Mamer Garang Nyok – Assessments

As A Man Thinketh
Assessment by Mamer Garang Nyok (Sudan/Kenya)

1. What is the main idea that the author is trying to convey in this book?

The impact of thought on man activities and his environment.

2. What where the seven ideas which where personally most important to you and why? List these seven ideas follow by explanations after each one as to why it was important to you. Use personal example from your own life.

(i) Thought and Character

All that we do are always as result of self talk we accept to exist in our mind thus prompting us to love, hate, whine or worry over somebody or something depending on the perception and interpretation of their activities toward ourselves either in a negative or positive way; this idea is elaborated in the book that negative characters are as result of negative mind set where person ignore to weed out negative thoughts that intrude into his/her mind allowing them to flourishes in the garden of his mind which later on stimulates sinful action.

While the positive character is the one that guard his mind from the negative thought and control it to accept the entry of positive thought and self talk thus result in acceptable and admirable action which others sees and call luck and chance while it is as a result of effort to think in a certain direction.

I believe this idea because most of people whom I uses to hate are not as result of personal interactions with them but as result of negative stories I heard from others about them but when I approaches them it is always a different story.

(ii) Effects of the thoughts on circumstances.

I have gain a lot from this idea of cause circumstances always come a longs but there is a need to believe the strength inside us than outside circumstances and then focus on the possible solution and take action in order to rectify the faulty in our midst; instead of doing this we just sit back and wait for circumstances to come and knock us all over without necessary resistance this ideas tell me and you to believes we can achieves if we stop ignoring the potential we have to make stumbling block in to stepping stone. There was one time I got sick in Kakuma refugees camp , from there I felt like to leave the camp for Sudan where I hoped to get good balance food, and treatment but the urge to be in the camp for education sake was overwhelming me And from there I resolve to improves my helps with the help of local products and continues to learnt if not this thought I could have Quite and remain illiterates for the rest of my life.

(iii) Effects of Thoughts on the health

Thoughts of failures, envy, hatred, worry and pessimism always take effect in our bodies in more negative ways than diseases can do that is why today there are many who steals, kills, rape, and commits suicides because they have loss hope in life or had been oriented with wrong political, social and religious ideology which justify certain actions which are in conflicts with the God’s will who want every creature to enjoy life.

In 2005 when the former vice president and president of Government of Southern Sudan died in a helicopter crash many of Sudanese were sorrowful and weaken as we thought of looming war and dishonoring of Comprehensive peace agreement he negotiated for and signed, in kakuma some of us where rushes to hospital as result of shocks due to the bad news, there was suspicion and Southerners demonstrates all over the country leading to dead of over hundred people; I personally believes all these thoughts came as result of hopelessness without the directive and guidance after his death

(iV) Thought and Purpose

This idea indicates that if we think without purpose than we are wanderers walking around aimlessly, most wanderers are always failures because when harsh conditions come they can quit and go for next and at the end they are calls “Jack of all trade and master of none”. This idea tell me and you that before starting the journey you must know the know the destination and all the equipments needed along the way such that you are not surprised by the obstacles. In deed if you do something without the knowledge of the end result that is simply a waste of time and resources.

(v) The Thought Factor in Achievement

I have learnt through this Idea that all that we achieve are always as a result of continued effort to think and fixes cause of failures in the process of pursuing ours goals by analyzing chances of success and pushes through to implement them effectively, whenever we start doing anything from the earlier stage There is always negative criticism from others but this cannot back us down if we believe and are ready and excited to do them with excellence.

(vi) Vision and Ideals

I have learned that dreamers are the saviors of the world for they see beauty and objectives to be met for the future generation world; they also start putting in alot of efforts and strength knowing they are constructing something for eternity , when we see such character we sought he/she is luck, blessed, strong, endowed with resources while we are stooges with weak brain and body with curse , why are you curse if innocent they had miss the whole pictures and they are leaning on lame excuses, while they wishes only instead of putting the beautiful dreams in their mind into action.

(vii) Serenity

A calm man or woman is like sprouting flower which everyone embrace and mills around both the enemies and friends because with their calm behaviors of mind they don’t stimulates conflicts, hatred, tribalism, racism, nepotism and all the vices that dominates our societies today, all types of people find peace in him/her calmness of mine is good for your life and the life of family, society and the entire country relationship at various level.

3. How will these ideas or lessons helps you in a practical way both in your daily personal life and in helping you to create a better world. if so, how?

This ideas will help me to be calms, peaceful, loving and take care for my self, neighbors and the Institutions that I serve by ceasing from blames, anger, hates to others for my own personal problems. Instead I will be examining myself and fixes the in harmony from within my mind work hard to change my attitudes to be positive this will be an example to the rest whom I think if they see sense in my life they can copy my characters This will make it easier for me to work with others in harmony and joy making the institution we serve stronger and well coordinated which can bring about interdependence and relationship all over the world.

4. Quotes are there any statements which the author made that particularly got your attention? If so, please quotes them and comments to why they are important to you.

(i) “As man thinking in his heart, so is he “

This is true we all do what we had speculates in our heart of cause all that we had rumored in our heart and are not yet ascertain always pushes us to executes destructive action.

(ii) “A noble and God-like character is not thing of a favor or chance, but is a natural result of a continued effort in right thinking”

This true we all have the same feeling but some of us who are good in character are those who don’t cherishes and follows negative thoughts.

(iii) “ be not impatient in delays but waits as the one who understand “

Indeed we easily quits whenever we see no positive result in the effort we put into our goal but that is not the case here, Instead we should be patient and put more effort in right place to have plentiful harvest of our product.

5. Is there anything in the book that you don’t understand or are unclear about, or are there ideas you disagree with and if so, why?

I have understood all.

6. Did the book contain exercises for the reader to complete? If so, did you find them helpful?

I completed them and they where much helpful as they focuses much on oneself factors examination.

7. Was there anything in the book that you read in the book you would like to comments on that was not covered in a previous questions if so, please comment.

There is nothing for now

Please rate the following questions on the scale from 1 to 10 , ten is good and one is poor.

A. How interesting was it to read? 9
B. How helpful where the contents? 10
C. How easy was it to understand ? 8
D. Would you recommend it for others? 10



Jonathan Livingston Seagull
Assessment by Mamer Garang Nyok (Sudan/Kenya)

1. What is the main idea that the author is trying to convey in the book?

Practicing beyond our cultures and traditions to improve our conditions

2. What were the seven ideas which were personally most important to you and why? List these seven ideas followed by an explanation after each one as to why it was important to you. Use personal example from your own life.

(i) Practicing for the sake of knowledge not for gain.

“I don’t mind being bone and feathers, mum, I just want to know what I can do in the air and what I cannot, that is all I just want to know “.that was answer from Jonathan’s nagging parent who discourages him from the ideas he conceives in the mind about flying higher. This idea encourages me to look for opportunities whereby others cannot see chances, by uncovering a hidden potential through trials. He was advised to practice for food which he rejected.

(ii) Failing intelligently and fixing the problem/weakness.

After first attempt to fly, Jonathan failed dangerously but he examines causes of his failures realizing the needs for falcon like short wing thus folding his wing and after second flight he realizes the needs to close the eyes to slit through air at high speed and further he learnt how to turn excelling at the end. This tell me and the rest that whenever we have problem there is no need to borrow solution from others but face the problem with strength from ourselves as Jonathan did to fold the wing into falcon like.

(iii) Selflessness and sacrifice in the community.

