Victor Hirwa – Profile


Name: Victor HirwaVictor.
Country: Rwanda
Birthday: April 17, 1985
Education: Master of Arts in Disaster Management, Bachelor of Sciences in Environmental Chemistry
Occupation: Civil servant (Research in Disaster Risk Management)

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.

My vision of a world that works for everyone is the respect to others and to be respected in return, we build together our world for sustainable development. And follow the example of Jesus Christ and most important people who help the world to be better.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?

These days the world is facing many problems like climate change, many types of disasters, food insecurity, many diseases like tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, malaria, diabetes, cancer, scarcity of natural resources and water, pollution of air and water, accidents, terrorism and all of these without enough capacity to prevent, mitigate and respond it. But the most problem is the misunderstanding among people in the world, the lack of knowledge in some parts of the world, sometimes lack of good leadership where the leader must think and help to his population to think about sustainable development.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?

All these problems could not be solved completely, but we can do our best to prevent some of them, and by responding efficiently. So that we have to set up plans, objectives and strategies to achieve that; we can protect our environment from water and air pollution, have a good leadership and the population will follow the leader, respect the human rights, help everyone to have the basic knowledge by facilitating the education for all, encourage poverty reduction programs, sustainable rural development programs, climate change adaptation programs, avoid wars and terrorism and make the unity of the people.


I was born in the heart of Africa, in Rwanda where I grew up and I spent more than 80% of my life. In my family, I was born alone but I had the chance to have more best friends whom I consider like part of my family and I use to call them Bro (brothers) Czn (Sisters or cousins). I am really happy to love them. I didn’t have the chance to stay with my parents who passed away at my early age, but God gives me others many friends and families who love me like my own parents, brothers and sisters I should have.

My environment helped me to study well, and I have completed my bachelor degree in Environmental Chemistry in National University of Rwanda and after I did my master degree in the department of Disaster Management in India (Annamalai University). My professional career started in teaching sciences in secondary schools, and I help the community to transform their surroundings waste materials in useful materials. After two five years of teaching I changed in my career and I went in research, capacity building and public awareness for climate change adaptation and capacity building. Now I work as a civil servant and besides that I am doing volunteer ship in a local NGO for youth as a field manager.

In 2006 and 2007 I was in the national team of swimming, now I swim for enjoying and this is my favorite sport, I use to swim everywhere I see water, and I swum in Tanganyika lake, Kivu lake, Victoria lake, Muhazi lake, Albert lake, Indian sea, Nil river,… besides swimming I like making trip inside the country and outside, till now I have visited my whole country and other countries like Congo, Burundi, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, India, Emirates arab… I would like to visit all countries of the world and make more friends, learn about their cultures, taste their foods, see their beautiful places, swim in their lakes and rivers and enjoy my life (That is my dream)

I like to read news papers, scientific journals where there are new discoveries, books about making better our lives, communications skills, I like browse on internet and watch movies (series), cartoon movies, tele-novels on TV.

I have many projects concerning climate change adaptation, promoting youth, social entrepreneurship…and I realize my projects through a local NGO (RWANA #YACA).

My professional interests are:

Disaster risk reduction management; Climate change adaptation management and Climate change advocacy; Capacity building and research in disasters related fields; Teaching and facilitating courses in universities; Project Management; Community Development

Social Entrepreneurship; Management of small Non-profit Organizations

Youth Development Projects

Now I am working in the Ministry of Disaster Management and Refugee Affairs in the Unit of Research and Public Awareness, my duties and responsibilities in my job are:

• Work closely with OCHA project team to standardize vulnerability assessment methodologies and tools, and ensure learning and quality control across different vulnerability assessments conducted in the field.
• Contribute to the design, development and field testing of ‘options analysis’ tools and methods.
• Involved in the identification of best practices and collation and synthesis of lessons learned in risk analysis design and implementation.
• Produce technical papers and policy briefs on vulnerability assessment methods/tools, as well as field experiences.

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Books Completed:

As A Man Thinketh
Jonathan Livingston Seagull