Olutola Osadugba – Profile


Name: Olutola Osadugba
Country: Nigeria
Email: lutola.t@gmail.com
Website: ttollie.blogspot.com
Birthday: January 08, 1993
Education: B.Sc. Zoology
Occupation: Self-Employed

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.

I want to see a world where everyone – regardless of race, ethnicity, and religion- can come together to achieve a common goal without war and chaos. A world that relies on constant support and care from one another to get a desired result. With constant accountability to each other and continuous education of one another in the right way.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?

I see a world that is now filled with hate and love of money. The love of money creates unnecessary war and chaos. The world today is more concerned about the ‘I’ rather than focusing on the ‘WE’. The pressing problem of hate and love of money has caused many people to act irrationally towards their neighbors and this has even encouraged terrorism one way or the other. This Hate and love of money has caused the underdeveloped countries to continue to wallow in poverty. It is what has given the people of world power the audacity to misuse power. It makes our world leaders care less about rules and protocol.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?

This problem of hate and love of money can be solved by making people accountable for their mistakes and giving them the required sanctions where necessary. The voice of the people matter and if we can all learn the upright and diligent ways of life, there would be less chaos and more love around. Apart from accountability, measures can be taken to educate the young leaders and rising professionals the ethics and upright way of life. Measures can also be taken to create awareness about these problems on social media platforms. There is power in the voice of the people.


An avid learner and a voracious reader, I, Olutola Osadugba earned a B.Sc. graduate of zoology. I have interest in social entrepreneurship and am passionate about women and children in the African society. My goal in life is to become a philanthropist and humanitarian. My dream is to see a society where poverty is alleviated and every woman and child has access to basic amenities and health care in Nigeria and Africa at large.

I love to travel and visit new places. I haven’t been to countries outside Nigeria but within Nigeria, I make sure I visit new cities at least once a year. I love to travel when opportunity arises. There are diverse cultures in the world and a well-travelled person holds the key to a great wealth of knowledge and expertise. I would always jump at the opportunity to travel and get to know people’s way of life. It can bridge so many gaps and give flexibility in our thoughts about life. I love reading motivational books. Speakers like Joyce Meyer, Les Brown, Michelle Hammond, John Gray, and Gary chapman have helped me achiev personal and professional development.

I am a founding partner of a social enterprise that wants to reduce if not eradicate the use of polythene in Nigeria by introducing paper bags. I am passionate about women and children in the world. So, I want to in the nearest future have an NGO that would help educate young women and children on the importance of living a life of honesty and also show care to their neighbors. I have leadership experience as a missionary volunteer (with The Navigators). I have led many young enthusiasts get their faith as Christians.

I am from a family of seven. I am the third of five children with two elder ones and two younger ones. I am from a humble home and want to be able to surpass my parents in their achievements on Family, Finance and Faith.

I want to be able to learn the required skills on how to be a leader so that I can start being who I have envisioned myself to be. I am open to learn new things and I don’t like to inhibit myself by being rigid. However, one of my ethics is to be unyielding in matters regarding principles but flexible in my stance on all other things in life. I believe that hard work, determination, positivity, and integrity make a person. So, in whatever we do as future leaders of the world, it is important to consider how well we are willing to work hard to achieve our goals, how tenacious we are willing to be to get it, how well we monitor our advisors and our thoughts and how well we are willing to remain upright for it.

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Books Completed:

As A Man Thinketh
Jonathan Livingston Seagull
Keys to Success
Success through Positive Mental Attitude