Magdalene Nzisa Muthenya – Profile


Name: Magdalene Nzisa Muthenya
Country: Kenya.
Birthday: 04/08/1976
Education: Diploma in Social work
Occupation: Social worker

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.

A world that works for everyone it would be a peaceful world, a world were we find fulfillment and satisfaction in life, a world full of opportunities and developments, a world were one is free to develop his/Her own talents and capabilities. It would be a world whereby we are able to manage our stress and advance in life.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?

The problems facing the world today are unemployment which has really affecting many people especially the youth who are idle most of the time and this makes them turn in to drugs and other bad crimes. Misuse of power which has led to poor leadership. There is so much self-centeredness and greed in most leaders who are not ready to share powers with the other people. There is so much ignorance whereby opportunities come our way and pass because of ignorance. There is also lack of self awareness of oneself. Awareness of ones talents and strengths in life.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?

I feel that this problems can be solved by creating awareness to many people who feel blocked and need to unblock themselves so that they can realize there goals and potentials in life and work towards achieving them. It is by realizing our potentials that we will overcome ignorance, greed, and idleness amongst many youths. It will lead to a better way of living.


I’m Magdalene Muthenya a Kenyan. I come from a family of eight. 6 girls and 2 brothers and I, am the fourth born in the family. Have been with the Consolata Missionary Sisters for the last 4years but realized that way of life was not meant to be my destiny I just felt I needed to do more with my life. But I thank God for that experience in my lives journey.
Currently am working with the catholic Diocese of Isiolo in Kenya as a social worker. Have worked before in my pastoral experience different parishes in Nairobi Kenya which exposed me to Kibera slum, Soweto slum in Kahawa west Kenya and in Tanzania I had an experience with a group of People infected with HIV/AIDs virus . This has really exposed me to different situations in the world and made me realize that we need each other in the world today. It has really build me to be who I am today realizing that God has really brought me this far in life. I cannot complain but say thank you to him.

At the moment I feel I need to strengthen myself in achieving my goals in life. So much has been blocking me at times I would feel bad about myself and about my experiences in life which would put me down at times I would feel inferior, a failure, unhappy which would make me very dull, sad, and gloomy . But now have set my goals and I want to achieve them. I want to be free from all this and live a fulfilled life.

My interests are singing in the choir and praying. Am a member of the church choir here in Isiolo and my voice is alto, I like reading books, magazines, and watching movies, I also like making friend it is through a friend that have come to know about IGLL. Off late I’m not a fun when it comes to traveling I find it tiring also because the work I am doing I travel a lot and some times the roads are not good. So it becomes unbearable for me. Currently the book that has become my favorite is a book on goals.

Isiolo is a semi – arid area that is very dry. The communities living here are faced with different challenges in life. The catholic Diocese of Isiolo saw the need of a sponsorships program for children here in Isiolo from poor families and the pastoralist’s communities who are deprived off some life privileges due to harsh climatic conditions, Conflicts, droughts, diseases. Am grateful for my experience here which has made me realize that I need to do more with myself so that I can reach the community outside there.

I thank God for my friend who has introduced me to IIGL. For me this is an opportunity and a gift in my life and I am not ready to let it pass just like that. I feel I need to gain more knowledge and acquire more skills in leadership and also a lot of self awareness and living up to my set goals in life. I want to live a focused life. Sometimes we become comfortable and forget about advancing. Good opportunities come our way but pass due to unawareness. I want to be a good leader because I’m convinced that I can make it. And I can help people in the communities wherever I am.

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As A Man Thinketh
Jonathan Livingston Seagull
Keys to Success
Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude
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