Ejemeka David Ezichi – Profile


Full Name: Ejemeka David Ezichi
Country: Nigeria
Email: ejemekadavid@gmail.com
Date of Birth: February 21, 1990
Education: Diploma in Civil Law and LLB in view
Occupation: Legal Practice and business

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.
To me the world that works for everyone is not that world that is in UK or Paris but that world that you find yourself in, that your community, that your Hamlet, it\’s your world and it\’s mine too. I was discussing with my colleague in the office recently that I don\’t need to go to Mega city in my country: Like Lagos before I become successful. For instance, I am here in Nigeria aspiring to study this course abroad via this medium. This is the perfect example of the world that works for everyone .The world is spherical and we are all in it; which holds no prejudice or bias to anyone if it can work with Mr. A it can work with Mr. B if B followed the right system. The world is a system it is not a respecter of anybody.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?
To me one of the most pressing problems of the world is that of man. The world itself is has no problem but man has become very inhuman to his follow man. In fact, the world is quite returning to the Hobesian state of nature where life is short, nasty and brutish. Man has gone to a reprobate state where conscience is buried long ago. There is no more difference between man and wild beast. Ruthlessness is the order of the day, values are exchanged for personal aggrandizement. Politics is no longer a thing for leadership rather it\’s now a business of the elite most especially some African countries like Nigeria. The rich is becoming richer and the poor is becoming poorer. The problem is not the world but the man not until the man changes there will be no positive change in the world.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?
As I said early the problem is not the world but the man. Not until man changes the world will not change. The only way to this problem is to invest in man, by enlightening man to know that the world will never be a better place if every body is animalistic, conscious-less, ruthless and in daftness. There is a need to refine man from a raw being to a useful being to the society even to the word at large. To teach man not to view the world from his own lens but with a micro-cosmic lens, to set him free from his own prison of his societal heritage which may be quite obnoxious and place him in the heterogeneous global education of the 21st Century.

My names are Ejemeka David Ezichi, born in Oru-west local Government in Ubulu Imo state Nigeria.I was born in Feb 21st 1990. I attended Orsuihiteukwa community Primary school in I\’m State where I obtained my first School leaving certificate in1999 and immediately proceeded to Sacred heart international Secondary school where I obtained my Secondary School Certificate Examination SSCE in 2008. In 2010 I got admission to study law in State College of Islamic and Legal Studies where I studied Civil law and obtained my diploma in civil law. In 2013 I proceeded to complete my study of law in National Open University of Nigeria( Noun) where I am about to round up my thesis in order to bag my LLB by 2019 and proceed to my bar professional course. Right now I work with a notable law firm in Kaduna State known as House of Justice/Mive Legals where I hold the office of a litigation secretary. I am versed in common law and my national jurisprudence. A Christian, with an urge to carry the gospel across the globe. As I said in my preliminary stage, I became Sunday school teacher at a very tender age and still steering the course of this ministry up till now even with enormous challenges. I am delighted in mentoring the youth and counseling people in all manner of issues as a result of my wide range of my life experiences. I remembered in my office I have counseled a guy with depression who had gone through all sorts of therapy and with no avail but by God\’s grace he became a better person by his contact with me. I also have counseled a drug addicted student who cannot focus but now is addiction free. I have this drive for greatness and leadership charisma. Recently I led the formation of Youth Party known as Liberation Movement in order to give the youths voice in the national polity and to counteract the gerontocratic system of government that has long ravaged the country. In addition I am a business owner who deals in provision and foodstuff supply. I am into farming and livestock keeping.

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