Rita Odoom – Profile

Rita Odoom
Email: ritaodoom@yahoo.com
Birthday: 15th Sept. 1979
Education: Certificate – Sales & Marketing
Occupation: Hotel, Client Service Supervisor

Describe Your Vision For A World That Works For Everyone
My vision for a world that works for everyone is to see that young men and women have access to good education, good health and shelter. The ability for the youth to unleash their potential and utilizes them without any fear or hindrances.

What Do You See As The Most Pressing Problem Facing The World Today?
I see unemployment as one of the most pressing problems facing our world today especially the continent I am coming from. There are a number of factors that causes unemployment; the pressing one I see is one’s inability to be skillful enough to meet the job requirement. A new technology that has been introduced to most industries has rendered redundancy to most employees. The fact that one is not gainfully employed brings about poverty, lack of healthy living, lack of good health care , child labour, school drop-out just to mention but a few.

How Do You Feel These Problems Could Be Solved?
Skills must be developed to meet labour requirement, employers must encourage or train their staff to be acquainted to new technology. Young men and women who are desiring to have economic opportunity should be encouraged and supported to develop their entrepreneurship skills that can help them create job for themselves.

Respecting everyone and putting people first in all I do makes me feel fulfilled, I am an intelligent, hardworking, self motivated person who takes delight in serving people. Being an international business consultant, creating job opportunities for people and being there for the youth who wish to further their education but have no means, and also having the #1 best event organizing and planning company have been the dreams that keeps me going because I know they will eventually materialize. I love to further my education, establish my business and having a lovely family that will affect the society positively.

I have travelled to a few African countries and it has given me the opportunity to see different people with different cultures. Ben Carson’s Book. “THINK BIG” is a book I love to read over and over again because it helps the youth to unleash their potential for excellence, helping its generation to know that they can do it if they think of it. Everybody needs somebody to encourage and to be there for, this gives me the urge to watch “armywives” over and over again because that is what it’s all about.

My experience as a Sunday school teacher has helped me realize there is “gold” in every child no matter their age and behavior. Being a former youth secretary and a Sunday school superintendent at my local church also thought me the importance of leadership and leadership as serving and not being served. I am the third born of a family of five and am looking forward in building a loving and healthy family that will serve its generation.

I love God and always put Him first in everything I do. I always keep this in mind, “to seek the kingdom of God and its righteousness and all other things He shall add”.

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Books Completed:

As A Man Thinketh
Jonathan Livingston Seagull