Peter Barigye – Profile


Name: Barigye Peter
Birthday: 01/19/1989
Education: Business Administration Undergraduate student
Occupation: Self Employed

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.

I envision a global village, a world of different races, colors, ethnicity and peoples that co-exists with mutual ideology and purpose for the greater good of humanity. I see unlimited positive results from millions of individuals exchanging capital, social, religious, cultural, political, economic and spiritual value amongst each other. The world is in a very poor state and this is the love revolution where we all stand together to solve all the problems facing mankind. I dream of a world that considers the interests on the foe and friend.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?

Poverty still exists today. The gap between the upper class and the lower class is still evident in this case yet we fail to understand how the rich minority are enjoying the luxuries of life at the expense of the poor person.

Endemic and epidemic diseases are still wrecking in our word today. We can see how Malaria is still number one killer disease. The likes of cholera never cease to disappear.

The existential vacuum has proved to be a burden in the twenty first century. This has brought about lack of belief in moral values. The situation has brought about mass laziness and nihilism instead of engagement in developmental programs. The youth of this generation are less interested in developmental issues which is why it is referred as the big-chill generation.

The dependency syndrome especially in the low developed counties like in Africa rely on donor funds and capital from developed and developing countries, instead of formulating original plans and participating in nation building. This has killed creativity and initiative thus affecting cultural, economic and social progress. This approach ruins innovativeness, and eventually affects economic growth and development of underdeveloped countries.

Insecurity is another problem today. Since security ensures law and order and favors an atmosphere of economic growth and advancement. The lack of strict security measures has brought about vices like an increased crime rate, revenge killings, robberies name it which are still high according to world standards, a problem that the whole world is still facing.

Ignorance and illiteracy is still beating all the present world problems. Lack of school education has brought about the lacking in skills like accounting, counting, writing and reading which are important in today’s fast lane and changing world. This problem culminates into unemployment, idle and disorderliness yet it is a fact that the more literate we are, the more opportunities we can make in this world.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?

Poverty can be checked by provision of various forms employment. Informal jobs could be encouraged like specializing in skills development for instance, crafts, tailors, carpentry, pottery, agriculture so that the average person can also afford the basic needs of life.

Health units could be setup in rural and areas where people no longer have to travel all the way to town for treatment. Awareness campaigns could be initiated at grass roots levels to encourage preventive measures against diseases. Measures like personal and community hygiene, sleeping under mosquito nets, eating a nutritious diet usually helps the body’s immunity against disease.

Youth empowerment and guidance should be encouraged. This is ideal in engaging the youth in developmental activities, for the sake of breeding responsible youths. This can be encouraged at the level of the family unit and the community at large. Religion also plays a significant role through churches and mosques to participate in the spread of correct moral living. The platform of the clergy and other religious leaders could be instrumental in spreading the morality and responsible living.

Community awareness and collective responsibility through good leadership is a measure that could tackle the problem of dependency syndrome. Its starts with the individual, then the family, the community and country uniting together for the sake of their economic growth. The mass media could be used as an instrument for spreading development consciousness. Door to door campaigns can be encouraged to involve the people at a grass root level join social responsibility for the sake of nation building.

Affordable and different technical skills training centers are a solution to the average class so that they can nurture professional skills for those who cannot afford the school fees and the process of formal education. This measure helps to check ignorance, idle and disorderly, unemployment, poverty and its associated effects.

The governments could also enact strict laws on getting a standard requirement of education for every citizen. Just like the Chinese law that ensures learning at all levels because their qualifications expire leaving the victim to take a new courses regularly.


I am an ardent learner, reading inspirational or self help books, listening to conscience music, travelling and touring, meeting people from different cultures, eating exotic dishes, making constructive friends that build me, swimming, researching about things I am interested in.

My dream is to make a positive impact in my area of calling. I am an entrepreneur and I intend to make a significant impact on the economy of my home town. I aim at spreading the culture of my people especially through the channels of literature, art and fashion.

I have travelled mainly in East Africa’s major cities. My favorite books are Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Letcher’, Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Ben Carson’ Gifted hands, Harrold Robbins’ The Adventurer, Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich and last but not least, The Holy Bible.

When it comes to movies, Brave heart, Pursuit of happiness, Book of Eli, Matrix triology, Invictus, Heroes, limitless, The Curious case of Benjamin Button, the Passion of Christ and all Speilberg movies, are my kind of movies.

I have only served as a leader in primary school, (Head prefect and time keeper), Then an Information prefect, class president, News Link club president via high school.

My family consists of two parents and six children, I am the only boy. I am a versatile learner especially when it is something I am interested in. I am down to earth, I feel like I have potential traits in the area of leadership I am yet to discover. I am also fascinated by nature especially wild life and vegetation.

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Books Completed:

As A Man Thinketh
Jonathan Livingston Seagull