Indeed Jonathan was willing to teach the other sea gulls how to fly without pay though they initially turned him away. This idea is inspiring me and you not to be selfish with the knowledge and skills we have inquired but instead uses it to benefits the whole community today we are in world where we seek recognition and payment for all the abilities we have instead of developing others.

(iv) There should be no limit

After he learnt to fly higher Jonathan thought he could no longer fly higher due to his old ages but was encouraged by the two young sea gull and he fly more higher successfully. Each of us must know that learning is not limited to attaining maximum level of degrees but going on discovering new skills and knowledge in more improved form.

(v) There is more in life than eating or power

There is much lesson learnt here, many of us focus on where to get food and how to get it, thus neglecting other things such as quests for knowledge, improvement of abilities we have, as indicated by the parent of the Jonathan who advices him to learn getting food rather than learning new methods of improved flying styles.

(vi) Forgiveness and love

Even after he was rejected by the flocks of sea gulls Jonathan chose to go back and teaches the remaining gulls his friends prevented him not to go, and then he said: “if Chiang had chosen to be here we would haven’t been here”. Always we remain comfortable and silence with what we discover while others are badly in need of it instead of helping we are in comfort zone keeping everything to ourselves.

(vii) Teaching and mentoring Here Jonathan was student, teacher and mentor. He explores new skills and got additional teaching and mentorship from elder, he went far to teaches other sea gulls who had potential and ready to learn. I have learned that skills and knowledge which had not been passed on expert and great leaders through mentorship are either diminishing thus there is need for the above idea in order keeps the knowledge after the founder.

3. How will these ideas or lessons help you in a practical way, both in your daily personal life and in helping you to create a better world? If so how

I am encouraged by these ideas to breaks dominance and embark on doing something to discover by potential abilities, practicing harder and harder in order to reaches the peak of my profession am pursuing. This will help me to acquire maximum knowledge and skills from all the relevant sources, and afterward teaches and mentors others who will do the same to all in our world, and if every one on this world does this we shall eliminates idleness and diversity sources of living.

4. Quotes: are there any statements which the authors made that particularly got your attention? If so, please quote them and comments as to why they are important to you.

(i) “What a fool I’ve been! All I need is a tiny little wing, all I need is to fold most of my wings and fly on just the tips alone! Short wings”.

like Jonathan most of us wonder around looking for solution to their problem when the solution is with them they always say, if was so and so, I would have done this and that now I have learnt all we need to do is seeks solution from within local resources.

(ii)”Jonathan seagull discovered that boredom and fear and anger are the reasons that a gull‘s life is so short”

How many fears do you think we are in today? Everybody is in fear of natural disaster conflicts; this fear not only strains us from achievement but destructs our health through stress and depression.

(ii) “One school is finished, and the time has come to another to begin!!”

This was statement for Jonathan when he felt he had achieved enough and that is the same thing with us today we always settle for something small and get satisfy while we have potential to do and learnt more programs.

(iii)“That the hardest thing in the world is to convince a bird that he is free, and that he can prove it for himself if he had just spent a little time practicing This indicates and proves that we do not have excuses for not excelling only we have not allocates enough time for projects and goals we want to success, we just start and quits.

5. Is there anything in the book that you do not understand or are unclear about, or are there ideas which for disagree with and if so, why?

There is nothing.

6. Did the book contain exercises for the reader to complete? If so, did you complete all of the exercises and did you find them helpful?

I read all and they were extremely educating.

Was there anything you read in the book that would like to comment on that was not covered for in the previous questions? If so, please comment.

There is nothing.

Please rate the following questions on a scale from 1 to 10.ther is good and one is poor

A. How interesting was it to read? 9
B. How helpful was the contents? 10
C. How helpful was it to understand? 7
D. Would you recommend it to others? 8
E. What is the overall rating you would give it? 9



Keys to Success
Assessment by Mamer Garang Nyok (Kenya)

1. What is the main idea that the author is trying to convey in the book?

Why and how one can succeed in life?

2. What where the seven ideas which where personally more important to you and why?

(i) The define Major purpose is an important as it help one to allocate sufficient effort, resources and time on the project one want to achieve in life, use money and other resources in appropriate way that will yield positive result and prevents from negative influence since one know what He or She is doing. The above is accomplishes by creating fire in one’s spirit and continue fueling it through motivations , identification of a available opportunities, gain decision making capability and create guidelines on plan for personal programs.

(ii) Establishing mastermind alliance. Can help me build a team that is competent and ready to do their role in a team work, at least through the elaborate explanations, I have learnt that mastermind alliance is crucial for the bonding and live of the organization and partnership be it in education, marriage and myself as it instill confidence, understanding fairness and justice, courage. This lessons is of greater value of cause if one work with the right members of the team who are willing to co. operates and put in to work more skill and knowledge in the areas of their expertise, of course no matter how knowledgeable and educated one is he still needs team work team help

(iii) Maintaining a sound Health. Has educated me and any other person on the essentiality of minding what you eat, does and thinks as we can develop negative or positive Habit that can either build or destructs us . Thus we are supposed to guide our spirit and Body from harmful thought and substances in order to maintain sound holistic health; Surely what we think in our mind be it fears for certain situation or things can hinder us from taking opportunities that are available within our reaches or in case of encouraging situation we get more energetic and more healthy, finally the lesson on relaxation and exercises is the most important one as it helps one, s mind to release tension created due over work, annoyance and too much thinking.

(iv) Building positive mental Attitude. Has teach me to control and direct my mind to acquire constructive positive ideas, continue to avoid the negative things that have nothing to help me achieve my life goal; I also build positive pattern of thinking by eliminating negative thought on others and the places and certain environment and systems which are bigger than me.

(v) Budget time and money. Is an idea that I benefit a lot as the methods discussed help you illuminate the most important task, best financial and time allocation on it thus avoiding spendthrift life style, procrastination and then gain productivity, therefore the characteristics of doers and drifters depicted in the book helps me to evaluates myself and see if what I do match with the description of doer or drifters..

(vi) Enforcing self discipline. Is great idea that can help me from other people provocation to do the opposite of the principles one had built or be influence to do thing out of the circumstances life bring about during the life time, it help me stand firm on the road to achieve my goal

(vii) Creating personal Initiative. This idea help one to make first move to get what you want in life by taking leads in action taking and follow up, as other come to help; I belief this idea to be a lot of help If put to use and many people will not be complaining of having nothing to do or being idle just simply think and do that you think can help you or the institution you are working for to succeed.

3. How will this ideas or lessons help you in a practical way both in your daily personal life and in helping you create better world? If so, how?

(i) First and foremost I will adopts this ideas to adjust my personality toward positivity which, I think can helps improve my relationship with others as the 17 attitude to success are discussed thoroughly guidelines that can help one diagnosis one’s personal problems and how to rectify it .

(ii) Ideas will help me improves my health, and identify opportunities that can help me in business or work places by taking care of how I thinks, what I eat, then analyses whether the above are essential to my body and mind health.

(iii) Ideas have created desire and fire in me that can help me in the carrying out entrepreneurial and pioneering ideas and tasks. I will no longer be yes or Submissive kind of person but I will drive my life per the principle, I have gained here in this book.

(iv) Personal Initiative. This ideas are going to assist me creates and implement what I want to do instead of looking for assistance from somebody else and if this is done it will help one avoid procrastination.

4. Quotes; Are there any statement which the author made that particularly got your attention? If so, please quote them and comment as to why they were important to you.

(i) Habit become part of the nature by repetition. It is when you do thing every time from day to day that it become almost part of ourselves, So, there is a need to discard bad habit immediately and continually practice good habit as continuous practice of certain habit become natural and insinuating to one’s own characteristics and behaviors and affects them after sometime .

