Aboola Oluwatosin Janet – Profile


Name: Aboola Oluwatosin JanetJanet.
Country: Nigeria
Email: uniqueme4life@yahoo.com
Birthday: May 17, 1988
Education: BSC Accounting Education
Occupation: Student

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.

A world that works for everyone must be free of crime and corruption free
It must possess reliable citizens and visionary leaders. Leaders in which their excellent and distinguished leadership skills and qualities can drive positive change and bring good initiatives which will benefit all. In a world that works s for everyone, citizen must be ready to initiate good ideas that will transform their world. Selflessness must be a watchword in a world that works for everyone.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?

Most Pressing Problems in the World today:
Insecurity: In the recent times the case of kidnapping has become so rampart in our world. People are no longer enjoying the freedom of movement. The whole world is turning into an unsafe place. Citizens have lost confidence in the government because government that is suppose to provide adequate security for her citizen has failed in discharging it’s duty.
Terrorism: Using Nigeria as a case study, the level of peace that the country enjoyed in the last two decades is no longer available now. The Islamic Sect called Boko Haram has rendered many lives hopeless majorly in the northern part of the country. Several attacks has been launched in the country between January till date which has claim many lives and render some homeless.
The country is still expecting her abducted girls which prompted a popular slogan across the globe Bring Back Our Girls#.

Ukraine cannot easily forget the trouble she has been facing for the past 3 months now or more.
Abuse: Abuse is one of the most pressing problems facing the world today.
Young ladies are been abused sexually. This has caused a lot of damage in our world which left majority of these young ladies with self-pity and guilt feeling throughout their life time.
Poverty: In our world today,60% of the citizens are poor. Many find it difficult to eat and maintain a balanced and healthy life. Many cannot afford good and quality education due to the word Poverty.

If all these issues can be addressed, our world will be a better place.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?

Government should provide adequate security for the citizens.
Security personnel should be provided with accurate training on how to combat crime and insecurity.
Security personnel should be well equipped with the right surveillance for proper execution of jobs.
Nations must possess visionary leaders. Leaders who can stand at all time to defend the citizens, Leaders who can go extra mile to ensure the safety of his citizen. Not leaders who are less concern about the safety of his people. This our generation is longing to see more Nelson Mandela coming out, where are the Abraham Lincoln of our time?
Leaders should be ready to invest in their citizens. Singapore still remain a small country compare to Nigeria but because Singapore choose to invest in her people, it turn out to be a country that is very strong in Electronics making. Investment in people will reduce the level of terrorism in our countries.


My name is Agboola Oluwatosin Janet.I was born on 17th May 1988 into the family of Mr.& Mrs. Agboola.A native of ARA in Osun State, Egbedore Local Government. Nigeria
I am from the family of 6, three boys and three girls. In which I came out to be the first daughter.
I obtained my West African Examination Certificate in the year 2004 June at Rukpokwu International College, Port-Harcourt.Rivers State.

I proceeded further to Federal College of Education (Technical) Akoka Yaba Lagos in the year 2008 August. Where I obtained Nigerian Certificate in Education.

In the year 2013,I obtained Bsc(Ed) in Accounting from the University of Uyo.Akwa Ibom.Nigeria.

My personal interests are I love engaging on anything involving psychomotor domain, intellectual skills activities, investing in people through knowledge sharing.
My future dream is to become a University lecturer with a difference, impacting knowledge and ideas in people positively.

I long to see myself becoming a global motivational speaker in fulfillment of my life career.
I also love to own Fashion/Garment Making factory. Due to the full passion I have for this, I have acquired reasonable knowledge on garment making/fashion designing but I am still hoping to travel to Bangladesh to learn more on Fashion Designing. Through this my dream of becoming a successful businesswoman will come through.

I aspire to attain high level of self-confidence in all aspect of life and as well as fulfilling my purpose of existence.

Travelling is part of education whereby people are learned and informed about their world. I enjoy travelling not just for fun aspect of it alone but for learning and exposure. I love meeting people who are goal oriented and success minded.

I love reading motivational books and scriptural books for spiritual growth and developments. Some of the books I have read are “The Confident Woman,” “Power of Praying Mother,” “Become A Better You By Pastor Joel Osteen.” “The Battlefield Of The Mind” By Joyce Meyer.
I have also participated in few leadership conferences where I learnt basically on goal setting and its achievement. National Youth Conference tagged Understanding Your Purpose in Ekiti State (2013)During my school days I held the post of Social Directress for University Accounting Education Association 2011/2012(NUAESA).Also I was the General Secretary for Student Union Government in the University of Uyo 2013,academic directress for the Joint Christian Campus Fellowship 2007/2008 in Federal College of Education Akoka. All these wealth of experience in the leadership has really gave me some level of exposure on the qualities a leader need to possess.

Below are the projects I carried out during my school days:
Effectiveness of Teaching Accounting in Senior Secondary Schools 2013
Proliferation of Nursery and Primary schools in Nigeria 2012
Teachers Personality in teaching Book Keeping and account in Senior Public Schools 2008
Globalization and National Economic Development 2013

Lastly, my special thanks go to my elder brother. The first born in our family Mr. Segun Agboola .He is a disciplinarian to the core, man of his word. He is God fearing and always wants to see me displaying my best. He actually played a vital role in my academic achievement.

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Books Completed:

As A Man Thinketh
Jonathan Livingston Seagull