Mamma Michael Kelechi – Profile


Name: Mamma Michael Kelechi
Country: Nigeria
Birthday: June 13,1985
Education: B. Sc. (Applied Microbiology and Brewing)
Occupation: Teaching

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.
My vision of a world that works for everyone would be a place where people value each other. A world of equity and equality. Now this can truly be achieved if people of the world come to a common knowledge that we are one. Despite our color, race, tribe, religion or ability, we have one thing in common and that is, “we are humans,” with needs and aspirations. Education will go a long way, in removing the road block of bigotry or tribalism or discrimination of any kind out the way of human progress, so that the wheel of prosperity can spin appropriately for a better world. I won’t deny that the road won’t be without bumps and potholes, but the first step is to genuinely understand ourselves and then gradually we can make adequate progress.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?
Since the time of creation and awareness by human, the human race has been bedeviled by a lot of problems and challenges. The following could be seen as some of such problems still confronting humans till date.

Poverty: The world over has its share of people that could barely afford a decent meal each day. It is further exacerbated by the fact that the world is changing very fast, and people that don’t keep up skill wise and technology wise get left behind. It isn’t any comfort having such knowledge that you can improve your future but incapacitated due to poverty.

War: War has been another major problem that has caused devastating consequences to people of the world. Right from the when man learnt to protect himself from other invaders to the world wars, man had always been left in states of utter chaos and disrepair for a long period of time after such experiences.

Aside poverty and war that are ravaging the third and less developed nations of the world, I see religious intolerance as another major challenge confronting the human race. Each seem to exalt itself above others. As cases of religious violence have buttressed such points with some religions encouraging it’s adherents to kill non-believers.

How do you feel the problems could best be solved?
Hopefully, in life, once a problem has been identified, then a solution isn’t farfetched. The problems of poverty, war and religious intolerance could be tackled in the following ways below:

Poverty could be reduced to a manageable level if adequate efforts are put into place to combat it. First, institutions should be created to change people’s idea in making money or getting wealth. Structures or avenues that would absolve graduates of various fields of endeavors should also be put in place by governments. The political atmosphere should also be conducive for business growth and attraction of foreign investment or investors.

War should not be seen as the last resort for conflict resolution. Other means of communication should be exploited such as dialogue or other non-combat related approaches. Sanctions should be placed and measured enforced on defaulters that provoke or engage in wars. People should also be enlightened on the adverse consequences of war.

Religious leaders should enlighten their followers that the path to pursue is peace. No religion should promote violence. Tolerance and acceptance of other people’s values and beliefs should be preached. The world should see itself as one big family with different tastes or preferences in certain areas above all we should dwell in peace and harmony.


My name is Mamma, Michael Kelechi. I am the first of the family of Mr. and Mrs. Augustine Mamma. A nuclear family of four, comprising of three boys and a girl. I was born in Obollo-Eke, Ogwu, in Udeni Local Government Area in Enugu State, Nigeria. But spent most of my childhood life in Obalende Police Barracks, in Lagos State, due to the fact that my father was still active in the Nigerian Police Force.

I attended Dodan Barracks Primary School, in Eti-Osa Local Government Area of Lagos State. I had the opportunity of meeting some wonderful people there including my teachers and peers. My school life was quite interesting. It really didn’t take much for me to find a good spot in the hearts of my teachers as they took me as one of their own and also my peers amongst whom one is still very close and was the person that introduced the Institute for Global Leadership to me. I think I was most the favorite for all my teachers due to my thirst for knowledge.

My first secondary school which I spent just an academic year was St. Gregory’s College, Obalende, Ikoyi, Lagos. It was both a day and boarding school for only boys. It was a short-lived stay as my father was transferred to Jos, Plateau State, for a training course in Nigeria Police Staff College. This gave me an opportunity to interact with people of diverse culture from what I used to know. I was 7 years old at that time and my young mind was grappling with a lot of things. I concluded both my junior and senior secondary education in Jos, but in two different schools. My junior secondary was in St. Mary’s Immaculate as a non-boarder and senior secondary in Government Science School, Kuru, as a boarder. Coincidentally all the schools I did my secondary education were for boys only. My secondary school life wasn’t without it’s fair share of pains and pleasures. From the early morning drills when one was struggling with the harsh harmattan, to the late evening meals and eventually the night time relaxation. Despite the hardships encountered; I would not trade the experiences for anything else, because it helped shape my life in a better light.

Securing admission in the higher institution was a great mountain to climb, as about 7 years of my life was spent seeking for admission into the University. On the 7th year, I secured admission to study Microbiology and Brewing Science in Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka in Anambra state. The ivory towers afforded me the opportunity to meet several people of different perspectives about life. From the rich to the poor, the studious to the fun-lover, from the captivating professors to the sadistic ones that cared less about impacting knowledge into the lives entrusted unto them. After 4 years I graduated as a medical microbiologist with a second class upper.

After graduation, the compulsory National Youth Service exercise in Nigeria, took me to Kwara state. A harsh place in the western part of Nigeria. There I also met another set of people with their unique way of life and communication. There weren’t many special moments as I was posted to Offa, a town without much industrial activities. But during my service year, I served as the commandant (President) of the Nigeria Red Cross Society. We were able to offer some consolation services to some victims of a fire incident that occurred in Offa main market. I also served as a Presiding Officer in the general elections conducted in April, 2015.

I served as the president of the Kennel Club of Rivers from 2016 – 2018. The Kennel Club of Rivers is a group of dedicated dog lovers and owners in Rivers state, Nigeria, whose sole aim is to promote responsible dog ownership and canine welfare. During my tenure, we were able to host two major dog events; Port Harcourt Dog Walk, 2017 and Port Harcourt Dog Walk, 2018 that attracted different caliber of people across the capital of the state. Some high profile people like the Assistant Senior Advisor to the state governor was in attendance, the founder of German Shepherd Dog Foundation of Nigeria, the president Nigeria Veterinary Medical Association. Presently, I am heading the Rivers State chapter of the German Shepherd Dog Foundation of Nigeria. A group that is dedicated to restoring the lost function and status of the German Shepherd Dog that Captain Max von Stephanitz dedicated almost all his adult life to produce.

I also hold important positions in my local church as the chief usher. I also moderate prayer meetings and preside over sermons, when the pastor is not available. I am also an active member in an online group of dedicated book lovers, readers, reviewers, where debates and lecture topics are regularly given, called “Thinkerspool.” I am also a stakeholder in one of the subgroups (Optimus), where I assist the coordinator, organize debates and promulgate rules guiding the subgroup. It has always been a life long mission and dream to impact my generation in anyway possible from giving motivational speeches to sermons in churches and writing literatures that will transform the lives of people that will read it. I believe with the right motivation, guidance and opportunities. I will achieve my dreams.

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