(ii) You cannot get something for nothing have a plan. It teaches me the important of right and positive struggling in order to achieve that success you had wanted, as it may never come in golden plate at your door step that mean you have to plan and look for it in earnests and progressively without being distracted and discourage by the doom Sayers.

(iii) Success is achieve through extra ordinary efforts: that means moving on when failed and even continue when others are giving up and start to tells you al negative things on how you will not achieve what you have venture out for Replenishing your enthusiasm believing that you can achieve all you are desiring to. I am impressed and made to understand that most of the successful peoples where actually discouraged but they continue trying and press on with their tasks until they achieve what they had dreamed for.

(iv) Win without boasting, lost without squealing and others will soon respect you Neither whining nor boasting are good for these character traits can shy people away from you thus they should be avoid at all coast, indeed no one can associate him/herself with those who whine and continue seeking sympathy from others over their loses or neither do people get interested when you are that type that want recognition even by strangers when you have succeed therefore other behaviors seem to turn people off from a person.

(V) What distinguishes you from the crowd is the attention you generates by doing more than you are paid to do? In deed those who are outstanding in the society are one who continue to do what they see good for themselves and the people they lives with despites any detraction they may get from the community members and the activities in the environment they are living in.

(vi) Establishes control of your mind at the start of each day. If one can do this on daily basis then chances of sinning and doing all the bad things can be minimized as everything that we take into action is first of all result of what we have conceive and perceive in our mind whether in a negative or positive way. And what about if we take control of our mind and direct it in ay we want and in logical subjection, I hope we can do exist peacefully and succeed positively.

(Vii) You must become humble so that you can acquire wisdom and understanding. No one can teaches the stuborn, boastfull and the rebellious one to the best of his/her ability one needs to be humble and cooperative in order to win the interest of the mentor or teacher..

5. Is there anything in the books that you do not understand or are unclear about or are there ideas that you disagree with and if so, why?

There is nothing which was notice yet

6. Did the book contain exercises for the reader to complete, if yes did you complete all the exercises and you find them helpful. ?

Indeed they are important as they help one to remember and analyses himself through subject reads by screening ones behaviors and characteristics through the questions provides. And as result one can better understand him/herself and his relationship with other peoples around his world.

7. Is there anything in the book that you read that you will like to comment on , that was not covered in the previous questions ?, if so, please comments.

(i) Use cosmic Habit force: It is educative as one can understand that conditioning our mind to think in certain pattern can lead to character development in relation to the things we think and do therefore there is need now for one to only allow thoughts and actions that are good and avoid those other negative one to avoid development of bad characters and behaviors.

(ii) Learn from adversity and defeats. A lot is to be learnt here as this lesson help one to know that failures are not losers and they are only losers when they fail to study the circumstances that made them fail, instead of giving up the successful one try to investigates the reason they failed and look for locally available solution and then move on a fresh with new strategy , the story of Milo C. Jone is encouraging for He refused to accepts disability due to stroke that paralyzed and use only the power of his mind to directs the family to the final success .

Please rate the following question on the scale from 1 to 10

A. How interesting was it to reads? 10
The topics are precise simplify and self explanatory for the reader to understand the concept.

B. How helpful where the content? 10
It has exercises that are practical and can help one gain insight in himself and his relation to his environment. The flow of language and the way the writer organizes the information is like talking to you as individual and that make one goes through as if the author is live in the lecture room.

D. Would you recommend it to others? 10
It is must to read when you are confuse, want to make decision and for those who want to improve their life style.

E. What is overall rating you will give it? 10
The book is excellent for it give hope, insight and liberal mindedness to the readers.




Assessment by: Mamer Garang Nyok (Sudan)

1. What is the main idea that the author is trying to convey in this book?

Self image, mental attitude and their effects on humanity in relation to success or achievement as well as failure.

2. What where the seven ideas which were personally most important to you and why?

List his seven ideas followed by an explanation, after each one as to why it was important to you, use personal examples from your own life.

(i) The self image; your key to better life ; this idea important for some of the examples in our daily life show that emotional scar can alter perception about our selves, other events and the expectation of future events. I myself find emotional scar terrorizing in some case because in 2006 after high School I was hoping to be Finish university by year 2010 but by this time I have not achieve that and sometime this let me question value of my academic success by asking whether this academic project is worth pursuing instead of other things that I can do life and this emotional scar some time almost derail me from my vision and goal.

(ii) How to utilize the power of rational thinking; the manner this idea has been presented can help one eradicates hindrances and inner inhibit to release of ones potential to succeed by identifying the negative concepts, examines and analyzing them and come up with reasonable and positive conclusion.

This idea is helpful and always I can do what I think is of benefits to me and others not the negative one that my culture say or my community but come out of that bondage and do things in different way that is benefiting.

(iii) Creative Imagination. Is an idea that can help one to develops goals and mission for one’s life and continue to improve as one progress to achieve, it also make you understand what may occur due to the observation on the trend of past and current events and activities

When I was 10 year old I observed the great different between the villagers who went to school and those who did not, the literates one wielded respect, were smart, struggle less and pleasant in characteristics, That ignited a desire in me to go to school and proceed to Kenya despite the negative things my age mate and other elders told me about my decision.

(iv) Your opinion can add to unhappy events; it is true and helpful as we learns that the facts of one’s lost in life is exaggerated by our negative self talks that we have problems that is dangerous and unsolvable and this is not logical as most of this are based on doubtful traditional believes.

(v) Thoughts bring organic as well as functional changes; it is true because when a person is frustrate, stressed and worried about a certain things or situation he lost a lot of weight and appetites as well as sense of responsibility and socialization and this affects the whole person health’s in a negative way.

(vi) The power of beliefs it is true that what is being told from the scientific, cultural, political and spiritual point of view can alter our thoughts and action, through this idea I have learnt the needs to study the believes and see both the negative and positive part of it and take out those believes which are helpful and leave behind those which are negative and continue normally with life.

(vii) Be willing to make a few mistakes, to suffer a little pain to get what you want, do not sell yourself short. this ideas is educative because if one try to please everybody then there are few who will discourage you to pursue your major purpose in life because their perception about what you want is different. For example in 2008 when I decides to go back to college in Kenya some people advices me to marriage and settle instead of bothering myself with further education, I did not heed because those people did not understands what I want.

3. How will these ideas or lessons help you in a practical way both in your daily personal life and in helping you to create a better world? If so, how?

The ideas will help me to turn my thoughts from negative to positive and this make it possible to avoid condition one is always angry, frustrated, stubborn, drunks and become destructive to him selves and other peoples who are associated to him.

These ideas also will also help me to solve my own problems amicable without unnecessary spilling them to others this can improves my relationship with others and enhance co existence and peace with others.

4 Quotes, are there any statement which the author made that particularly got your attention? If so, please quote them and comments as to why they were important to you.

(i) The self image can be changed, numerous case histories have shown that one is never too young nor too old to change his self image and thereby start to live a new life. this statement encourage one to start improving his thought from negative mental attitude to positive mental attitude and this can removes the notion in one mine that he is too old to change in life .

(ii) “Great living starts with the picture held in your imagination on what you will like to do or be” of cause it is one must know his destination otherwise the life journey to achieve your goal can be tiresome and defeating or if no one will be meandering without sense of direction and can stop if pressure from obstacles mount on him but if the place to stop is known all will go well.

