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Name: Emmanuel Chukwu
Country: Nigeria
Email: emmanuel1chukwu@yahoo.com
Date of Birth: April 13
Education: Bachelors of Philosophy
Occupation: Founder UNIQUE-step

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.
A world that works for everyone is a world devoid of hindrances to authentic living. This is anchored by unconstrained cooperation of humanity for diverse development of the world. it is our collective responsibility to assemble the divergent exigencies of our being for transformative purposes. to this regard, my vision consists of an active world of peace and prosperity, achieved by good leadership.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?
The most pressing problem of the world today is the decline of effective administration. Most leaders have done mayhem in the name of Leadership and this problem exists because leadership development and training are grossly undermined in most regions of the world. As most hemispheres of the world pride themselves in good leadership, the rest of the world also seek for prosperous leadership to emerge a world that works for all.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?
Amidst the downturn of good leadership; this problem could be solved by the expedient fixing of its challenges and educating new generation leaders with a broad base structure of thriving ideas, knowledge and moral strength for progressive and lasting transformation. Hence, a good education is a nonnegotiable framework for concrete leadership.


My name is Emmanuel Chukwu from South-East Nigeria. I was born on April 13th; I am a native of Imo State Nigeria. The firstborn in a family of three boys and a girl; I studied Philosophy and I am a volunteer of noble causes, and emerging Leadership Coach, Teacher, Convener, Author, Speaker and mentor to young people, girl child and teens. I love reading, writing, learning, travelling, making new friends, learning languages, playing board games-sequence, scrabble, checker, chess. I enjoy gardening, listening to music, playing video games, table tennis, and football. I am a member of International Young Catholic Students-IYCS and Young Catholic Students of Nigeria; a movement, founded in the 19th century in Europe as Young Christian Workers, by Joseph Cardinal Cardjin, a late Belgian Roman Catholic Prelate. The mission of the movement ensures Development and Understanding between Students of diverse denominations. I have served in different leadership positions and I am a member of Rotaract Club, district 9142, Imo State, Nigeria. I am the Founder of “UNIQUE-step” a non-profit educational initiative that enhances and promote educational excellence in Nigeria Primary Schools every summer. I structured inclusive learning to uphold UNIQUE-step and I gain experience from my concern for the good change of the beneficiaries. My experiences exposed me to development, management and problem-solving. I tend to utilize my initiative and skills to tackle inequality and humanitarian crisis of development as I am working to be a Harbinger of Substantial Development through effective leadership.

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