Okata Chiamaka Miriam – Profile


Names: Okata Chiamaka Miriam
Country: Nigeria
Email: chiamakaokata26@gmail.com
Date of Birth: March 16, 1989
Education: BA in Management, MA in Strategic Management
Occupation: Program Coordinator, Educator

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.
I envision living in a world where everyone has access to basic amenities like clean water, quality education, quality and free medical health care, good and accessible roads and food. A world where people will work together in peace and care for each other regardless of the other person\’s religion, tribe, skin color, language or physical qualities. I desire a world where the Government really have the citizen\’s needs in mind, while developing policies. Where people will live and work in peace without fear of impending war or violence. A world where we everyone knows their purpose on earth and performing their duties in their own little way to contribute to the development of their communities.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?
I believe greed is one of the major issues in the world especially in African countries whereby the leaders take and keep more than they need, leaving the rest of its citizens in penury. Ignorance is another problem the world is facing. Due to lack or little amount of knowledge, most people in the third world countries don’t know their rights nor what is happening around their environment. Racism – unfair treatment of another person because of his/her race. The rest of the problems are most prevailing in the third world countries eg poor education, lack of quality health care, poverty, violence and poor governance.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?
The best way to solve these problems is through education, which should start in the family, then in schools and religious institutions. When parents educate their children on love and acceptance, the teachers will no longer need to do much (In terms of educating the students on values) instead, they will help maintain the values that have already been instilled in them. Teachers should educate the students on their rights and responsibilities. Soft skills should be taught in schools too. School should not just be a place to get theoretical knowledge alone but also a place to get practical skills. Adult education should also be encouraged, so that those that missed out on education due to financial restraint or other factors can receive education. Religious leaders should not instigate hate on their followers but instead teach them on loving and accepting people of different religion. Citizens should learn to hold the government accountable for their actions and reject any form of irresponsibility from the government. They should know that they have right to basic amenities. People should know that know that applied knowledge is power, and so should learn to read books, network with like minds and put what they have read to action.

I am big believer of God, so I live my day to day life in love and acceptance. I like walking, I go for road walks every morning that\’s one of my secrets of being in good shape and there’s no road walk without music. Good music is life to me, I enjoy blues, country music, Christian music and soft rock. Singing is a good therapy for me when am stressed out, though am not a great singer, I pour my heart out singing. I have heard times without number, that I sing in the wrong keys, whatever that means. Love, love dancing, I can move my body to the rhythm of any music, it just gives me joy to sway to the flow of a good music. I love meeting new people especially people of different cultures, religion and race. I learn from people and I embrace new development. I learnt to eat with chopsticks and also how to enjoy steamed buns and “hot pot” from my Chinese friends in the university. I can speak a little Korean language, few words in Chinese and fluent in Russian language. My interactions with people from different backgrounds have led me to enjoy foods from around the world, some of the dishes, I now have held closely to my heart. Grown to love Russian borsh (soup made with beets and vegetables) and pelmeni (dumplings), Korean jangjangmeun and kimchi, Mongolian roasted lamb and tea with salt, and so many others. My interactions with people taught me that though everyone was raised differently, there is always something to learn from the other person and never be quick to judge people without getting to know them. Born in a family of four children, the first daughter and second born child, I have always been an observer, I respond more to people\’s actions than their words. Went to an all girls Missionary Secondary School. Didn’t talk much growing up. Got a scholarship to study Management in Russia, Southern Federal University Rostov on Don Russia to be precise, there I also got my Master\’s degree in Strategic Management . In Russia, I worked as an English tutor, interned in Bank Center Invest, also was an active team member of two renowned youth organizations AIESEC (International Association of Students in Economic and Commercial Science) and AEGEE (The European Students Forum). I was also the Financial Secretary of the Nigerian Community Rostov Russia. I have always in giving back to the society. Upon the completion of my studies, I returned to Nigeria. I worked as the secretary SDGs Ahoada Rivers, during my service year. My team and I educated women and children on topics like hygiene, health, career and so on. I volunteered in Junior Achievement Lagos Nigeria, mentored more than 60 students on company programs, it is a program whereby the students come up with a business idea, start a company, build a product and market the product for profit, it was an inspiring journey for me. I also volunteered to work as a mentor with Cedar Mentorship Program where we educate teenagers to be productive in their community. I am currently working as a program coordinator at Cedar Mentorship Program and I am also an entrepreneur, I bake cakes and pastries.

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