(iii) “The present and the future depends on learning new habits and new ways of looking at an old problems, there is no future in digging continually into the past” because bad memories of the past events can continue to hounds us and inhibit us from executing to our full potential and gifts and this derails us from what god wanted us to be.

(iv) “Happiness require problems, plus a mental attitude that is ready to meet distress with action toward solution” in deed that is great deferent because problems cannot be avoided in order to be happy but face them head on collision with positive mental attitude and the result shall not be a defeating one. When one avoid or run away from the problems they will follow you round wherever you are.

5. Is there anything in the book that you do not understand or are unclear about, or are there ideas which you disagree with and if so, why?

There is no idea for the moment but could I notice any I will immediately consult.

6. Did the book contain exercise for the reader to complete? If so, did you complete all the exercises and did you find them helpful?

I complete them and find them helpful they assist me to reread the topic to have comprehensive and deep understanding of the topic

The designed practical assignment helps to ignite to start and have and insight on our selves.

7. Was there anything you read in the book that you will like to comments on that were not covered in the previous question? If so please comment.

(I) ”The measure of mental health is the disposition to find good everywhere”, this quote is educative as it helps one to excel and succeed if you are person who is pleasant and identify opportunity in every situation.

(ii) “Often the different between a successful man and failure is not ones better abilities or ideas, but the courage that one has to bet on his ideas, to take calculated risks and to act “indeed most of people who succeed take risk and do not worry about the failure side of their Endeavour but aim to accomplishes their gold.

Please rate following on the scale from 1 to 10, ten is good one is poor.

A. How interesting was it to read? 10
B. How helpful was the contents? 10
C. How easy was it to understand? 7
D. Would you recommend it to others? 10
E. What is overall rating you will give it? 10



Success Through Positive Mental Attitude
Assessment by Mamer Garang Nyok (Sudan)

1. What is the main idea that the author is talking about.

Positive Personality, Characteristics, ideas and thoughts leads to success, if use in right time and way.

2. What where the seven ideas which where personally important to you and why?

(I) “We are poor not because of God “I have learnt through the example of S.B Fuller discussed story in this book that failures in life is not God’s plan, But only when we do not Plan to act on our own abilities and talents by exploiting them to full potential, for us to get the good results, That is we do not put more effort into our work. Indeed S,B fuller has given example that if one can develops a burning desire to achieve a goal and continue trying in the processes with positive mental attitude it can be achieve and he is one of the people who has use his potential to improves his life. Therefore a needs for one to Plan to succeed because there is nothing like God providing for you without you going out of your own way to look for it, Simple Search the light and knocks doors at a right place and it can be given to you as S.b Fuller did it.

(ii) ”You can change your world” I am assure that I can be what I Want to be if I take positive step to directs and organizes my thought in right way and conquer the obstacles intelligently despites my social, political and Economical status or geographical location; here one can change his world, if he put himself right by having positive mental attitude, goals and definite major purpose with courage. Through the example of courageous Ben Cooper which he defeated the stubborn boys, is interesting and the additional one from the prison son who solve the map trick are examples that renew one’s mind to continue to think and acts in order to change one’s world through courage and self examination and adjustment.

(iii) “Clears the cobweb from your thinking” indeed this ideas helps me identify that failures is caused by the negative thinking, believes and mindset that make us procrastinates from Executing nice ideas due to fears of the culture of the environment one is in; so, there is a need for liberal mindedness in order for you to reach, that thing you had been longing for.

(iV) “You can do it if you believe you can” the idea is appealing as the energy required to accomplishes every task is total believes that what ever one decide to do is manageable and achievable and this give one enthusiasm and capacity to move on with any program despite difficulties.; that is one can pass through a thick wall of opposition to achieve what one want so long one have strong will and desire to do it.

(v) “You have problem that is Good” it is possible that when you have the first problem and you solve it you will gain a formulae to go through the next problems successfully, it became a frame work and microscope for analyzing other similar cases.

(Vi) “Learn to see” in the discussion about short and long lightness it has educated me on the importance of having both types in life time such that we can achieve a short term goal in order to propel us forward for the long term goal thus blended vision of long term goals and objectives is better than either one of them.

(vi) “The secret of getting things done; do it now” this idea is worthwhile, because, it can help one do great task from reading, cleaning, Calling, visiting to writing, like starting of car engine because the movement you start the task one get relieve from the nagging thought of carrying out plans and the moment you begins something it can be difficult to stop and everything start operating automatically and one finally accomplishes the task.

3. How will this Ideas or lessons help you in practical way both in your daily personal life in helping you to create a better world? If so, How.

The book is a mirror that can help me to diagnose my personality, the point I am in life and the direction and road that I am following in life by identifying my goal, vision and behaviors, both the negative and the positive one, and rectify them by associating myself with things which are positives and helpful in my goal achievement this will further assists me to improves weaknesses and strength and uses this character trait to assist me and others in the daily life because if I put myself right the world can be right.

4. Quotes’ Are there and statements which the author made that particularly got your attention?, If so, please quotes them and comments as to why they where Important to you.

(ii) “The starting point of all achievement is definiteness of purpose with PMA”, to believe you can do what you want to succeed in your life is the most energizing thought to make you go through the task, while definiteness of purpose prevents you from obstructing events and other task instead you put your effort and energy, money and time on one achievable task rather than many which are not achievable instead of too many goals which can strains you and become difficult to achieves.

(ii) “If a man is right his world will be right”. Indeed whatever others do to you is always the reflection of what you do to them but not only that every man succeed after certain struggle and nothing come in life without some effort in certain quantity and direction in order to improves one life and the environment he is in.

(iii) “To think Accurately you must use reason, the Science of Reasoning Is called Reason” this quote helps one to subjects thoughts in logical screening by subtracting and adding in the process in order to come into agreeable and accurate ideas and conclusions that is not biased or imposed on you or others.

(iv) “Attract do not repels wealth” the discussion in this parts challenge and educates me to plan, saves, set specific goals, study, thinks and work extra time with a positive mental attitudes not negative mental attitude; for negative mental attitude makes one lost opportunities that could gives you knowledge and wealth this lesson make me learnt that any opportunity that is financial rewarding is worth undertaking despites what people opinion and cultures say about it.

5. Is there anything in the book that you do not understand or are unclear about or are there ideas which you disagree with if so, why?

There is nothing notices for the moment and if anything will be notice at the course of revising the book it shall be communicates to you.

6. Did the book contain Exercises for the reader to complete if so did you complete all the exercises and did you find them helpful?

Yes there are exercises and the most helpful is the one in chapter twenty of the book concerning success quotient it helps one to focuses on his own self and I identify negative thoughts and traits in him thus looking for remedies for negative side of one’s character while maintaining the positive aspect of one’s life.

7. Was there anything you read in the book that you would like to comment on that was not covered in the previous question? If so, comment.

(I) The flame of inspiration and enthusiasm will be extinguished unless the fuel that feeds it is kept replenishes , it is true one get bore, discourage and tired as he work on his goal in life thus there is a needs to seeks people and things that will motivates you to move on .

(II) “If you have worthwhile, objectives, find the one reason, why you can achieve it rather than many reasons why you cannot this advice is very helpful because we always lost greats ideas without being put into practice because we fears starting them because of various negative thought about them be it could culturally accepted or unacceptable.

(III) “If you try to bring happiness to someone else, then it comes to you” this is true because in my life those who smile back to me are those whom one smile to, and if one take initiative to do good to others than there are chances that they can reciprocates back to you what you did to them.

Please rate the following on the Scale from 1 to10 ten is good and one is poor.

