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Name: Ibe Christogonus
Email: ayicripyouths@gmail.com
Country: Nigeria
Website: https://www.ayicrip.org.ng
Birthday: March 11, 1980
Education: Masters in Guidance and Counseling
Occupation: Social Worker

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.

In my opinion and honest truth, a world that works for everyone is one where every individual’s basic needs are met: access to clean water, nutritious food, education, and healthcare. It’s a place where diversity is celebrated, equality is embraced, and opportunities are accessible regardless of gender, race, or socioeconomic status, fostering peace and prosperity globally.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?

Inequality, exclusion and ethno-religious intolerance stands as a towering issue, spanning economic, social, and political realms, perpetuating injustice and limiting opportunities for millions. Climate change looms large, threatening ecosystems, weather patterns, and livelihoods. The proliferation of nuclear weapons heightens global insecurity, with the potential for catastrophic consequences. Infectious diseases, evident in recent pandemics, underscore the fragility of our healthcare systems and interconnectedness. Technological advancements outpace ethical considerations, posing risks to privacy, autonomy, and societal cohesion. Additionally, conflicts fueled by political, religious, and ethnic tensions persist, resulting in displacement, suffering, and instability. Addressing these multifaceted challenges requires collective action and innovative solutions

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?

It is would extremely difficult to fixing world most pressing problems but we must know that addressing the world’s greatest problems requires a multifaceted approach combining innovation, collaboration, and systemic change. Education is paramount, fostering critical thinking and empathy. Implementing sustainable practices across industries to combat climate change is urgent. Prioritizing equality and justice through policy reforms can mitigate social disparities. Investing in healthcare infrastructure and research ensures global well-being. Embracing renewable energy sources reduces dependency on finite resources. Cultivating international cooperation fosters peace and stability. Empowering marginalized communities amplifies their voices in decision-making. Ultimately, holistic solutions rooted in empathy, science, and collective action offer the best chance of tackling humanity’s greatest challenges.

I am Christogonus Chidiebere IBE a Professional Counselor, Social Worker, Cyber Security Awareness and Cybercrime Prevention Ambassador, dynamic youth leadership and crime prevention expert committed to the reduction of crime and development of youths in Africa. I am an American trained Crime Prevention (Florida Crime Prevention Training Institute, Tallahassee, Florida) and a United Nations (UNODC) trained Drug Demand Reduction expert. I train Nigerian Police on Preventive Policing and Citizens Partnership.

I hold a Masters Degree in Guidance and Counseling, Bachelor Degree in Human Kinetics and Health Education, Advance Diploma, Business Management, Diploma in Computer Management all from the University of Lagos. Other qualifications include a Post Graduate Diploma in Public Administration from Olabisi Onabanjo University,Ogun State. An Associate Chartered Personal Assistant (ACPA), Institute of Personal Assistants of Nigeria, Abeokuta, Associate Member, Institute of Registered Administrative Managers of Nigeria and a Diploma in Basic Crime Prevention from the Florida Crime Prevention Training Institute, United States of America.

I am the founder of Institute for Public Safety and Prevention of Sociopathic Behaviors and African Youths Initiative on Crime Prevention, a non-profit organization committed to youth development and the fight against crime through preventive approach. I also the initiator and National Coordinator of the United Nations Office on Drug and Crime Education for Justice Civil Society Network, Nigeria and the National Youth Transformation Agenda Group, NYTAG.

A University of Lagos trained Peer Educator, former Public Relations Officer of the National Youth Council of Nigeria, alumnus of University of Lagos, LEAP Africa, Nigeria Leadership Initiative and International Visitors Leadership Program (IVLP) Fellow of the United States, State Department, nominated by the U.S Embassy, Nigeria.

Mys Leadership and Crime Prevention programs which cut across, National Youth Crime Prevention summits, National Youth Summit on Drugs and Substance Abuse Prevention, Alcohol Harm Reduction, Crime prevention Personality Awards, Mentorship Platform Project, Campus Marathon programmes, Crime prevention Ambassadors clubs, Raise a Soccer Star Project (AYICRIP Football Academy), Anti-Corruption Dialogue and Police-Youth Dialogue are all adding great values to different communities in Nigeria.

I have attended so many local and international conferences as speaker and participant on Youth development, crime prevention, Terrorism, Cyber Crime, Drugs Abuse/ Illicit Trafficking, Human Trafficking, Human right, Environment, Cultural Diplomacy, Peace building/Conflict Resolution, Ethno-Religious Tolerance, Leadership and HIV/Aids including the UN General Assembly on Drugs problems UNGASS in 2016, UN Head Quarters, Manhattan, New York.

I have received many awards in recognition of his social work activities and these includes, excellent in Leadership, Crime Prevention and Community Service Awards from the University of Lagos, Nigeria, International Centre for Leadership Development and the Institute for Social Justice, Docatur, Georgia, United States of America.

I am a member of many local and International Organizations which include, International Association of Police Academies, Turkey, World Federation against Drugs, Sweden, Healthy Thinking International, Sweden, Community Intervention Network on Drugs, Nigeria, Civil Society Network on Drug Abuse, Vienna NGO Committee on Drug, Austria, Next Leaders Initiative on Sustainability, NELIS, Japan, Human Rights Information Network (HURINET, Community Agenda for Peace, International Centre for Leadership Development, Nigeria, All United Nations Youth and Students Associations, ANUNSA, United Nations Association, Nigeria, International Society of Substance Use Professionals, ISSUP, Smart International, Sweden, International Substance Abuse and Addiction Coalition, UK.

Finally I am the convener of the Youth Leadership and Mentorship Platform, National Youth Summit on Crime Prevention, National Youth Summit on Drug and Substance Abuse Prevention, Nigerian – South African Youth Summit against Racism and Xenophobia and Raise the Soccer Star Project (AYICRIP Football Academy, a soft power soccer project for crime prevention). It is great to say that his projects has been adding tremendous value to our communities and have received the support, partnership and sponsorship of the United States Embassy in Nigeria, United Nations Information Centre, United Nations Office on Drug and Crime, UNODC, Lagos State Government, Office of the Attorney General of the Federation and Minister for Justice, National Orientation Agency, Independent National Electoral Commission, Imo State Government, University of Lagos, National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, Nigeria Police Force, and the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs.

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