Oderinde Taiwo Martins – Profile


Name: Oderinde Taiwo Martins
Country: Nigeria
Email: taiwooderinde123@gmail.com
Date of Birth: May 29, 1991
Education: B. Sc. Microbiology, M. Sc. Microbiology (in view)
Occupation: Student

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.
A world that works for everyone for me is a world where each person has opportunities for self development and self actualization. A world where educational platforms are not just to produce graduates but problem solvers who are prepared to make positive impact and profits in their lives, that of others and the global stage.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?
The most pressing problem facing the world today is the problem of leadership. Ascension to public leadership positions especially in a developing nation like mine is more of political compensation than appointment based on professional competence. This is obviously the reason for the lack of development, exhibition of mediocrity, systemic and individual corruption and manipulative tendencies of the leaders evident in our private and public institutions.

The aforementioned problem is however as a result of poor education systems in the country, where students are trained to be employees instead of being entrepreneurs and employers which would be problem solvers and efficient leaders in the society. The mindset of many individuals are plagued with the cataclysmal effects of the bad leaders and as such, they are reproducing themselves.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?
As earlier mentioned, the problem of leadership we are experiencing could be traced to the kind of education and training we are receiving. The first solution will be provision of alternative education being championed by private individuals to prepare and produce men with the right leadership mindsets just like IIGL is doing. The next will be for the individuals prepared to go into the public institutions and influence the systems with the right values they have received to cause positive sustainable institutional changes. It is also needful for them to serve as mentors and trainers to help in the re-orientation of the majority of people who are products of the faulty educational systems causing cancerous degradation of our private and public institutions. In all, these steps will produce better leaders who will make positive impact and maximum profits for themselves and their world at large.

I am Taiwo Oderinde, a young man from Nigeria passionate about making positive impact and profits and helping others to do the same. I am an individual committed to self development influencing other youths towards positive change. I am the founder of Tom Jasper Communications (formerly Concepts), a branding and design company helping leaders and entrepreneurs to create strong brands and global platforms with excellent communication strategies to engage and expand their audience. I currently work with SMEs and organizations from different fields like The First Word Empowerment Network (an NGO focused on youth development), Exploits Enterprise Academy (an academy focused on top notch skills empowerment and entrepreneurial education), musenta.com (the first Africa online music market place), Entrepals Club (a support community for leaders and entrepreneurs), Academy for Health Development and many other smart organizations. I am a servant-leader who has served in more than ten youth organizations since he started his leadership journey at the age of 14 and has received several awards for his commitment to community development services. Notable among my previous leadership experience are my service as the president of Nigerian Association of Microbiology Students, Obafemi Awolowo University chapter where I represented the students in student-staff meetings, facilitated symposia and conferences, and ensured the welfare of the over one thousand students of the department. I proceeded to serve as the Zonal Coordinator of Nigeria Christian Corper’s Fellowship, Yorro Local Government, Taraba State. He was responsible for the welfare of over 50 corp members, coordinated their weekly meetings and organized socio-religious outreaches to the villages where welfare materials like food, clothes and other needed stuffs were freely distributed to the villagers. As a corp member, I conducted personal community development service training about one hundred secondary school students on ICT skills acquisition like the use of Microsoft Office packages and graphic design. I also did drug abuse and HIV/AIDS awareness educating the young children on the need to abstain from these vices and keep themselves chaste. I also did a renovation of the corp members hall of residence with funds he raised from the community. I am a microbiologist from Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife who is currently a researcher with focus on the application of nanotechnology for the point-to-point detection of Vibrio cholerae (the microbes responsible for cholera) in water. I am an author of two books, a prolific speaker, a graphics and website designer, a researcher and a branding expert with the passion to help youths develop themselves, and become leaders and entrepreneurs contributing significant values to the world.

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