Okorie Eusebius Tobechukwu – Graduate Profile

Okorie, Eusebius Tobechukwu
Education: B.NG (Agricultural and Environmental Engineering), M.ENG (Agricultural and Bio-Resources Engineering), PhD candidate (Agricultural and Bio-Resources Engineering)
Occupation: Network Marketing Professional

For me, IIGL is a life-coaching institute. My studies with IIGL have reinforced my belief in personal success and leadership with the help of the principles and tools I was exposed to as a student. I partner with a Multi-national company based in China where I practice some of the leadership principles learned so far. I now see leadership from a different perspective – predicated on, first, self-leadership.

I enjoyed my days as an IIGL student because of the numerous lessons I have garnered, some of which include: (i) Thinking on paper for clarity; (ii) continuous goal setting and goal setting principles; (iii) living a life of gratitude and optimism; and (iv) self-knowledge. I enjoy mentoring and counseling people. Academically, I am a PhD candidate in Engineering. My degrees include a Bachelor of Engineering (B.ENG) and a Master of Engineering (M.ENG). My hobbies are listening to jazz and classical music, singing, playing the piano, and surfing the internet.


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