Nurudeen Yusuf Temilola – Profile


Name: Nurudeen, Yusuf Temilola
Country: Nigeria
Birthday: March 23,1989
Education: LL.B
Occupation: Student

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.

I see a world that embraces of human diversity, a world in which all individuals and cultures enjoy equal rights and respect. This means a world where all are seeking to make a contribution to freedom, peace and prosperity for all human beings, never to the exclusion of any category of humanity. In such a world, the pursuit of a high minimum standard of human fulfilment are encouraged-a tool for the advancement of human development. I see a world that belief in the critical role played by individual human effort, hard work, innovation and creativity in leading to the betterment of society.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?

After years of conversations about our continent Africa, the obvious conclusion is that Africa’s major problem is one of Leadership. That is why Nelson Mandela stands out so singularly on the continent. What is the difference between the third world nations that they could hardly compared with the first world? Whatever way one chooses to look at it, the drastic improvement in both nations is not just because they have the right leaders, but because those leaders were also visionary. This visionless leadership is hindering the development and progress of Nigeria-my country. With the direction and decision making of our leaders, it almost seems as if they have no clue as to the tenets of leadership.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?

Our continent, Africa is faced with a lot of problems. By observing and analyzing these problems I am aware that the ultimate solution is leadership. By Leadership, I mean the will and capacity to use one’s personality and abilities to guide, inspire, and develop fellow human beings to achieve excellence in any area of endeavour. This leadership should be principled, strategic, and effective; it should carry moral authority and be visionary in pursuit of the advancement of individual and social fulfilment, human rights, human dignity, the achievement of equality and other fundamental freedoms.


I am Nurudeen, Yusuf Temilola, a graduate of Law, hardworking, diligent and value delivering young Nigerian. My professional abilities and skills are indubitable. For my hard work, high professionalism and enthusiasm, I have won awards and laurels that distinguished me in youth advocacy. I am branded by friends as a very analytical person with a brisk mind and high learning abilities, I am able to quickly adapt to sudden environment change, exceptionally responsible and reliable. Being naturally decent, I am a high performer, a demonstrated team player with excellent problem solving and leadership qualities.

My experiences have made me find human rights advocacy fascinating. As the President of Lagos State University Students’ Union in 2014, I championed the reversal of LASU fee after 4years when students were dropping out in droves. This incredible fit was achieved with the cooperation of students and the optimal use of the social media. We embarked on aggressive public sensitization that formed #SaveLASU (see- ), maximized the social media and developed a proposal to convince the then Governor of Lagos, Mr. Babatunde Raji Fashola (SAN), to revert to old rate of N25,000 (see- ), thereby making university education affordable and accessible to thousands of Nigerian youths. My mantra was; “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

After my voyage as the Union President, and the beginning of my public activity as founder of The Pacemakers – Action for Youths, Africa, I am engaging social projects aimed at protecting citizens, especially young people. The project is based on my research which allowed evaluating the degree of human rights violation in and applying a number of measures of their solution, and consequently increasing the level of social welfare. My projects have been highly appreciated and supported.
Been enthusiastic about youth advocacy, I develop the keen interest of taking part in research and developing projects together with the best African young academics, journalists, activists, officials, and leaders in human rights protection in order to solve global problems of mankind as well as challenges of my community. The interest to acquire knowledge to further the cause of my people has eventually led me to search endlessly for opportunities, where I hope to develop the skills to be a better human rights advocate committed to humanism, societal leadership and equality.

As an active member of the youth community, I have chosen to contribute to the social improvement of my community as volunteer, convener of projects, member of NGO, and president of students’ Union; but life changes and new challenges require new ideas, knowledge, skills and partners. I am seeking for opportunities that will allow me to explore the long-term experience of democracy building, acquire skills in the field of law and leadership, which can be used for creating better instruments of protection of the individual and promotion of democracy. My intentions are to use the knowledge I possess in the future to become a professional that could help people and teams to develop their own potential, to overcome obstacles and to achieve their goals. While working as a legal practitioner, I intend to strive for positive change in our society, develop national programs, which could help to adjust long-term relations among cultures and continents. This is my way, the way of a person who wants, for certain, to change the fortune of Africa and its’inhabitants.

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