A. How Interesting was it to read?. 10
B. How helpful where the book content? 10
C. How easy where it to understand? 8
D. Would you recommend it to others? 10
E. What is overall rating you will give? 10



How Win Friends and Influence People

Assessment by Mamer Garang Nyok (Kenya)

1. What is the main idea the author is trying to convey in the book?

“The art of influencing people and keeping friendship and relationship”.

2. What were the seven ideas which where personally most important to you and why?, List this seven ideas follow by an explanation after each one as to why it was important to you. Use personal example from your own life?

(i) “Be genuinely interesting in other people” this idea is truthfully effective because any individual whom you are not interesting to do something and relates with, can reflect the same to you, when one show sign of ignorance to you, you may withdraw and avoid that person all the time. Therefore, showing care interest in others makes them admire and ready to obey your ideas and command. I myself I admire not the aggressive truant, and proud one but I admire the humble organizes people.

(ii)Smiling: the first impression and beauty is seen through smile, it appeal into the receiver sense and ignites humor while on the other hand it always relaxes you when you approach the person with smiling face both at home and in office and the hearty conversation start afterward because it tell the other party that your intentions are good.. When in Juba and working for security company it was norm that security officer has to smile before greeting and talk to the client ,and due to that I realizes that they responses exactly the same way and allover place the company sign more contracts then other competitors.

(iii) Influencing people by talking about what they want and show them how to get it: people feels good when you are discussing something they are interesting about or is relates to their life problems and they will continue to listen and love you for, they will consider you wise, for instant many time I have been discussing political topics with my colleague but they get bore talking to them about topic concerning Manchester united or about certain player and you will be surprise because they will hijack and talk about it in and out about how so, and so play well in the team and get excited.

(iv) Being good listener: people needs and outlet for what they are thinking and their professional knowledge and mostly they need someone who can listen to them and attempting to criticizes them will not only put them off but will give them feeling of resentment to you, but listening to them creates a good will. I one time happened to sit around with my boss and we discussed political and administrative issues of our country, for about two hours I was listening for most part of conversation. He was excited and the following morning he direct his wife to greet me when they were talking on phone, He just goes wild about how I am intelligent and good boy but I did nothing but just listening.

(v) Avoid argument: an argument is like cancer it creates bad blood among friends spouse and workmates. When you have started the argument whether you win or lost the point is you are loser, so why not lose wisely by avoiding it all together. I got the test of it one day with one of my workmate but it gave me headache and the burning desire to confront him with a fist fight and for that I always avoid arguing when somebody start it here is the advice through this ideas to avoid because it does not built it destroy.

(vi) Calls attention to people ,s mistake indirectly; pointing out people mistakes directly and publicly and causes self defend ,resistance ,conflicts and misunderstanding of cause it will be offense to the person and they will not take it as advice, if at all it should be done in form of history telling and analogies. It experience this during the southern Sudan Referendum exercise when two of us where sent to go and inspects how polling officers where filling the form are one gentle man in one of the polling station took our correction defensibly and sullenly accepted it.

(vii) Praising a little improve: this elates the spirit the spirit of the person being praised and fill your spirit with hope and you always try to do more because it is the sign of recognition. Praising is to apply to everybody I mean your subordinate or seniors in work; children and wife/husband at home tour age mate, friends and customers as well as domestic servant. I once praised our house help for cooking a nice food that day and know what she felt good wore happy face.

3. How will these ideas or lessons help you in practical way, both in your daily personal life and in helping you create the better world? if so, why?

(i) Improved Relationship; the ideas can creates conducive internal environment and good will; where family, formal and friends relationship flourishes. These ideas will help me make more friends therefore I will not be worried of somebody who may be following me around in an attempt to revenge.

(ii)Minimize chances of conflict with other due to negative picture people associate to you especially the one you argue with, challenge Negatively because the ideas here can help me communicates what I want to without provoking defense and anger from your opponent.

(iii) Win cooperation with others as the ideas presented in this book have the potentials to change me and others will understand me In positive angle instead of as rival or threat. And with such there can be harmony in team work.

(iv)Built trust in the family, place of work since one will have stable behaviors and goes well with people as they will rarely find something unusual to put them off from you.

(v) better health for me and some of my colleagues as peaceful kind of life will minimizes chances of stress, depression which are necessary condition that make bacteria and viruses flourishes in our bodies and later on cause us ulcers and other diseases and ability of our body organs to function in optimum level.

(vi) Create peace on these ideas since observing them will help one make peace because people will relates well and everybody will have something to do and sustain himself/herself.

4. Quotes-are there brief quotes from the book which really got your attention? If so, please list and comments on them.

(i) “Always make the other person feel important.” It is true because this can helps and empower the person you are doing this to by make sure you avoiding talking or acting in the manner that is likely to frustrate the other party; It is better not to fight back with those bad words and chest thumping style of talking because chances that both of you will reconcile will be difficult and impossible.

(ii) “A drop of honey catches more flies than a gallon of gall.” The pleasant, unwhining, respectful and calm guys command with respect than the one who whim and annoy others. I have release some time people will come to you and express their dissatisfaction with certain issues and problem because they feel good to let you know their feeling and seek advice from you. And generally people will admire and emulates you, if you are constantly optimistic and positive in attitude.

(iii) “Praise is like sunlight, to the warm human spirit” yes we cannot flourishes without it helps one to improve more because he/she is assure of the benefit of what that particular person is doing. but if there is no praise one cannot continue to do what he/she is doing knowing that nobody is interested and is waste of effort and resources.

(iv) “People are more likely to accept an order if they have had a part in the decision that caused an order” really this is where many of us fails because we neglects to incorporates the opinion of the juniors in the decision making process when we know they are part of the team that will executes the plan, uncommunicative vision and decisions family, NGO and governmental agencies and leaders fails because they order people without making understand the implication of what they are doing and in addition to that they feels unrecognized.

(v) “A man without smiling face must not open a shop” truly one may not be customer in shop where seller look rude and short temper one may buy once and disappear all together; but it is always different for the honest shopkeeper who welcome you with smile and willing to change what you bought by mistake, Such people always keeps customers on coming back to that shop. When he thinks of buying something. This also applies to other deals and business.

(vi)”seeing thinks through other people’s eyes may ease tensions. When personal problems become overwhelming” blaming people over their mistakes will get you the feedback “you do not understand” to me the good way to help them is to first of all sympathize and start the journey to solution with that person, and let him/her lead and be behind in the scene and I hope you shall arrive to the solution.

5. Is there anything in the book that you do not understand or are unclear about, or are there ideas which you disagrees with and if so why?

There is no any for the moment but I will communicate it if I notice later on.

6. Did the book contains exercise for the reader to complete? If so, did you completes the exercises and did you find them useful?

Yes I completed them. They were helpful because they push me to clarify values and principles that I have acquire through reading of the book.

7. Was there anything you read in the book that you would like to comment on that was not cover in the previous question, if so, please comment.

It is enjoyable the ideas plus examples were inspiring and one could say yes almost at every end of unit. It has potential to turn you from naughty to being good, failure to success because the personality one will show after ideas cannot fail me to win support and friend in any place.

It was self explanatory and one got details on ideas presented.

It is OK for everybody to help them examine their own obstacles and manners of approach to some of issues.

Please rate the following questions on a scale from 1 to 10.

A. How interesting was it to read? 10
B. How helpful were the content? 10
C. How easy was it to understand? 10
D. Would you recommend it to any one? 10
E. What is the overall rating? 10



Giant Steps

Assessment by: Mamer Garang Nyok

1. What is the main idea the author is trying to convey in the books?

“Small consistent act s leads to big success”

2. What where the seven ideas which where personally most important to you, and why? List these seven ideas follow by an explanations after each one, as to why it was important to you use personal examples.

