Fasiku Segun Raphael – Profile


Name: Fasiku Segun Raphael
Country: Nigeria
Email: raphsegzy@yahoo.ca
Birthday: August 10, 1981
Education: University degree (BSc)
Occupation: Public Servant

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.

A World that works for all is a kind of world in which every individual is empowered to be self secured, have self confidence, self reliance and independent. A world in which all will be safe and secure both at home, field, Church, School, Work anywhere in the world and able to provide for one self and environment by which the society will hence be free from crime and other social vices.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?

The most pressing problem I think facing the world at large is lack of knowledge (Ignorant) Just as it is written, ‘’ My people perish for lack of knowledge. In the society, many claim to know a thing or two but you find out that they really don’t know what they claimed to know as a result end of running trial and error with issues thereby jeopardizing lives. Leaders in various sectors who claim to have the ability to lead also end up terrorizing and endangering lives. They seem to lack the technical know-how about issues and challenges of the society they oversee. Again, lack of man power to disseminate and impact lives with needed knowledge on how to face and go about solving the life issue they face with and as a result, the world suffer a great deal with problems.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?

In my own humble opinion, the problems the world is faced with can be solve when people are ready to learn and be impacted with wisdom, knowledge and understanding in other to be able to easily identify the needs around them, what to do? How to do it? And so on. People shouldn’t give up on learning. Leaders leading in any capacity should be able to acquire more knowledge and skills and not more wealth and riches or fame and glory. They shouldn’t be greedy or let their selfish interest surpasses that of the people they oversees but rather people’s interest first. Adequate and serious measure to check and see that this is happening on regular bases should be put in place so as to make our society a better one worth living.


My name is Fasiku Segun Raphael, 33 years old, single, male of about 6-7ft tall, light in complexion. Born to the family of Late Mr. & Mrs. J.K Fasiku on the 10th of August, 1981. Hail from Ogidi, Ijumu local government area of Kogi State, Nigeria. Am a Christian and the 4th Child and 2nd son of a family of four boys and two girls. I attended St. Barnabas Primary School Ilorin for my First School Leaving Certificate in 1993, Later after the primary school attended Orota Community High School Odo-Owa for my Secondary Education while in 2003, I enroll for a pre-degree program in University of Ilorin after which I was admitted to study Agriculture in the University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Kwara State Nigeria. My favorite food is pounded yam with vegetable soup and dry cat fish, I also like rice with plantain. I love to take fruits and drink water a lot. My best fruits are Banana, Orange, Apple and Pineapple. My best outfit is usually corporate dress. My favorite colors are white, blue and black colors. I love God fearing and honest people and dislike dishonesty, cunning and crafty people. My best game is football and wrestling. I play trumpet and love to sing praises to God, watch movies and listen to cool music. I am interested in making positive impact to lives, work with zeal and passion and looking for the growth and development of organization. My dream is to become a man after Gods’ heart, trailblazer, pacesetter, and destiny helper, good and honest philanthropists who will help humanity through production of agricultural produce such as food, fruit and cash crops, root and tuber crops, animal husbandry and poultry production, Fish framing etc that will benefit and sustain lives. I also dream of exploring the world and propagate the word of God. Furthermore, my goal is to always reach out to helping the needy and less privilege and building a sustainable and good environment suitable for living to the nation in my own little God given capacity. I participated in a project in 2010 called operation clean green where I help plant some palm trees and ornamental flowers while serving in a Community Secondary School in Obi-Akpor Local Government Area, PortHarcourt, Rivers State. Presently, I work as Admin/Marketing Manager with Maxtron System Nigeria Limited located at #284, Aba road Rumukwurusi, Porharcourt, and Rivers State Nigeria. I love travelling and meeting with people, knowing people and making friends. I’ve traveled to over 12 States out of the 36 States in Nigeria. My favorite books are usually Inspirational and Motivational books. Examples of books read include: Mountain Moving Faith by Kenneth E.Hagin, Believer Authority by Andrew Wommack, Destined to Reign, Unmerited Favor both authored by Joseph Prince, Speak to your Mountain by Kenneth E.Hagin, Soaring with the Eagle by Kenneth W.Haggin, The Secret by Rhonda Byme, Satan get lost, The Healing balm, The Force of freedom,Anoited for Exploit, Understanding Financial Prosperity, Fulfiling your Days, Commanding the Supernatural, The Unlimited Power of Faith all by David O.Oyedepo. I love Adventure, Action, Comedy, Drama, Romantic and Detective Movies. Some of the movies I’ve watch includes: 24hours, Game of the thrones, Spatarcus, 300, Prison Break, Twin Warriors, Police Story,Soldiers,Universal Soldiers, Double Impact, Fast and Furious, Homeland, Legend of the Seeker, Lords of the Rings, Show down in little Tokyo, revolution, Salt, Hercules, Troy,The V series, Air force One, Aliens, Independent Day, Hotel Rwanda, Coming Home, Titinic,etc. Obtain a certificate in Project management Training (PMP) in 2014 organized by Longhall Consulting and Leadership Training organized by The Boys’ brigade Nigeria in 1999.

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Books Completed:

As A Man Thinketh
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