Francis Maundu – Profile


Name: Francis Maundu
Country: Kenya
Birthday: November 26, 2005
Education: High school
Occupation: Student

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.

My vision is to see a better world whereby service are being delivered to the community, a corrupt free nation or world whereby justice is being upheld in any society, humanity being respected and justice to all being delivered.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?

Global warming and environmental changes that have been caused by human interference, people have cut trees without planting more trees causing disaster in the whole world, like in Kenya we lack rain due to people have destroyed forest, and for firewood and using timber for construction, which cause soil erosion and climate changes.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?

The problem can be solved by being responsible cut trees and plant more, also people should be enlightened on other method of cooking those who uses firewood can use other alternative, strict measures should be put in place to punish those law breakers in order to safeguard our environment.

My name is Francis Maundu Joseph, I am a high school student and will be sitting for my final kenya national examination next year 2023, then God willingly join university or college, I live with my mother who is a single mother trying all means to see that I have a bright future, in my primary level I was in one of our local primary school called Shadrack Kimalel primary school whereby after successfully completing my primary level I joined high school which I will be done by 2023, I could love to be a doctor to assist people in healthy issues, and also be a servant to deliver services to the needy, where I am today its because of well wishers who made it possible to be in High school today.

I am determined to work so that I can fulfill the dreams of my life, especially being a good instrument to transform people and give out honest opinions with intimidation.
when I was young we used to play with my friends and there was no discrimination because of your educational level, where you come from be it rich, or humble family, when I achieve my career I will serve all people irrespective of their educational background color, race be old or young, it will be my privilege to respect humanity in school I am a member of a first aid club whereby we learn skills and knowledge on how to give out first aid to students who may need it, this made me love to be a doctor in order to help people and that is my passion, assisting less fortunate in the society.
hardship makes us strong through the struggles my family go through to make us get food on the table and also see that we get quality education it makes me feel for my age mates who cannot afford to go to school, of which if they had a chance they could be very important people in the society they have potential but being wasted in drug abuse and in crime. Something should be done, if I achieve my dreams I could like to help such people in our society to give them a meaningful life, to be able for them to also assist others in the future, once you are being assisted you will always remember to assist others.

I could like to participate in this program so that I may broaden my skills and knowledge being that in our country Kenya we have poor leadership skills. I will be an ambassador and enlighten the community in good leadership. also being a student it will help me in school to be a good example of a good leader, because leadership should be practiced in early age not only when people are old.

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