(i) Consistent Action: after reading this idea I thought about it and its implication is great of course everybody dreams, plans and even feels excited about what to achieves in life time, but those good dreams die because as time goes by and nothing seem to materialize, they quits. Looking back in the village then those who failed to work in their farm where those who do significant amount of work within a day and skip doing the same within the future days. They lack consistency and they end up being called lazy and failed to do their job unexpectedly.

(ii)Power of Decision: some will ignore it but it is powerful enough to make you fight ,steal, prostitutes, make peace, as one goes through life experience and problems one reacts by evaluating them and make decision on how to cures ourselves by reacting positively or negatively defending on how we understand to them. One of the negative reaction was when my relative failed to raise money for me to go to School I was mad about it and severed my relation when I think about it later on it did no good and I wishes I would have react calmly and responsibly.

(iii)Learning from mistakes instead of agonizing: truly many of us plunge to bad health habit such as consumption of drugs to relieves us from pain we goes through. when experiencing failures or certain sorts of problem in life, like bacteria nobody is immune to this habit but for the few which had happened to me I realize that you can agonizes over whole day only to find no any benefits, therefore I release that when I agonizes I will later on have headache, heartache while failure doesn’t change so, I resolved to look for better thing to do or think about, like mathematics problems need you to look for formulae in order to solve them; just go over it all over again with calmness and positive approach and the solution will be there for you.

(iv) persistent versus talent: first of all look at those musician, politician, boxers and business peoples, many of them where laughed at but finally they succeed due to their persistent to continue with their program they had idea of persistent inspiring them to continue to do something people think is unusual in order to make different despite the lack of talents for them. What is needed is the will to pushes you through.

(v) Mixed emotion behind self sabotages: really it is one of the worst things that can destruct us and prevent one from releasing one full potential, always some ideas come to my mine e.g. business, and academic but what destroy them is mixed reaction where I see good things out of my thought referring always to various things I am lacking to accomplishes those task , instead of looking from success point of view and this always destruct me a lot, it might be the same case for you .but you and me let us examine our mind and take out those good things and trust them since our friend is the only parliament for us.

(vi)Power of Imagination: people imagines and form the picture of the final result before they start it, without it one cannot come up with anything to do, it makes one know the destination when starting journey, can you imagine traveling without knowing the next point of stopping you will relax or stop all together because you do not know the next place to stop. Along you will succumb to obstacles on the road toward your goal if you don’t have picture of what you are looking for.

(vii)The idea of questioning: asking right question about oneself, thoughts, acts and goals gives you more insight and leads you to the right way, and help you to organize yourself in way to channels your resources and use time in order to achieve what you want good for your life and others.

3. How will these ideas or lessons help you in a practical way, both in your daily personal life and in helping you create a better world for others? If so, why?

(i) Set goal and follows it up without jumping to another one as I have learns that consistent action is what can leads to action so, I will not expect quick fix to success but continuously try to improve the knowledge and skill I have until people get notice of its important and start to consult me for assistance.

(ii)Help me Avoid idleness as I will always question the my plans and figure out what I am suppose to do to improve and on that point figure Ideas which will help me move on will start to flows in to my mind and start using them.

(iii) optimism going through this ideas clears up one’s mind of thoughts, myths and believes put in place by the quitters and those who failed in their endeavors .I had been one of them but with the help of this ideas got through reading IIGL program I have gain mirror through which I examine every thought and act in positive way by eliminating thoughts which are not benefiting.

(iv) Hope fullness is the great helpful tools that can help one see another day; month or year as one has establishes the road map to achieve the goal through the help of the ideas passed in the books Otherwise it can be opposite if the above is not in you, of course relationship will be in danger, at all levels since you can pessimist if you are not optimist.

(v)Improvement of behaviors ,this ideas has switched my mine from blaming others over my failures or loss in life , I have get assured that I am the sole programmer of myself, and no one else can do so, thus I have cease whining and keeps blaming others on every situation.

4. Quotes are there brief quotes from the book which really got your attention? If so, please list and comment on them.

(i) “our decision not the condition of our lives determine our destiny, of cause. If one does not dreams and takes action and change something that had been obstacle to his /her progress before then nothing can change even our prayers may do little if we don’t take the initiative.

(ii) “The secret of success is learning how to use pain and pleasure to your advantage, really the power of pain helps one press on in order to improve and compensate yourself. While the one of pleasure give one feeling of courage to do more things than you has done.

(iii) “The only true security in life comes from knowing that every single day you are improving yourself in some way;” In deed if one is doing something worthwhile and productive then there will be less worry because of future security since there is hope to gain materially and spiritually from the current activities one is undertaking.

(iv) “The question is not whether you are going to have a problems, but how you are going to deal with them when they arise, they do exist but how we reacts to and handle them is what matter if we take them as unconquerable then they can be , but if we moves on after problems then we can make.

(v) “Kill the monster while its little “the best time to handle a problem or negative emotion is just immediately after it begins otherwise it will be like a blazing fire you may not be able to control it and even if you controlled I later, it can leave significant damage behind.

(vi) “Everyday above ground is great day “because one has chance to do more things to improve his life or if number of mistakes occurred there will be chance to rectify them.

(vii) “The conscience of an entire nation received a wakeup call through simple yet courageous actions of one man “that one man is he/she who has vision on how the country can conquer their problem by taking the first step and follow it as well as being ready to suffer for it,thus building trust and the public follow him/her after in an attempt sometime to success some time as foundation for something else.

5. Is there anything in the book that you don’t understand or are unclear about, or are there ideas which you disagree with and if so why?

There are no ideas I disagreed with. All are there to shape one to be organize and better person.

6. Did the book contain exercises for reader to complete to complete? If so, did you find them useful?

Yes, there where exercises which actually helps me evaluate my goal thinking and have new insight into my life. They help me to illuminates the minute’s obstacles which I have been ignoring all in my life.

7. Was there anything you read in the book that you would like to comment on that was not cover in the previous questions, if so please comment.

Procrastination: is one of the bad friend to you, that is you just sit there comfortably saying I will do this tomorrow and when tomorrow come you say the same until you are caught up in date line and old,so do something about it now, little is better than none. Yes the book is nice but only one needs to know many words in English in order to understand it otherwise one might understand it little.

Please rate the following questions on a scale from 1 to 10.

A. How interesting was it to read? 10
B. How helpful were the content? 10
C. How easy was it to understand? 10
D. Would you recommend it to any one? 10
E. What is the overall rating? 9



The New Dynamic of Winning

Assessment by Mamer Garang Nyok (Sudan/Kenya)

1. What is the main idea the author is trying to convey in the book?.

Believe thought, action and personality that can make a person Successful in life.

2. What where the seven ideas which where personally most important to you and why? List these seven ideas followed by an explanations after each one as to why they were important to you, use personal examples from your own life.

(i) Fear as powerful negative motivator: going through the lesson about fears make one understand most of the setback people face today due to the fear itself because on fears obstacles of what he/she is about to do, due to references to the past fear and focus on negative part rather than continue to put the plan and ideas into action. It is also a fear that make us quit since we get inpatient with thought that things may not work like they had fail from others who attempted a head of us, but history had proved that one can succeed where other had failed due to the difference in time, believe and commitment level. I myself have fear that I may fail to benefit from the current training I am going through, but I am sure that I am in the direction doing the right thing which will help me in number of ways.

