Eliud Cheluget – Profile


Name: Eliud K. Cheluget
Country: Kenya
Email: chelugetkim@gmail.com
Birthday: 06/05/1976
Education: Master of Business Administration (Finance Option)
Occupation: Accountant

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.

The world that works for everyone is deemed to be effective; since there will be no discrimination. Opportunities and judgments in creating a consistent process demand positive planning and involvement so that the dangers and consequence of disruption perpetrated by social and political disorder are handled and decreased. People engaged in doing good to others should be supported whole heartedly and encouraged in order to continue serving the mankind.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?

Climate Change: Human activities like fossil fuels combustion and greenhouse effects are some reasons for climate change. The climate change can lead to melting of mountains, rise in sea level and increase in world temperature eventually making it difficult for all the living beings in the planet to survive. Findings across the world show that global climate change is happening, and strenuous scientific research illustrates that the greenhouse gases released from human actions are actually the main factor.

Political and social instability – Many countries are experiencing significant problems of trust and mutual obligations between states and citizens. This has resulted in state collapse, internal violence, regional instability and military conflicts. The possibility that a nation will be affected from different types of political instability springs up dramatically when economic process is slow-moving.

War and Terrorism – Over the years, different types of wars like civil wars, cold wars, identity wars have been ruining human civilization. People still live in terror in most of the Islamic countries where freedom have been totally ditched.

Unequal distribution of financial resources – Severe income disparity is amongst the most worrying issues in today’s time. The disproportionate distribution of income affects the whole economy of a nation. Similarly, the financial crisis has led in disparities in developed as well as developing nations. Probably one of the most dramatic illustrations of the unequal distribution of resources in the world is the presence of continuous starvation in many African nations.

Drug abuse – A large number of youths are prone to drug abuse. Peer pressure, family issues or an urge to experience a thrill are few of the reasons for the increase of this bad habit. People don’t realize why or how many youths develop an addiction to drugs. It is usually believed that drug addicts don’t have any ethical standards or self-control. The truth is, drug addiction is actually a frustrating disease, and giving it up can take much more than good motives or even an intense willpower.

Refugee problems- Across the world, 19.5 million people have already been compelled to look for refuge away from home. It is the responsibility of the governing bodies to support them. However, most of the prosperous nations continue to treat refugees as somebody else’s concern. spread of infectious diseases.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?

These problems are manmade and should be solved through them. People across the world should be sensitized on these issues that affect them by organizing programs and policy makers should assist in implementing this.


I am Finance professional with more than twelve years of experience in corporate finance, investment portfolio management, joint ventures, capital asset oversight and investor relations. Analytical and logical thinker with a strong background in multinational financial arenas. I have Strong background in strategic and organizational planning, global tax structure oversight, risk management, joint venture negotiation and business development. Enjoy stimulating, challenging and dynamic work environments. I am highly experienced in spearheading business growth strategies resulting in increased market penetration and increased profitability. At ease and effective in work situations requiring an ability to orchestrate multi-task levels of responsibility effectively. I am a quick learner with an ability to easily research new investment opportunities, assess potential profitability, capitalize on new business ventures, and plan/execute innovative strategies. I have excellent communication, interpersonal, strategic planning, financial analysis, problem solving, organizational and leadership skills. Resourceful in resolving emerging problems.

As the Financial Accountant I have maintained company-wide financial records, oversee audits, managed the finance team and communicate financial status reports to key players. I have a strong grasp of finance procedures as well as the laws and governance surrounding corporate finance. My analytic time-management and communication skills are excellent allowing me to manage the numerous duties of in finance with ease.

I am an accomplished team and organizational leader who can catalyze positive change effectively, exhibit confidence in self and others; Inspire and motivate others to perform to high standards; Effectively influence actions and opinions of others; Inspire respect and trust; Provide vision and inspiration to peers and subordinates and mobilizes others to fulfill the corporate vision Strategic thinking skills and ability to adapt to changes Excellent communication and interpersonal skills. I have excellent stakeholder engagement skills. I have an ability to work through difficult and complex contexts, business acumen; good understanding of profitability and risk management; good understanding of different business processes.

I have motivated, train and recruited and retain staff in the greater finance organization. Provide advice to the Internal Control/Audit function on formulation of audit work plans; follow up of actions, compliance with group procedures, including ensuring that all audit activities are well facilitated. Supported the Managing Director in providing feedback to the Board Audit Committee on audit and business issues. Mega Process Owner for Finance, Fixed Assets. I Formulated and drove the IT and Legal strategies, functions and actions while ensuring that they are well synchronized with business requirements. Monitored all legislation relevant to the organization, employment standards, occupation health and safety, human rights, and all regulations on professional certification to ensure that the organization is compliant. Oversee the management of all leases, contracts and other financial commitments. Managed strategy for and liaison with stock markets, business press and business analyst community via preparation of financial communication to outside entities (press, investors, financial analysts) together with the communications marketing/corporate affairs departments. To oversee and manage any capital restructuring/injection programs including rights issue, shareholders loan, debt/equity exchange instruments.

I am a competent career person with friendly personality, including the ability to communicate to internal and external customers clearly and politely, organized and willing to accept responsibility in meeting deadlines and adapting to changes in the work environment.

My hobbies are travelling, reading motivational books, swimming and publishing articles.

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