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Name: Ismail Musa
Country: NigeriaMusa picture.
Birthday: February 16, 1979
Education: Bachelor of Laws, LL.B (University of Ibadan, Nigeria) and B.L(Barrister at Laws)
Occupation: University Administrator

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.

I envision a world founded on harmony, where peace reigns supreme and much that people desire and see impossible become possible. A world where no family, group, culture or race would be discriminated and where the dignity of human person would be respected and honored. I dream of a world where the objective of government and institutions would be to promote equity, Justice and happiness. I dream of a world where men will explore the earth for the common good and not plunder or exploit the earth for the benefit of a few, a world where all reasons for killing people and pillaging won’t exist. A world where war will not be a blood sport as enshrined in the conventions of Hague and Geneva with approved rules for its conduct, but a condition to be totally detested and abolished by rules of peace.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?

We are all aware that life on the earth is rapidly deteriorating and the human race is daily threatened with total annihilation. It is obvious that our environment is becoming lethal and unlivable and the initiatives to minimize the rate of destruction are rarely available. Every part of the world lives under the strain of problems ranging from poverty, disease, war ( internal and international), terrorism, bomb in the market place and on race tracks, global warming, industrial pollution, threatened species, monetary slumps, sea level rising, corruption, authoritarian rules, human rights violation, impunity, etc.

The pressure from these problems is a million fold over what could be termed the comfort margin or elasticity limit. In an attempt to find world solutions to these world problem, nations have come together to formulate precepts, policies and programs to tackle these problems. However, the problems have continued to increase in magnitude and the initiatives to solve them have remained unworkable and the destruction of the world has continued unabated.

The more enlarged the precepts, agreements and policies the more individual interests seek to circumvent them for selfish ends. The root problem is man selfish nature, hypocrisy and the lack of commitment by individuals to drive the change the world desires.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?

The problems of the world are deeply rooted in human behavioral patterns and prevailing values. Many of the identified problems of the world would have been prevented if individuals adopted positive values and imbibed good behavior. Monetary slumps, corruption, pollution and other violations are caused by reckless human behavior and total disregard for rules and precepts.

For the world to become a better place for all, the people of the world must change for the better. Every individual must take the lead to initiate changes within his or her sphere of influence. If everyone in the world adopts good values, then the entire universe will change for the better. Everyone must be awakened to the reality that the world is full of turbulence, trial and miseries, but that everyone possesses the capability to change the world for good. We must begin to ruminate that out of this world of oppression, segregation and poverty that men and women like Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Rosa Park and Mother Theresa were born. That out of a world were all these negative conditions existed concurrently, these men and women lived and made significant impacts. These great men and women ensured that within their sphere of influence they took the lead to change the outlook of the world. For the world to be a place that is free for all, people must lead positive change for all and not dictate or pursue their desires. Those in leadership position must ensure that their primary objective is to promote justice and equity, promote the general well-being, preserve our commonwealths, enhance human capital development and make unwavering commitment to preserve the environment for generations yet unborn. Nations of the world must make concerted efforts at eradicating poverty, provide accessible remedies for diseases and prevent conflicts from degenerating into wars or large scale hostilities.


I am a graduate of law from the Nigerian Premier University, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria. I also hold a Barrister at Laws (B.L) degree from the Nigerian Law School and qualified to practice as Solicitor and Advocate of the Supreme Court of Nigeria.

Immediately after my call to the Nigerian Bar in the year 2008 I was enlisted in the mandatory National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Scheme and served the nation for a year as a State Counsel in the Directorate of Public Prosecution, Ministry of Justice, Taraba State of Nigeria. During the period of the youth service scheme, I served as the Corps Coordinator of the Legal Aid Council of Nigeria/NYSC Community Development Group, a volunteer group that provides free legal aid for the indigents. I rendered free legal services to many prison inmates awaiting trial.

Through out my university education I was an ardent participant in extra-curricular activities. I was a member of the Moot Court and actively participated in various civil and criminal moot trials. As Chairman of Augustine Nnamani Chambers (Students moot law office), I pioneered the annual Justice Augustine Nnamami memorial lecture. I also served as the Coordinator of the Committee for the Defense of Human Rights (CDHR), University of Ibadan Unit from the year 2003 to 2005. In 2005 I contested and won the Chairmanship seat of the Great Nnamdi Azikiwe Hall, University of Ibadan. In the year 2006, I was appointed the Chairman of the Students Union Transition Committee, University of Ibadan to hold forth for the Students Union. I represented the students at the University Governing Council Retreat organized to prepare a new blueprint for the sustainable development of the University and frame a new mission and vision statement for the University. I was greatly commended by both the students and the management of the University for my exemplary role in steering the affairs of the Students Union during the crisis and transition period.

I practiced as a criminal defense counsel and human rights advocate for a period of three years before I joined the service of my Alma mater, University of Ibadan in September, 2012. I currently work with the University of Ibadan as an Administrative Officer in the Undergraduate Admission Unit. My duty and responsibility at the University involve program guidance, admission screening and support for more than One Thousand local and international students.

I am a very devoted member of the Junior Chambers International (JCI) and a believer in the creed “that service to humanity is the best work of life”. I am a recipient of the JCI 5 outstanding personality award for positive contribution to Students Unionism, Law Students Society (LSS) award of excellence and the Nnamdi Azikiwe Hall award of excellence. My dream is to build a successful career in law and become Justice of the Supreme Court of Nigeria. My goal is to become an efficient and result oriented person with the objective of adding value to the society, grow up with the best possible mind through role modeling/mentoring and making positive contributions to the international community at large.

I am a crusader for democracy, social justice, rule of law and good governance. I have great interest in travels, tourism and community development. I have passion for learning and celebrating great people. I love epic movies, historical documentaries, Biographies Author biographies. I am happily married to my heartthrob, Rashidat Beninu.

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