Owolabi Owoyemi Emmanuel – Profile


Name: Owolabi OwoyemiEmmanuel
Country: Nigeria
Email: Owazzemmy@gmail.com
Birthday: December 25, 1987.
Education: B.A Degree
Occupation: Student

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.

My vision for the whole world is that I can’t just imagine myself imparting knowledge to the less privilege people. The vision that I think it could works for everyone is that, people should be fully good in activating the potential skills, ability to have a creative mind and display the natural ideal without the supervision of anybody (i.e. what I can do on my own). There is going to be a time that even when one is educated; one needs to be skillful i.e. your skills and the level of your creativity will speak for you. I’m a nation builder. I have the vision to impacts life’s in which it has been my part and pursue in life. Ability to imparts, rebuilt, restructured, rebrand and resolve the problem and challenges that is waging war against human and less privilege being in their day to day life through the word of motivation and encouragement. I’m interested in telling people what is right in order to make their ship gets to their destination. I would like to highlight some salient points in resolving and advising people based on their challenges. Some set of secondary school students’ that got pregnant at their tender age. God has given me the grace to unite a family in the course of their relationship. But mind you, I’m single. I’ve been a consultant for the youths during their courtship and challenges in life.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?

The problem of impatient really surface in so many ways which had served as an attack to the development and growth of human at large. The problem of impatient can be categorized in so many ways: Impatience may leads to unfaithfulness, misconducts, corruption and heartless. Many people don’t believe that they should have passion for what they were doing in life or vision for their future. Hard work with patient works together which can bring a valuable result which is God’s blessing and prosperity. Most of the youths and the so called Elders engage themselves in things that can affect their life negatively. Also self discipline is another problem that we need to consider. If you cannot discipline yourself, one will have the problem of impatient. Another problem facing the world today is mismanagement of funds and resources through the leaders.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?

These entire problems could be solved according to individual set of mind. When you have a vision, no matter the situation, you will stand fame in any tribulation and forever remain to be evergreen. We need to be patience enough so that we can reach our destination. We need to have a set of mind in working like a miracle; impatient could be solved by prayer and determination. Focus is one of the tools we need to use so that we can overcome defeat.


My name is Emmanuel Owoyemi Owolabi. I’m a graduate of English Education in one of the best colleges of Education in Nigerian. I’m interested in solving people’s problem which had helped me a lot in achieving my dream. I have a future ambition of ministering and motivating people with words of touching through smile, action and experiences. I dreamt of becoming an instructor especially when the spirit of God leads. One of my goals in life was the time I shared an experience with some set of secondary school pupils who does not believe in what they can do rather than to sleep and mingle with uneducated people in their street which can lease their life into endlessly but today, I received a lot of messages and calls from them; thanking me for what I did. I also like to build a formidable career, growing to exploit my creative potential in a dynamic and forward-looking teaching and non-teaching organization, by performing all duties assigned to me productively with hard work, integrity, honesty and the most effective and efficient manner, towards the attainment of the organization’s ultimate goals at large.

Also I rebrand and reconstruct a wealthy home that has problem in their course of courtship. I can not underestimate my ability by enlighten and sharing some experiences that can be valuable to my mates which had helped those that had worked on it. Traveling has been a thing of joy to me which I so much cherished in life. I have been to local states and International countries like Ghana, Benin Republic mostly in Africa, which had helped me a lot both in academics and creative development. I enjoy traveling. Its worthwhile things for a less privilege to engage themselves in moving out of the states, countries because it serves as a means of enlighten, educating and entertaining. It’s a way of acquiring more knowledge.

Motivational and Inspirational books usually interest me most. I also engaged myself in local and international books such as “A Long Walk to Freedom written by Nelson Mandela; “Things fall Apart;” there was a country written by Chinua Achebe and “Death and the King’s Horseman; “Lion and the Jewel written by Wole Soyinka. What they won’t teach you in school by Jossy Jonas, How to write your own ticket with God, Prayer secrets, Casting your cares upon the lord written by Kenneth E. Hagen just to mention few. I usually encourage people to engage themselves in movies that could widen their knowledge and not the negative aspect of it; movies like Technological and Psychological movies such as Fast and Furious, Prison Break, Iron man, Nikita, Expendable, Fantastic four. I love to study the things of Nature and also new things on technology. I learned computer engineering with my profession and also write Poem. I like to study the behavior of human and the mind. I participated in some leadership workshop like “How to become a Businessman;” “How you can be self employed;” “Beyond School” and a lot of leadership experience in churches and private ownership.

About my family, we are four in number, two boys and two girls; which I happen to be the third child of my parents. I was born to serve even when it’s not convenient; it’s something I wanted to do. In any post or position I find myself, I serve people with honor, dignity and passion. I believe in hard work. My parents taught me to keep my head down and focus on my education and how to be successful in life; when one works hard, people will call one to appreciate one’s work. They taught me how to forgive someone. They don’t have time for grudges. They believe in God and it has been the mirror that I looked at everyday and I also learn under the feet of our lord Jesus Christ and also to know what he can do. I so much have confident in God, I believe in him and I was able to do all things through him (God) I have also learnt how to be genuinely kind. I could remember the time my parents were transferred to another state in the part of West African in Nigeria so also my sisters went for their studies; it was only my brother and I that live alone, but due to the discipline and training which we have acquired from our parents, most of my friends’ parents continue to envy us. They talks about our behavior and our good deeds to their children on how they can emulate us even when their parents or elderly ones are not around. All these things have really motivated me to do good and also create joy in my heart; the efforts of parents on child can never be estimate, they have been my backbone and they have put smile on my face in order to become an obedient and responsible child in the future. After God; my parents follows. The way of success, promotion is too far for some but for those who have the determination to get there, it’s not far.

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