Obioha Ebere Mary-Jane – Profile


Name: Obioha Ebere Mary-Jane
Country: Nigeria
Date of Birth: April 4, 1993
Education: BSc (Ed) Chemistry
Occupation: Field Quality Manager

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.

My vision of a world that works is one in which everyone genuinely cares for humanity. Each one is concerned about the other person. There is no fear in making mistakes because you know someone is there to help you. No fear in breaking new grounds because you have someone ahead of you.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?

The world today has lost touch with humanity. Using Nigeria as an instance, we live in a world where people now live just to exist, and not to make impact. People make joke out of sad occurrences rather than deal with the root cause. We now assume evil things as being normal. A world that has been striped off from any form of human emotions; sympathy, empathy, love, care and the list goes on. It’s sad that this mindset and culture has crept into every nook and cranny in our society subconsciously, starting from our leaders down to the least person, no one is innocent of this global crime.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?

One way to solve this problem is to create an atmosphere where people are allowed to show their emotions without fear of judgment or rejection. People should be able to care for one another without expecting something in return. This mindset should actually start from our leaders. They should lead us without having just their families in mind, cater for the needs of the society, empower our youths, create an enabling environment for entrepreneurs, etc. Further more, each home should learn to support each other rather than fighting for properties. Schools should not just focus on intellectual development but should also be concerned with the social and human relationships of its students. With this we will have a better world that has its people at heart.


I am a young lady with the zeal and energy to make impact in my generation. With a background in Chemistry and working under a food manufacturing company has helped equipped me with knowledge concerning research and development and also seeking for continuous improvement. I enjoy meeting close friends to discuss deep issues and meeting new friends to expand my worldview. Nothing brings me more joy than being able to connect, identify and empathize with someone. Yet, spending too much time with people drains me as well and I need times of solitude to refresh me again. During these moments I ponder about life, I ask hard questions about myself, read good inspirational books and spend time in quiet meditation. I am one with varied interests, a generalist who thrives on the new and exciting. One persistent interest of mine is preventive and natural healthcare. I believe in the power of nature to heal. Medicinal plants have properties that can heal various ailments. Stroking a cat is known to sooth your nerves. Nothing revitalizes the body more than a run in a park. My recent fascination is in massaging pressure points of the hands and head to relieve headaches. Also I enjoy body massage because I see it as a way of relaxing body nerves. I aspire to make a difference in peoples’ lives. The macro view of this aspiration means doing my part to achieve a vision such my quality control job in my food manufacturing company where I play a major role to ensure that food is manufactured in a safe and healthy environment. Or the micro view means being a person of good character, one who encourages the disheartened, who gives feedback to improve a system or person, who also humbly receives criticism and who is a good support and friend to another. I am someone who exhibits a kind nature and is very detailed oriented. I\’m observant and spot peoples\’ and situations\’ needs very quickly. For example, I tend to notice people who are left out in a group and would befriend such people. I am also inclined to point out missing links and blind spots when working on projects. I like to think through issues carefully and weigh how such decisions will affect people. This behavior stems from my ability to accurately and objectively perceive another person\’s feelings without necessarily agreeing with them. It\’s a useful strength I use when interacting with people to obtain people\’s feedback and to help them with their problems. Another strength of mine is that I’m a good abstract reasoner. This means I have an elevated ability to handle complex or multidimensional problems. I see usefulness of this strength in my job role during root cause analysis or during kaizen sessions to solve reoccurring issues in factory. I am stimulated by complex situations people face where I could play in my mind how to tackle them by using different strategies and enjoy showing people new perspectives of the same situation to put them in a better position to solve their problems. This has helped me to always be optimistic in every situation rather than murmur or complain about my problems. Closely related to my strengths are my interests. I love helping, interacting and meeting the needs of people. I have an especially soft heart for people who have been left behind by the rat race of life, such as children with learning difficulties, children that have been abandoned by their parents, the aged who have no close kin, or people who are ostracized by society. For example, recently I contributed towards a project geared at creating a conducive learning environment for technical colleges, It was a very rewarding experience for me to be part of the such project as it has helped the students life one way or the other and also be able to show them love and patience, despite moments of frustration. I also recently contributed to a widows fellowship in my church where widows are empowered to enable them cater for their children. It was a memorable one as I felt fulfilled putting a smile on the faces of the ones that have lost hope in life just because of death. I aspire to make a difference to the lives of people. I am very grateful for the many things I have in life – an abundant life, a safe place to live in, good education, good mom, good health, faithful friends – and I hope to give back to society. This is perhaps the strongest reason why I would wake up to work in the morning. I aspire to bring insights, joy and hope to the people in my workplace and also those who will indirectly receive from my work.

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