Adedoyin Somorin – Profile


Name: Adedoyin SomorinCountry: Kenya
Birthday: March 24
Education: University Of Liverpool, Liverpool, United Kingdom (MSc International Management)
Occupation: Consultant

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.

My vision is to ensure that the issue of racism be addressed adequately. It is important for people to learn to embrace other people’s culture regardless of their language, skin color, beliefs, and traditions and where they come from. It is a problem that occurs daily especially within an international setting or environment. Even among people from the same country, the issue of being tribalistic is still very prominent. People need to learn to operate in one voice and stop discrimination, as it cannot take us far. It is a fundamental issue happening globally now and must be eradicated before it becomes too late.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?

The most pressing problem facing our world today is Leadership. Leadership today is very key and very important in every spheres. Our leaders especially in Africa tend to take their own judgments more seriously as opposed to the citizens. Oftentimes, they don’t have the interest of the people at heart. They usually don’t keep to their promises and just sit on the throne to benefit their selfish interest. Also from the institutional angle, there are enormous problems associated to leaders. Majority are Managers, C.E.O, and Directors Etc. but don’t have the attributes of a leader. They are good judge in a particular aspect, and might refuse to embrace the ideas of others. Some of our leaders are also dictators when leading their staffs. This style of leadership does not strengthen team work and not very healthy for employees because the decisions are being enforce in a strictly manner. It can be of benefit in some situations, but also can be an issue to the employees, especially when they know that they can’t contribute to whatever goes on, they will therefore be discouraged with their job responsibilities. They will constantly refer to the manager on every single thing instead of taking initiatives as well

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?

For leaders in institution, it is important that they allow or give room to their subordinates to be themselves and allow them the room to input their contributions. We are not all perfect! Allowing ideas to flow in from different people from different backgrounds keeps the company going and a more perfect working environment. For leaders in government, it is important for them to also say no to corruption and be transparent enough in handling the resources of the country. Leaders should also ensure they have integrity and say no to bad conduct. They also need to address the issue of poverty in our countries and put proper infrastructures in place for citizens to enjoy. Unemployment should also be addressed and people should be empowered on how they can become an entrepreneur. Lastly, terrorism is now being confronted by most countries globally, therefore it is essential for our leaders to put proper mechanism in place.


I am an individual that is very effective and disciplined in what I do. I have over the years become a more passionate and an enthusiastic young woman. I have multiple years of experience in business development. I have cognate experience in the use of technological tools and products to solve real-life organizational and management issues. Strong capacity in database management and its application to complex economic and management problems. Over the years, I have become passionate for international development with growing interests in management studies and economies of developing nations.

On my educational training, I have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Master Degree in International Management. The courses I did during this programs have equipped me with the right mix of techniques and knowledge required to bridge the gap between management and technology. I also believe that the training, skills and emphasis acquired in my previous and current job responsibilities would be relevant for me in this leadership program me.

I am able to easily adapt in any form of environment as well as in a multicultural environment. I have a clear and logical mind with a practical approach to solving problem and the zeal to see things to completion. I give attention to details and love to overcome challenges. I do have great interest in Global Leadership, as businesses, people and the world at large is becoming global and in order to excel in the world of today, one cannot afford to remain local and need for personal development is greatly increasing so as to fit into the changing world.

I am competent in using MS Windows (Word, Excel, Power-point, and Outlook) and many statistical tools. Native fluency in English; Basic knowledge and growing interest in French. I have a great Internet skills and literature research ability with excellent report writing skills. I have an excellent interpersonal, organizational and communication skills. I am an effective team player with capacity to manage heavy workflow and maintain quality under pressure. I have a deep appreciation of cultural diversity and sensitivity to multi-racial diversity. I am Original in generating ideas with strong problem-solving and analytical skills. Finally, My Hobbies include: reading, meeting people and enjoying outdoor life.

I am a strong believer of God and always love to be in the presence of God. I love travelling and by the grace of God, I have being opportune to visit so many countries. I also have passion for consulting especially in business development and strategic management, which I have been doing for a while now and my vision is to have my own consulting firm in the nearest future. Over the years, I have realized that doing what you enjoy most brings out the best in you which leads to a positive outcome. Therefore, I am seriously working on it. I also desire to enroll for an MBA soon, as the world is becoming so vast in management related issues. Therefore, it is important to be very conversant with management and business administration, which can also be every useful in one’s day to day activities.

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