Otosin Afolayan – Profile


Name: Otosin Afolayan
Country: NigeriaAfolayan.
Email: otosin2012@gmail.com
Website: theotosin.blogspot.com
Birthday: 01/02/1983
Education: BSc [Plant Biology] [University of Ilorin]
Occupation: Media Practioner/public speaker/ youth coach

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.

A world where the moral laws comply with divine laws, we cannot break divine laws and expect everything to work out fine. Where there is justice and equity for all and this include financially and opportunities made available. Where everyone can focus on self actualization [discovering and fulfilling purpose] because basic issues of survival are taken care of already

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?

Leadership is the major pressing problem facing the world today, and I see this as not just political leadership but across all spheres and strata. There is an urgent need to address issues of values and morality, as well as the problems facing the home and other core institutions, as well as the issue of religious tolerance. The world has indeed gone global [village] but there is still a big need for integration that goes beyond what the internet can provide. There is a need to address our identity issues, to unleash the great powers that lie resident in man and use these for the common good of all.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?

I believe that we have all that it takes to solve every other problem that confronts us but we need the will to do and to set our priorities right. There is need for leadership to help unify our intent and vision to make this happen. Beyond what any individual government can do I believe we need empowered individuals who will sound the hopes of the people and paint for them the picture of the desirable future and also chart the way to take others there. Institutions need to be empowered and realigned aright in directions that guarantee that the world does not implode on itself.


I, Otosin Afolayan Matthew am a young Nigerian who is out on a mission to make a difference that impact lives positively across his native country of Nigeria spreading across the African continent and reaching to the entire globe to impact all of humanity. He is passionate about young people helping them develop self-confidence, map out their future, begin with the end in mind, embrace positive value and stay the course to get an education. Empowering with life skills and preparing them for leadership through The Otosin Organization [TOO].
Armed with the conviction that the teen years is the most advantageous and most important phase of life, and had dedicated himself to help teens and young people teens and tweens make the most of their youth.

I believe there is far more to life than living, and he lives by this conviction. Upon completion of my first degree, I followed my heart to pursue my passion, working with young people. I have a diploma in Basic Leadership from the Daystar Leadership Academy.

I had a brief stint working in the real estate industry when I worked as manager for strategy at GSAMS also doubling as the project manager for the Harmony Estate Project in Galadimawa, Abuja a project estimated at N3.2 Billion. I however resigned after only six months to pursue my passion which is working with young people.

As a strategist I have worked on social projects that include The Ondo Youth Economic Summit, Kwara Youth Economic Summit, and the Niger and Abia state Youth Economic Summits under way as well as several conferences, events and projects of youth interest. I dedicates myself fully to helping young people as a Youth Coach. Network of The Exceptional [NoTE] commenced early 2012 as a structure through which has been able to direct youths and teens a right, to channel their energies aright and avoid vices, living lives that is exceptional. Through NoTE teenagers are put through a system comprising series of lessons and activities that gives them a clear picture of life, helps them craft a vision and mission statement for their lives and work out a plan to achieve something worthwhile as teenagers. The goal is to spread positive influence and values among young people by raising an army 10,000 teenage achievers and role models by the year 2020 using their individual uniqueness to achieve exceptional life.

Amongst several other initiatives, I convene the Dynamites Leadership Conference through which he hopes to raise the next generation of African leaders by seeding leadership values into today’s youths. I have been part of local adventures and has a dream of seeing other parts of the world. All Otosin initiatives and the Otosin Organization [TOO] are currently self-financed.
Giving my flair for writing, I am constantly featured as a guest writer in local youth magazines in Kwara state and Nigeria. I am the third child in a family of 6 children. I am a avid learner and have been greatly influenced by the writings of Malcom Gladwell, Floyd McClung amongst others.

I am also a writer and author of What The Blind Girl Saw and more titles on the way, due for release shortly.

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Books Completed:

As A Man Thinketh
Jonathan Livingston Seagull