Hillary Muyanzi – Profile


Name: Hillary Muyanzi
Country: Kenya
Email: brownismail@gmail.com
Date of Birth: August 27, 1988
Education: Diploma Level Information Technology
Occupation: Trainer, Church Planting, Mentor

Why would you like to participate in this study program?
My deepest desire is to be a role model to the community I am serving, I envision to empower, train and mentor over 1,000 youths in the next 5 years, through the knowledge and skills I will have acquired at the International Institute for Global Leadership, these youths after the training and graduations they will be attached to a mentor who have got more experience in their area of interest and walk together with them. One of the greatest steps for me of reaching towards this goal and accomplishing this vision is through joining International Institute for Global Leadership, I am one hundred percent convinced that the skills and knowledge gained through this program will not only transform me but the entire generation behind me; this is my desire to join the International Institute for Global Leadership

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.
I envision a world that is able to tackle challenges and overcome every setback with wisdom and great awareness of the issues surrounding our communities such as poverty, corruption, violence, ignorance among others. My vision is to see a community that is able to achieve its goals, no child not going to school, issues of water and hygiene minimized, school dropouts able to go back to school, issues of unemployment resolved and most people starting their businesses and creating more employment opportunities.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?
Lack Enough Education facilities and systems and most especially for children and primary education. Children are the key to our success, yet I see in my community and across the globe most children do not have the basic education that affects their future and the economy at large hence this leads to a lot of financial crisis Food security, the number of hungry people in the world is increasing each and everyday, I have experienced this and I did a research one day and learnt that one in nine people go hungry each day hence they suffer from nutritional deficiencies as a result. I believe the problem is not that we are not producing enough food but rather that people do not have enough access to food. Work and unemployment; due to the fast growing population it basically means more and more people are affected by this issue of unemployment

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?
First and foremost, I believe we need to choose to make impact by addressing a range of basic needs such as literacy and numeracy, child development, exercise and sports education, preventive health for both women and men empowerment. Another way to solve this problem is through uniting organizations that are like-minded to further this objectives through the different development. So these organization will need to liaise with the people in the community to find out what their needs are and how they can be supported in achieving their goals. Some ideas of supporting the people and solve these problems in the community is through helping them to run their handicraft business, train them to educate young boys and girls about the value of gender equality and general life skills and even empower the people in terms of technology.

My name is Hillary Muyanzi; I was born and raised in the darkest part of one of the biggest slums, Korogocho, Kenya. I am the first born in a family of five (5), my father went to be with the Lord 15years ago few months just after I joined high school. Growing up in Korogocho I can honestly tell you that life in slums is not easy and everyone has a story to tell that I would love to share with the world one day and I believe this opportunity at USIU will be a push to the top. After my father’s death in 2005 I had to drop-out of school at least to help my family look for some food to put on the table. My life started to change when I met men and women who I believe were aligned to the manifesto of International Institute for Global Leadership of first standing with the poor, listening to voices unheard and recognizing potential where others see despair. These men and women stood together with me, they would advise, pray with me and others took me back to school after being out of high school for six (6) good years but still determined to go back at 21 and I managed successfully. Today my story is in the form of a book (Rising from the Ashes) and can be read by different people in the community and everywhere I go, is this not one of the International Institute for Global Leadership Manifesto in line with my life that I really desire to learn more? As a firstborn in my family, I have always desired to light up the path for my other siblings, my immediate brother, Christopher, only attained grade eight (8), we have been supporting our young sister, Vivian, and she at least managed to reach form four (4) although with lots of challenges; hence for me, am craving to make a different and impact this generation in a creative way of leading and mentoring others behind. Through the experiences I have had in my life, I freely can say and confirm that at times life kicks us so hard that we have no option other than to topple over, we should always remember that there is a time to rise and move on, no matter the pace, crawling, walking, running and if possible flying to wherever we tend to go; I believe this is the set moment that I need to be at the International Institute for Global Leadership, in order for me to sharpen my leadership skills, be empowered, gain more skills and knowledge on different issues and learn more on how I can be able to impact my community and the world in a small but great way that will bring a positive change to this and next generation to come. I can’t wait to include the sponsorship and the opportunity that International Institute for Global Leadership is giving me today as part of my life map and success story.

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