(ii) Paying the price: things that we get in our life time, do not come through lack one has to had paid the price If it is good health one had to overcome craving for certain unhealthy type of foods, if it is profession one had failed to do certain work, number of time but was kept on by the desire to excel and endured all the difficulties to reach the target. I think each of us has his own way of paying the price to accomplish what they want in life. I myself start paying my price when I left my village some years back to Kenya despite my parent objection due to difficulties which I will face while away, but the desire to be literate helps endure all the obstacles which I faced until I finished High School and College.

(iii) Fundament belief in one’s own internal value: no one can pushes a person to do what he/she is not interesting, one can successfully fulfils something according to his/her own will, no matter how much you push a person and he has no desire to achieve then he/she can still fail back when difficulties arise. While refugee in kakuma Kenya I felt like quitting from school due to various challenges I was facing in the Camp, but my desire to accomplish my educational goal kept me postponing that decision. The will to achieve was strong otherwise I would have quit, if education for me was parental project.

(iV) You can be your own worst enemy, or your own best friend, one can be friend to himself by setting goal for him/herself, fix solution for the problems instead of complaining and whining, blaming and threats others over small issues because you are the engine of your own life and you can decide to fail yourself or make success in your life by fixing your mind eyes on goals and tasks that are going to benefits you sooner or later. Most of the time I use to complains feel bitter about how so and so is mistreating me and always I suffer most with stress depression, and acid while that person is normally going on with life. And with this lessons one learns that focusing on what somebody did to you is dangerous and this call for understanding, forgiving and try to forget in order to allow healing to yourself. That way one can find other good things to do in life.

(v) The unholy trinity of denial, rationalization and repression. Not accepting that you have problem or you are responsible, analyzing issues and always goes with formula in action order that is by comparing the current issues in reference to the similar events store in your mind, ignore and fails to express your true feeling are one of the issues that come through surface as explosive negative behaviors, depression, sudden change of goals and carries and worst of all suicide. I myself feel repressed feeling eating me inside it make you not sleep and the truth hound you for the entire day or night.

(vi) Self Affirming beliefs: are essentials things that give one energy and start to regain control with reconditioning of the mind to order every part of one body organs to do its part, otherwise without this self affirming believe one may give up forever that what I think make me get up the following day and start to do where I left uncompleted yesterday despites the fatigued I experienced.

(vii) Learn to watch your watch; time spent in an important activity cannot be recovered so every minute, hour, day, and year you must have something to do to improve yourself but losing a minute of it will have an impact in your carries or projects. I have realizes that some of my colleagues had been in towns for more than twenty years yet you find they are illiterate but they had been exposed to learning resource for that long. Yet they did not bother to spent their time on educational programs or and other significance work which may give them experience and knowledge.

3. How will these ideas or lessons help you in practical way, both in your daily personal life and in helping you to create a better world, if so why?.

(i) Royalty: It will give me ability to play active role in family, governmental, NGOs, and businesses project, to enhance my, productivity and achievement, world is in serious crises of obtaining royal workers, most people goes into the institutions to steal, gain selfish advantage and not to serve that is why good projects do not see the light because either those in power are withholding necessary resources needed, or those who are running it are diverting the resources into personal use. The driving force behind is greed not royalty because royalty make you sustain your system and conserve resources for the benefit of the family union, NGOs, firms and governmental agencies in order to prevent them from collapsing.

(ii) Commitment: there are many ideas and dreams in every one head, but do people do on them, first they form mental picture and then put it in to action, and immediately after obstacles emerge they quit, but the one who succeed do not quit, yet meander around gathering necessary knowledge and finally they break the record; if we take commitment into our relationship and work I think there will be no reason for them to collapse.

(iii) Overcome negative fears: the fear of being rejected, kill, failures are the one that inhibit and block us from experimenting our ideas, but the elaborate way it had been explained help one to identify fears in one thoughts and refuse to hear those negative voices in your mind, fix your eyes on the goal and the positive part of it .this way we can succeed on through idea,

(iv) Reduce Chances of stress; we are told that could any sign of worry show up in you than, investigates the root cause and address it accordingly, if it is unfinished assignment then start to do it the moment you realizes it is source of agony, I have learnt that one should not be crying over spill milk, one have to look for the substitute and look for solution and with that mentally assistance will come, rather than sitting back and mourn over problems scrubbing all the reasons behind your failures and blames which will further severe your relationship with others.

(v) Discipline and organizations: with the ideas one can do things which are in plan not doing so many things which will end up in disarray. And if one observe these ideas he will be organizes and have chances of success. Because organization prevent meandering kind of work since you will have the program with first priority to channels all your resources into.

4. Quotes are there brief quotes from the book which really got your attention? If so, please list and comment on them.

(i) ”Winners work at doing things the rest of the population wouldn’t even consider trying” this one is most inspiring because most of the time I read certain books or start certain course my colleague will tell me how irrelevant this activities are not benefiting while they can improves ones skill and knowledge. Every winner dreams and see the picture of what can be achieve while the rest of the population will not see it like in the case of Jonathan Seagull who had fly higher despite criticism from the seagull members and of course one time any of us can be a winner

(ii) ”My spirit, mind and body are powerful team, which I set free to excel”, through this ideas the three has to work in harmony in order to have peace in oneself, if they are conflicting that there can be challenges in attempting to accomplishes the task, that mean it is upon a person to convince any part of your body system to work with the rest of the body because one has a power to design, condition and control them the way you want through consistent training and action.

(iii) “Do not let yourself get high, because if something goes wrong, your overload of enthusiasm can change into a dangerous excess of gloom and doom”. Yes I learnt that one should expects failures and obstacles in an attempt to accomplishes a goal, and lack of it has seen many people commits suicide, kills, steal and change into all kind of drug abuse because of being overwhelm with grief for failing to get what they want, it affects everyone this is always so because the failures where not prepare psychologically, and due to such a devastating effect we must always have alternative in our mind but not over rely on the single project alone.

5. Is there anything in the book that you do not understand or are unclear about or are there ideas which you disagrees with if so, why?

Yes there is this quote “the truth is you can never win if your concept of success depends upon the perfect performance or the placing of gold medal around your neck” I agree that one don’t have to be perfect in order to succeed but I do not agree with the idea that putting gold medal around your neck may make you not to succeed to me I feels it can make you work hard since one knows the responsibility lies with him.

6. Did the book contain exercises for the reader to complete? If so did you complete all of the exercises and did you find them useful.

Yes, they where challenging a person to examine streamline and go after one specific goal to achieve.

7. Was there anything you read in the book that you would like to comments on that were not cover in the previous questions if so, please comments?

”Replaying yesterday mistakes “as one of ideas brought to light in the book I agree with an argument that yesterday failure has nothing to do with today and it is worth emulating to avoid bad memories of yesterday failures which are only for learning purpose but not to continuously memories as they can instill sense of fear in a person.

Please rate the following on the scale from 1 to 10, ten good one poor.

A. How interesting was it to read? 10
B. How helpful were the content? 10
C. How easy was it to understand? 9
D. Would you recommend it for others? 10
E. What is overall rating you will give it? 10



The Real Magic

Assessment By Mamer Garang Nyok (Sudan / Kenya)

1. What is the main Idea the author is trying to convey in this book?

Anyone can make magic in his life by understanding internal and external resources and strength that can help him/her.

