Eze Emmanuel Chukwudi – Profile


Name: Eze Emmanuel ChukwudiChukwudi’s pics.
Country: Nigeria
Email: Ezelimitless@yahoo.com
Website: www.twitter.com/datiboboi1
Education: B.Sc Politics, Philosophy And Economics (Combined Honors)
Occupation: Budding Broadcast Media Journalist

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.

A world where there’s equality and justice between the most powerful nation of the world to the less powerful ones and devoid of exploitation and manipulation and who only seeks to better themselves and keep the less powerful ones where they are.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?

The problem of bad leadership across the world. Leaders who ignore the plight of its followers and only does what he feels is right without consulting with his followers even after failing on the mandate given to him by his people. Africa is a practical example of failed leadership where if not all ignore its people and power is shared amongst a selected few.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?

It is going to be quite an Herculean task if not almost impossible to say we want to re-orientate leaders in various nations of the world,So I feel we start by orienting the youths and teenagers who are future leaders that they can lead by example and nothing stops them from breaking the norms of unaccountable leaders,and lead not only for the present but for the future whose name and works will be celebrated time after time,
for example Nelson Mandela.


My name is Eze Emmanuel Chukwudi a.k.a. “MrLimitless” a graduate of B.Sc Politics,Philosophy and Economics(combined honors) from the prestigious obafemi awolowo university,ile-ife,osun-state,Nigeria. I am the first of five children.

I love networking and making new friends and am an excellent communicator. As a short term goal I want to become a media/on air personality with one of the leading TV Stations within or outside Nigeria and also become a journalist which i have great passion for. On a long term view I hope to become a lifecoach,changing my world within and around.

I have great passion Public Speaking, caring for people in need, photography,and a great passion for social media. I love watching movies(action/comedy/documentaries/educational) and reading (leadership,motivational and political books). I
am an avid follower of John C. Maxwell’s talks/blogs/tweets and also great leading life strategist within Nigeria and around world.

I Am a strong believer in the word that we need not be in a position before we can lead but that you can lead regardless of who you are by your actions even in little thing around you. I am force driven by change and you can’t come across me a not be impacted to want to change.

I belong to an organization called Gemstone whose vision is to make Nigeria the most desirable nation in the world and am part a platform within Gemstone which seeks to train kids and teenagers to be better future leaders with a creed of how great leaders lead.

I make myself available for any opportunity where I can effect change to make my society better. I have been a leader at various stages of my life and I love to see my self as a born leader because I have been a leader in my house, church and college. I have lead by influence even without been in any position too at various points of my life. I am driven by my love for God.

I also wish to own a consulting sometimes in the future a firm where people can come to seek advice an various issues pertaining to their lives and also been able to suggest solutions that will help better their lives and help them do better in whatever field they are in.

I belong to a few associations which have great passion for leadership. They are: The Emerging Leaders Conference which holds yearly, National Youth Aliance, Gemstone Leadership Club.

I am currently part of team that formed The Entrepreneurs league which seeks to bring young entrepreneurs together to synergize and seek ways to make them great influencers in their various fields. Also after I have done so much In my field of profession. I wish to go into politics in my state and run for a position which is the post of Governor of my state of origin in Nigeria which is Enugu state.

My dream tourist destinations are the UnitedArabEmirates,SaudiArabia,zambia,UnitedState,Cuba,Venezuela,paris Italy, France and the Bahamas. I wish to be settled with a beautiful lady and my better half and who together we will shake the world before I am 30.

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Books Completed:

As A Man Thinketh
Jonathan Livingston Seagull