Michael Koko – Profile


Michael Koko

Makurdi, Nigeria


Date of Birth 27-09-1983

Education: graduate of statistics/computer science(b.sc) federal university of agriculture, makurdi

What is your vision of a world that works for everyone?

the world would be far a better place if every one stopped lying to themselves and to every one around them and thereby making living a bit more comfortable.

What do you see as the world’s most pressing problems?

Poverty, people avoiding their responsibilities and the worst of all, illiteracy.

How do you think these can best be solved?

There should be free education and the masses be taught selflessness.


My name is Koko Michael and was born on the 27th of September 1983, 4th overall in a family of eight, five boys and three girls but 2nd boy. I was born into a catholic family and my parents are now night and lady of St. Mulumba respectively. As a boy I was very playful and skipped classes a lot therefore failed my first exam as a student but I wasn’t bothered because my mind was always on football. I loved football very much as a kid at the expense of my studies, not that I was a dull boy growing up. My dad is an educationist so moved about a lot so where ever we went all of us kids had to start a class behind the current we were in before moving to a new place therefore we never had steady or lasting friends. I loved making friends as a kid and that also got me into a lot of trouble with my parents because that meant I moved a lot around visiting those friends and that also attracted heavy beatings from my parents especially my Dad who has this wonderful or should I say dirty slap that always brought anyone of back to their normal senses whenever they did something wrong though I was the only person with the highest frequency of beatings because I would always want to go out and play with my friends at all costs, I did feel those beatings and wanted to stop but couldn’t because once the feelings to go play came on, there was no going back even though I was well aware of the punishment that awaited me when I will eventually return home.

We finally moved back to our home town in `1994 and I saw through my primary education and began my secondary education thereafter and completed it in 2004 and went on and got a bachelor’s degree in statistics/computer science in December 2010 at a federal university here in Nigeria.

As an adult, nothing gives me much joy and fulfillment as playing with kids does. I still love my football very much but not as it used to be any more because time has become a very scarce resource for me so I only watch it on television now. I love travelling a lot as a hobby and also making friends. I am also heavily addicted to the internet and the computer and also electronics. Music plays a major role in my life too as it fine tones me and has greatly reformed me into a better person that I can now proudly say I am. I used to be a very volatile person, quick to anger and always wanted to do to people what they did to me and I also hated Christian music but it has now become one of my favorite kinds. I love Christian rock music a lot its being played on my computer as I type my profile. I plan to have a second degree in psychology if everything should work out well for me.

Am a very emotional person and thus don’t enjoy have to make people around me feel bad because you will see a smile on my face whenever you see or are around me and I don’t know if it is right that people should not take me seriously because I do laugh a lot.

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