.

I do this by encouraging them to ensure they live above limitations and intimidation that would discourage them from pursuing their academic goals. I do mentor them that success is not always an easy task and nothing worthwhile is achieved with having everything fall in place.

I also founded a club to encourage reading culture among the youths. The name of the club is CLUB 6252, the club is the backbone of my group on FACEBOOK named operation face your book. Operation Face Your Book is an online plat form where young Nigerians promote good education. On the page of this group you would find educative articles, news and tips that promotes education. The membership of the group is currently running to (500) five hundred and numbers are counting every day.

As part of activities in JCI, I developed my carrier as a coach, with these skills; I was able to train people. I and a fellow of the organization started a human capacity building outfit. Last year we organized a capacity building seminar for hoteliers in the city of Ibadan. The venue used for this programme is The Conference Center, University of Ibadan. That same year we organized a seminar for executives of student organization in The Polytechnic Ibadan, the theme of the seminar is Maximizing Corporate Sponsors in Executing Developmental Projects on Campus. We are on our planning to organize the second edition of the seminar come January 2013.

I left school in the year 2011 and presently am engaged with an engineering company, Virgo Engineering Services. My pet name is TRAILBLAZZER, I love reading, traveling and meeting people.

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