Okoh Henry Enenche – Profile


Okoh Henry Enenche

Otukpo, Nigera

Email: heo43@yahoo.com, dhead431@gmail.com
Birthday: 19th Oct, 1980
Education: Graduate 1st degree
Occupation: Social work

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.

I have a vision for a world where everybody has an equal opportunity for growth and development in respective of their sex, race, creed, social status or religious inclination. A world where everybody is provided with the needed resources and support to attain their full potentials in their endeavors with the necessary supports.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?

The world today is faced with a lot of problem but paramount among it the issue of equality and social justice. There is a great divide between ‘they have and they have not’ in the community, these traits have led to a wide range of problem which cumulates into chaos and violence in the community. Also worrisome is the lack of leadership quality in the world. Most people are not ready to take the lead by laying examples but rather preferred to sit on the edge and critic what others are doing. The world needs a change of focus i.e. refocusing of our thinking and ways of acting on information.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?

For this problem to be solved or reduced, the divide between the ‘they have and they have not’ have to be reduces. This gulf that is causing most of the problem of this world today also lead to people not aspiring to be model any more. The day of the likes of Martin Luther king jnr. Mahatma Gandhi, mother Theresa to mention a few are fast being eluding. Then was a time when it is a pride to be a model and not a money bag unlike now when we look out for money bags. To solve this problem and encourage growth and development, we need to be educated. There is a need to increase the culture of studying and imbibing the passion of these past heroes by encouraging up and coming ones of the dignity and value of the virtues in our past heroes. Also we need to go into intense mentorship program. There should be opportunities for mentorship and peer learning. Up-coming generations should be encouraged to understudy notable and selfless characters in their communities and the world at large. The world will become a better place with the increased networking of people sharing positive ideas and better collaborations in developmental efforts for the people of the world irrespective of age, sex, creed, race religious bias, e.t.c.


I am a care free and highly motivated person. I am from a polygamous family with a large family size of sixteen children, four wives and a Husband. I grew up in a military setting which made us to be highly mobile and disciplined. I was the sixth child of this large family. I am almost lost in the crowd but thanks to share determination and hard work I stood out. I was the first male to undertake a graduate and also a post graduate studies in my family.

I want to be a model to my family, my community and the world at large. I wish to be as educated as I possibly can be and I also want to be able to provide guidance and leadership to others in and around the world.

I dream and hope for a world where everybody will have the opportunity and privilege to rise to the very best of their potential. A world where individuals will be giving all the necessary support for the growth and development of their full potentials. This will be irrespective of their sex, age, financial status, religion, social or economic status or even their race or creed.

I hope to be an international figure that will be able to impact and share knowledge with people across the globe and the world at large. I look at the world like a global platform with everybody playing a role. A want to play my role in such a way that the impact will be felt even where I am no longer there.

Have traveled a bit in my country Nigeria. I have never gone outside the shores of Nigeria but have reached a large area of my country. I love travelling as it will afford me the needed opportunity to learn from others with diverse background and understanding of issues with me.

I have be active in social development work in my country, I was a member of a team that was able to mobilize resource for the support of over four thousand orphaned and Vulnerable Children in my community from 2007-2011. I also am involved in another project in a different local government area that is taking care of over 200 OVC. Presently am also leading a team on HIV prevention program targeting young adults 18-25.

In all these projects I have played a leadership role in all. I have had the opportunity of leading others in many other projects, I headed and lead the Otukpo LGA HIV awareness campaign team even thou I was only a volunteer. I am the youth focal person in the Local Organizing Committee On HIV in my Local government. I have served effectively in this board for a period of more than five years.

I love nature and try to weave my ideals of development and motivation or self actualization around nature. I love books that tell me about nature and about how I can use this nature to achieve my desire growth and development. I love books that will help me develop my potentials, books that will unleash the potentials in my and challenge my intellect and make me go for more in achieving my life’s goal.

I also love films of that nature. I love documentaries and narratives a great deal as they help challenge my mind and bring out the potentials in me. Above all I love realistic writing. I don’t want to know only the successes, I want to know the failures and trials and retrials e.t.c. that eventually lead to the success story.

For now, this is the little I can say, but if more information is needed I am willing to provide more.

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Books Completed:

As A Man Thinketh
Jonathan Livingston Seagull