Ngabonzima King Geoffrey – Profile


Full Names: Ngabonzima King Geoffrey
Country: Rwanda
Date of Birth: September 21, 1985
Education: Bachelor of Business Administration, Pursuing Master of Science in Taxation
Occupation: Tax Auditor

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.
As a professional in a dynamic field and in a developing country that struggles to meet ends, my vision is of a Country that has a say in World matters especially on the decisions impact its citizens. A world where people are given equal opportunities in their respective fields of specialization.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?
The world today is facing with various problems but prominently are; Global warming/ environmental destruction; whereby if the status quo does not change there is no guarantee of a better life for future generations. Secondly; Weapons of mass destruction threatening human cleansing, Thirdly; Potential third world war as a result of Arms race and supper power economic and political confrontations. Another big problem is Lack of Economic opportunities for all and increasing trends of unemployment resulting in massive migrations especially from poor countries in search of opportunities in Europe and the United States of America. Religious conflicts and extremism resulting in terrorist organizations crippling most countries in Middle east, North and Eastern Africa and causing massive global conflicts. For example; wars in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Nigeria, and Somalia among others.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?
To me the world problem could be best solved by inclusive efforts basing on dialogue and peaceful means of a win-win situation. Weapons of mass destruction should be destroyed not for only those countries looked at as weak but for all. The world should learn from the past two World wars and resort to peaceful resolutions to the potential world war and cease the arms race which was a big factor the first and second world wars. The Governments should embark on creating opportunities for all especially the youths so as to curb high rates of unemployment which result into conflicts further affecting countries especially in the developing World. Deliberate efforts should be taken by civil society and Governments to maintain and ensure harmony among citizens regardless of religion and creed.


I am an open-minded person who believes in practical, hands-on approach to situations. I promote the idea of teamwork and development through concerted team spirit. I am able to interact with people of diverse backgrounds and cultures. Here is a summary of my Professional experience: Since 2011, I have worked as an Auditor starting my Career at Ernst& Young Rwanda Ltd and now Heading the Tax Audit division at Rwanda Revenue Authority for Small and Medium Taxpayers, I have acquired various skills; Analytical skills, Financial and accounting skills, Monitoring and evaluation methodologies, Ability to comply to standards and professional requirements, demonstrated capacity to lead and manage a large team of professionals towards specific goals among others. Trainings and awards: Professionally I have attended high level seminars, conferences and training among which I can mention the following; Certified Enterprise Risk Manager (CERMTM) by International Academy of Business and Financial Management (IABFM) TM December 2018; PECB Certified ISO 31000 Lead risk Manager, facilitated by Crest Advisory Africa (CAA) held in Johannesburg, South Africa in July 2018; Understand Risk Management & ISO 31000, January 2018 offered by Bureau Veritas in Kigali- Rwanda; IDEA (Version 10) Data analytics Software training, September 2017 held in Kigali; Certified Risk Based Auditor (CRBA) TM by International Academy of Business and Financial Management (IABFM) TM June 2017 among others. My education background is; Masters of Science in Taxation at INES- Ruhengeri; Institute of applied Sciences- ongoing. University of Rwanda College of Business and Economics (CBE) formerly called School of Finance and Banking (SFB). My Career goals whereas economic growth is an important weapon in the fight against poverty and leadership gaps in Rwanda, opening the borders to seek international integration and economic growth presents underlying risks and to pursue the opportunities available for economic growth, we must confront those risks with focused leaders. My passion for leadership in risk management developed when I joined Ernest and Young as an Auditor after graduating from university in 2011. It was the challenging audit experiences involving risk management that developed within me a desire to pursue risk management as a career. My desire was further motivated by the challenge to establish an Internal Audit function UAP Insurance Rwanda following my joining the company in 2014, a role that largely comprises of risk management. With the combination of the skills and experience I had gained in my previous auditing role, I was able to successful establish and operate the Internal Audit function during my employment at UAP. Rising through these positions to now Head of Internal Audit in a large organization has instilled in me strong leadership skills and motivated my desire to become the head of compliance in my current
organization which can be achieved by pursuing a Master’s degree to deepen my leadership skills. With the prevailing economic development challenges faced by country, ranging from poverty, corruption and embezzlement in public offices, lack of accountability and inadequate skilled staff in the public sector, I am motivated to develop a career in audit and risk management in a bid to increase my involvement in the poverty elimination programs and to advocate for accountability and transparency in ensuring proper utilization of public resources in my country. My immediate post graduate plan is to work the head of compliance at Rwanda Revenue Authority, a senior management role that I will use to advocate for setting up a national risk committee in the government responsible for assessing, evaluating and managing the underlying risks that would hinder the economic development. With a wider network of influence gained, I plan to start a non-profit organization within 3-5 years to promote and expand access to education and vocational training for vulnerable children and youth as a catalyst for reducing on the poverty levels. I hope to achieve this by mobilizing for partnerships from the government and other development partners to construct a vocational institution for empowering the vulnerable youth with skills and also supporting the vulnerable children to access basic education. My post-graduate plan is to work in high positions of management both in public and private entities, but ultimately I aspire to have a private leading consultancy firm in Risk management, Internal audit and other related fields as they emerge. I will ensure the best quality and competitiveness on the market by partnering with already advanced and firms some of which I have started establishing professional contacts. Through this, I believe my contribution will be shared to a wide range of people from different professions and institutions, hence a contribution to the development of the Country.

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