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Name:Eze Victus Chimezie
Country: Nigeria

Email: eminencce@gmail.com
Birthday: November 3, 1985
Education: National Diploma
Occupation: Entrepreneur

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.

The concept of the “The world that works for everyone” is almost unthinkable to me; this is because the mankind has not been able to solve the problem of man’s un-ascertainable desire for more. Man’s unlimited wants and desire for power, fame, wealth, political position etc, have left the idea of a world that works for all almost impossible. But the above concept can be realizable via my set goal of “Making a difference in the society.” This difference starts with the picture of random standard of living for everyone regardless of race, language nor color. This can also be actualized through the set goals in which interest of everyone comes first and finally impact this idea creating a world that works for all into others.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?

One of the most pressing challenges facing the world today is the leadership problem. Every group, society or country has in one way or the other the leadership problem. This problem has kept everyone in a state of unrest, with most countries of Middle-East, Africa, Asia are currently undergoing the leadership problem. The world power’s like Europe and America are not immune to this leadership challenges as ever wills advancement in technology the issue of leadership problem they have failed to address corruption, miss-management, fraud, embezzlement of natural minerals and public funds is what characterizes most federal government of this days. To this end the world is in need for a system with the solution to the problem of leadership.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?

The leadership problem has resulted in marginalization, low level of income and unemployment in the economic system. The above world challenges can therefore be addressed through a system of government with the idea of a world that works for everyone as its master plan, with the vision and the interest of the general public always at the desk. Hence a leader who is a thinker with an uncommon idea of doing what has not been done in other to attain a level that has never been attained. The set goal of this leadership must be in which it remain the vehicle of acceleration in achieving the desired goal. Therefore to solve our leadership challenges, a system of leadership which can take proactive measure into the future is urgently needed in our world.


My names are Eze Victus Chimezie, a Nigerian, from Udenu Local Government area of Enugu State. I am currently living in Abuja the capital city of Nigeria. A student by occupation, studying Economics in the University of Abuja, Gwagwalada, Abuja, I am Married. My hobby is football and reading. Also in me is a great passion for personal growth intellectually and economically with total yielding to the will and leading to God the Almighty Father.

I have a great interest in leadership and entrepreneurship skills of which I believe that, with it, the needed skills and requirement will lead me into the apex of global business enterprise. This idea conceived is what propelled me into going to study economics in my school of higher education and one of the main factors that lead me in applying for this Institute as a means to learn and acquire more knowledge about leadership.

It has being a child-hood dream for me to bring about perfection in any phase of life that I am involved. I was about twelve (12) years old when in my family I was able to bring about unity in separated and extended family members, and I am so happy to see that after a period of about Eighteen years (18) that oneness is still maintained within the family. This zeal did not end in my family as through it I have held much position in my Churches even as a teenager, which I am still involved in till now.

The vision of my set goal is to use my position and resources to put a smile on the faces of the less privileged one’s thereby balancing or bridging the gap between the bourgeois i.e. the high-class and those of low level income. The idea or dream becomes a most achieved because I often look back and remember that I am coming from not just a third world economy but also in the bracket of the low income family. A family where there was no one in the family that has above first school living certificate, qualification before me, it was a challenge to go beyond that level for me, but having determined to make a change, I also determined to have my B. Sc. By all means legally possible. This idea become more interesting to me and more achievable to me when I come across my favorite book of all time “Eat that Frog” by Brain Tracy. This book broadens my whole view of phasing on ugly experience in life and the need to endure the hard time with the right attitude toward my potentials and goal. I also have passion for development and skill acquisition seminars which have also helped in shaping my reasoning and general overview of a given idea.

To this end my greatest desire is not just one of the best in leadership and entrepreneurship but that I may be seen as a solution provider to challenges confronting man; someone who can give hope to the poor, shelter to the homeless, food to the hungry and much more. I pray that God will crown my little effort with success.

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