2. What where the seven ideas which where personally most important to you and why? List those seven ideas, followed by an explanation after each one as to why it was important to you. Use personal examples from your own own life?

i. The quality of our lives is directly connected to the quality of our relationships to the people in our live. in every human life an appreciation , encouragement and loves from one close family member, friends and spouse elates the spirit and we gains joy and satisfaction with our life and the environment, which in return make us to improves our relationship and personality and perform perfectly in any task we are given. I experienced this condition in 2001, while alone in Kenya without parental quide, I joined some of my peers in being idle and loitering around that made me performed poorly in class seven because of attending school irregularly not even going to church and something which was contrary to what I was supposed to do then. In addition to that bad relationship can make life miserable and meaningless.

ii. Removing the ego from the counter and sending out love. Difficult to practice but this idea can work for you like medicine, how because an ego make you blind to the truth of what is changing around in your environment as well as making it difficult to forgive and make you fight on when you are not suppose to do so, and it is the one that make you lock horns with others, because none of us don’t want to accept defeat neither does it allow you to accept the win-win condition. Yes in 2009 I had bad relation with my relative due to disagreement with them on the issue of my school fees to university contrary to their believes that the resources I am suppose to be educated will be use for my married which I objected and when to college on my own that point they avoid to have contact to me and in return I avoided them and shoulder my own responsibility. After learning this idea it is better to send out love instead of these egos on our counter.

iii. Relinquishing the need to be right ; because it destroy your relationship with others, since people are not the same and many will lies about how they successfully did this and that and when you try to prove how wrong they are you will definitely earn yourself a resentment and burning desire to inflicts harm on you for no apparent reasons, Not only that but when an opportunity come they will be the first to frame, accuse and blame you even if there is no any sufficient evidence .the need to be right give us frustration and depression and some time permanent enemity which is meaningless.

iv. Demanding nothing from each other: is benefiting idea because if we are not always demanding certain behaviors, activities and goals from others, then why will we fight each other; is it not because we have the number of demands not fulfilled by those people, I believe the idea is helpful because it can help me to accepts others with their personality the way they are, you also should not have more demand in order to find peace with others instead of encouraging our friends and spouse to improve on the areas of their weakness we turn to punish them when they fail to meet our own expectations which is wrong.

v. What you think and talks about expand into action; this idea help me to always avoid bad thoughts and talks because those are the one that can be depicted in one’s behaviors and action. One things I realize is that many of us talk things out like so and so is bad this way and that way, which continuous gossiping and defamation of someone else without significant gain and only bad and destructive relationship are reinforced, this idea had challenged me to look at what I think and talk about if they are bad they will lead to bad action and if they are good they will eventually lead me to good action and the choice is mine and yours too.

vi. Overcome weakness by leaving it behind: Surely everyone has certain weakness and focusing on the goal will give you courage to work out on the areas of you weakness and not seeing them as obstacles and goes ahead and the rest will take care of themselves as you move on with task. When I started to exercise in 2005, I was weak and was easy to get tired the movement I start running, but months and years on I can now exercise for two hours and still feel energetic.

vii. Stay focusing on what you are for rather than what you are against; truly most of us have certain principles and the brand of behaviors and believes they aspires to identify with for instances I may believes in united, peaceful and co.operative world. But such believes can be derailed due to events inflicted on us in life. I myself will love to have peaceful country of South Sudan where everybody is suppose to enjoy peace divided, but at certain point one rage when tribal killing and politic arise, and always here one can get divided between such event and the principle one see beneficial to all citizen.

3 How will these ideas or lessons help in practical way both in your daily personal life and in helping you to create a better world?, If so, why?.

i. Less expectation from others: in term of assistance I will not be anticipating other people helps and when it come I will be considering it privilege and not right, this will make me pay for price to get what I want instead take responsibility over the direction of my life. And with this mentality I cannot be influence by someone with selfish intention and propaganda as case in our political and business world.

ii. Prevent prejudice and stereotyping kind of behaviors ; that means I will accepts opinions, actions and religious which are different from mine as well as respecting them and this itself can improves co-existents between members of different political, religious and cultural groups who are different from my own affiliation.

iii. Accept no limit; the ideas help one to look for one’s internal and external factors that hinder growths in career and relationship and go about fixing good things in oneself and discards the thoughts and action which are obstacles to personal progress and achievement, this way I can be able to get my way through knowing the benefits of my actions and many things can be accomplishes in my environment.

iv. Improved Relationship; With ideas presented here I can go into any relationship without exerting much demand, control, and objection to other party characteristics , and this way rebellion faced by relationship today because of lack of mutual demand and too much limit to freedom of others, out of their willing can be eliminated.

v. Instill a will to serve instead of being served; This ideas are awakening as they shows the needs to give services to other, and with such concept of services everyone will do his/her job without a need for supervision and can finally enhance productivity.

vi. Believe in myself; though advices are good to be well come from others the books has instilled a sense in me thaThe real Magic

4. Quotes, are there brief quotes from the book which really got your attention? If so, please list and comments on them?.

“When you fight evil by employing the methods of hatred and violence despite the rightness of your of your position in your own mind you are part of hatred and violence of evil itself.” Especially in political game were the defeated candidates tend to incites his/her supporters to attacks their opponent or incumbent using his power to suppress other team and frustrate them from carrying out comprehensive campaigns and eventually leads to both side not enjoying their political life as they are being hound by the circle of revenge and judicial cases they are answerable to.

“You will not be punished for your anger, you will be punished by your anger.”, Stress depression, headaches, sleeplessness and lack of appetite are some of the thing accept that anger accelerate or bring about, and anyone who had experienced, I think will not accept such condition of mind because they give body system bad chemicals which made it difficult for body organs to function efficiently and effectively, Sometime it lead us to suicide or permanent illness and abuses of drug. So when angry it is believable that anger itself punishes us, and it needs management and control.

“Fear make you impotent and make higher levels inaccessible “, yes what can fearful person achieves when all he /she can see is difficulty, harm, failure over the tasks to be undertaken. fear of hunger, disease , victimization and lost of life can prevent us from putting our efforts in educational, social , religious, political and business activities in order to bring changes into this institutions.

“Ask nothing of any one give you a true sense of freedom, whenever you are about to be upset or angry at someone ; Stop yourself with the statement, “they owe me nothing”, and there is no needs to bother about them and their action and thus giving you freedom of working on every things without getting angry at others.

8. “The influence of the society is a part of the illusion that you are formed by this bigger and better social force.” Society lay down the rules, customs, taboos, and all types of social setting that prevent us from changing; such as in some of African believes where more than three wives and more than ten children where attached to prominent and successful people in the society, which still being practice up to date in some communities but the question that remain to be asks is that can we keeps such condition applicable in the 21 century where we need medical care, education and basic needs for our children, what I want to emphasize on is that I do agree with the quotation and this give us option of evaluating what society dictate and what our conscience and situation tells us in relation to our experience and learning as well as current development compare to the past .

5. Is there anything in the book, that that you don’t understand or are unclear about of are there ideas which you disagree with and if so why?.

There is no Idea for now I am satisfied with the argument presented by the author in the book.

6. Did the book contain exercises for the reader to complete? If so, did you complete all of the exercises and did you find them helpful?

Yes there where exercises especially the one of meditation which makes the ideas stick in one mind and help me to memorize and reflect on them.

7. Was there anything you read in the book that you will like to comment on that was not cover in the previous questions? If so please comment.

Nothing for now.

Please rate the following on the scale from 1 to 10, ten good one poor.

1. How interesting was it to read the book? 10
2. How helpful where the content? 10
3. How easy was it to understand? 9
4. Would you recommend it for others? 10
5. What is overall rating you will give it ? 10